Want To Become a Girls Throw Too Sponsored Player?

Both Men and Women Cornhole Players Are Welcome!

*** For ACL Pros and Pro Hopefuls only. Not All Applications Are Accepted.***

Sponsorship Options

A level one sponsored player will receive Girls Throw Too merch to wear for free at leagues and ACL events! As a thank you for reppin’ our merch at these events you have the option to be included in our “cornhole clinic” set-ups (both in-person and virtual). We set everything up for you so you focus on what you do best! Playing cornhole.

A level two sponsored player will receive Girls Throw Too merch to wear for free at leagues and ACL events AND a website to build your following and make sales! At this level, you would be required to do at least 4 cornhole clinics per year. You will also receive an affiliate code to sell GTT merch. Both of these options help you earn extra money on the side. 

A level three sponsored player agrees to wear GTT on their jersey or body on the broadcast or feature court. In exchange, you will receive a website, be included in our “cornhole clinic” set-ups (or we can show you how to set these up for yourself and keep all the profits), AND your own line of merch to sell on your website and ours.

We see you pro hopefuls and we want to support you! We will send you free GTT merch, have you as a guest on the GTT podcast, and include you in potential revenue-making opportunities. All we ask is that you rep our GTT merch on your social media platforms along with tournaments and ACL events.

FAQ Section

A cornhole clinic is where a pro goes into their local area and is available to help players get better at cornhole. We set them up so the pro teaches/answers questions in a group for 60 minutes, then 4 people get personal time with the pro, and 4 others get help from the pro throughout the tournament. These can be done monthly for recurring revenue. We set them up for pros and then split the profits.

A virtual cornhole clinic is where we choose a day/time for the pro to get on a zoom with people who have paid to answer questions. There will also be an option for players to purchase upgraded tickets where they can submit video footage to the pro and receive feedback to improve their game.

Check out this video to see how you can make money as a pro with a website: https://girlsthrowtoo.com/make-money-as-an-acl-pro/

We have TONS of merch to sell! You can sell womens and mens shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, sweats, shorts, flip flops, you name it! Check out all our merch over here https://girlsthrowtoo.com/shop/

If we set everything up on your website you can list all the details of the event, collect payments/sell tickets, and receive traffic to your website so your fans buy other things (like merch!). We can add our merch to your site for affiliate commissions as well as your own personal brand. You can also add your other affiliate brand collabs so you have everything in once place. If you prefer we do all the work we simply do a split on ticket sales. 

Absolutely! If you make it to the broadcast court we will give you 100% of the profits of anything sold with your special code for 14 days after your debut. We will bring you on the Girls Throw Too podcast and you can let the listeners know about your special code and any other promotions you’d like.

Every sponsored player will receive a hat and a shirt to start. Going forward the amount of free merch will be based on the amount of times you are seen wearing GTT apparel or posting about GTT on your platforms. You are in control of how much merch you receive!