July 2nd, 2021 Lady POW: Maddie McBride

July 2nd, 2021 Lady POW: Maddie McBride

This week’s nomination goes too Maddie McBride nominated by Becky Bowers McBride. 

 Maddie McBride at the age of 13 is ranked #6 In ACO Junior Players as well as #23 in women’s during her first full season with ACO. She has basically taught herself the game with a few tips and tricks from other players. She has pushed through adversity this season and is ready to play in the ACO World Championships in July, as well as hitting the ACL Championships to play COED with Tom Gustafson. 

She’s got a heart of gold, a positive attitude, and loves the game…more importantly, she loves the people that the game has brought into her life. 

She’s got a long way to go, but if she keeps working hard, she will get there.

What is your personal cornhole quote?  “Heck Yeah Broski!”

Where do you live?  Burlison, TN

How long have you been playing? 
I have been playing a little over two years. But this was my first full season playing ACO. 

Why did you start playing cornhole? I started playing cornhole for fun in my front yard. We would have cookouts and our friends would come over. Then, I started out playing ACO every now and then when I could. After I went to my first Major tournament in Tupelo, Mississippi, I was hooked. That’s when I decided to try to play competitively. 

What’s your favorite thing about cornhole? The people. I love the game but cornhole people are the best in the world. I love winning too but you can’t win them all. 

What does cornhole brings to your life?  Cornhole brings fun and competition  to my life. But it also makes me learn things in life like winning, failure, determination, and other things I’m going to need in my future. Life is not easy and sometimes cornhole isn’t easy either but I always learn something each time I go to the boards. 

Other Interesting Facts About You? I love animals. I have a snake, ducks, dogs, and a donkey. 

I have had some tips from great players but I have mainly taught myself to get better. I appreciate all those who have helped me with my game. 

I have fought through some tough games and won three different ACO championships this season: Women’s doubles, juniors, and women’s. 

Cornhole helps me cope with my anxiety. What started out as something fun for me has turned out to help me have more confidence. 

I think other young girls need to get into this game because it definitely can add excitement and fun to your life. Sometimes, I am the only junior girl playing against all guy players…it’s only made me a better player. 

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