August 20th, 2021 Lady POW: Dawn Rogers

August 20th, 2021 Lady POW: Dawn Rogers

 This week’s nomination goes too Dawn Rodgers nominated by Mike Bechtel:  I want to nominate my ACL Pro Partner Dawn Rodgers. I believe she is well deserving of Lady player of the week. She has been an ACL pro for 3 years and have been competitive with the big boys each year. And, she has been throwing lights out the last few weeks. I am proud of the player she has become and proud to call her my Pro Partner. To me, she would be lady player of the week every week, but thats just me. 

Where do you live ? Olmsted Falls Ohio

Favorite personal cornhole quote?  One bag at a time 

How long have you been playing cornhole? 7 years 

Why did you start playing cornhole?  My husband and brother won a tournament so me and my nephew decided to join a league with them. 

What is your favorite thing about cornhole? The competition on the boards and the friendships off the boards. 

What does cornhole bring to your life? A competitive drive to be the best I can be. 

Other interesting fact about ? Or a little bit about you?  When not playing Cornhole I enjoy watching football and playing in multiple fantasy football leagues. Let’s go Browns!! Another interesting thing is that we are truly a Cornhole family. There are 10 of us that play Cornhole on a regular basis. Making our family get togethers very competitive. 

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