April 30, 2021: Lady POW – Breanne Hatch


                The Post That Got Brianne Selected for this BB honor (SENT IN BY HER HUSBAND):

I wanted to give a shout out to my wife!(mainly because I know she wont give it herself)

She is a full time mom to our beautiful baby boy and a great step mom to my two older daughters. On top of that runs a very successful boutique out of our home!  Breanne has only been throwing since last November but has very quickly made her name into something to think about on the boards, even for the more advanced guys!

She went into labor with our boy while we were playing in a Coed Tournament here in Utah, and she wouldn’t leave until we finished the tournament. We ended up taking 4th that day.

I hope this is ok to share because I love your mission and I feel like she will fit in very well with this crowd!

Where do you live? Morgan, Utah

How long have you been playing? Since November 2020.

What does Cornhole bring to your life? I love all the different people that play the game. I also love that you can make new friends while playing. I’m not normally a very social person so this is a great way for me to get out of my shell and meet new people. Cornhole honestly has really boosted my confidence and has given me something to excel at. I’ve always been a bowler at heart and never really played any sports or anything like that. I spent the first little while just going to tournaments and watching my husband play but he finally talked me into playing and taught me everything about the game from how the scoring works to how to spin a bag and throw it flat.

Cool Cornhole Story- I went into labor while playing in a coed Cornhole tournament in Vernal, Utah. I was at the time 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant so he was a little bit early. But I refused to go to the hospital till we got out of the tournament we ended up placing 4th! Every tournament we go to now we have people come up to us and are like is this the Cornhole baby or Vernal baby? I don’t know half of them but just shows how close the whole Cornhole community is! I love it! We are all one big family!

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