July 23rd, 2021 Lady POW: Kaylee Baker

July 23rd, 2021 Lady POW: Kaylee Baker

This week, our nominee comes from Jay Baker who nominated his daughter Kaylee Baker!

When our family started throwing in September of last year we were throwing cheap bags in the
backyard on boards I built in my garage. Since then we fell in love with the game. Kaylee got her own
first set of bags for her 16 th  birthday in February, Reynolds Pro X. At first she would not throw in
local tournaments because she was to shy. As we started to make friends in the cornhole
community they would continually try to talk the girls into competing. Finally for their birthday a
separate intermediate level tourney was set up to make them feel comfortable. This was while our
local switch tourney was happening. The twins battled in the final match with Kaylee taking 1 st  but
getting double dipped by her twin sister Kacey. From then on they were hooked. She has since
competed with me in two separate crew cups against high level competition. Once at the state
tournament in Houston, TX and a few weeks ago at the ACL open. While we didn’t get the results we
wanted at crew cup it was a great experience for her. She has now been on 3 or 4 podiums and is
only going to get better from here. She is still very shy but she is definitely working on it as could be
seen in throwing several practice games with ACL pro Maya Cupp at the open. Although she was
star struck in meeting people she watches on TV all the time she still managed to score a few points
on Maya in which she was very proud. I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to
Vanessa Fillingham, Samantha Finley, Maya Cupp, Kaylee Hunter, and Allison Peters for making
Kaylee feel welcomed at the open even though she wasn’t ready to throw against them yet. It is great
for her to see these ladies competing and throwing just as well as any men out there. As she gains
confidence I’m sure she will get there. All my girls are constantly battling to try to get better and I
can’t wait for all of them to be playing at the highest level. I know they will be able to compete on the
biggest stage because the talent is there and they get better every time they throw. I couldn’t be
more proud of all my daughters.

Jay Baker

What is your personal cornhole quote? I don’t have one
Where do you live? Bastrop Texas
How long have you been playing? Since September
Why did you start playing cornhole? It started as a way for the family to hang
What’s your favorite thing about cornhole? Getting to places and seeing other
What does cornhole bring to your life? Friends and fun memories.

Other Interesting Facts About You? I am only 16!

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