August 27th, 2021 Lady POW: Heidi Atkinson

August 27th, 2021 Lady POW: Heidi Atkinson

This week’s nomination goes too Heidi Atkinson nominated by Megan Taylor  
Heidi Atkinson! She has shown so much progress, and is an all around great player! Badass! In my words! Great friend and family. 

Where do you live ? Evanston , Wyoming 

Favorite personal cornhole quote?  4 Bagger ! 

How long have you been playing cornhole? About a year now. 

Why did you start playing cornhole?  My husband loves it ! 

What is your favorite thing about cornhole? I’ve have met some awesome new friends and I get to hang and play the game with my husband. 

What does cornhole bring to your life? Fun and Friends 

Other interesting fact about ? Or a little bit about you? I was a Nail Technician for 22 years ! And now I am employed for UPS for about half a year now.

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