Candis Kling

This month’s nomination goes too Candis Kling nominated by Bryan Betancourt. “Reason I want to nominate her, is we had our directors in Lousiana get together and decide to get jerseys for people who finished top 20 in the state. She finished 21st but made it a point to go the last conference in San Antonio plus the Austin open and Atlanta open just to try and finish at the top and she still finished as the top girl and she is always attending events and trying to grow the game.”

Where do you live ?

Thibodaux, LA

Favorite personal cornhole quote?


How long have you been playing cornhole?
A little over a year.

Why did you start playing cornhole? 

It was the only thing my family and I can do to pass the time during quarantine lol

What is your favorite thing about cornhole?

I am a very competitive person. I hate losing more than I like winning and let’s face it I’m getting a little too old for softball. The only recovery time needed with Cornhole is if you drink too much..

What does cornhole bring to your life?

Cornhole has brought many great friends to my life. The players of this sport are like no other! I have learned this more than ever lately with the effects of Hurricane Ida. So many of my Cornhole family has reached out to me to see if there’s anything they can do for us. These offerings will never be forgotten! These people will forever have a place in my heart and will be lifelong friends.

Other interesting facts about you?

#1 Female in Louisiana and I am left-handed but throw with my right.

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