Ep. 4: Drunken Player Debacle, 14-year old Isabella Surprenant, and “Girls Throw Too” Official Bags!

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Welcome to girls throw to the female perspective on all things cornhole. This is a judgment free podcast for all who love cornhole or found themselves in a relationship with someone who does welcome .Speaker 2: 0:21

Going back to another episode of the girls , throw two podcasts . Thanks so much for tuning in. Yeah. And what a great day it is to tune in today. We’ve got some super exciting things in store for y’all first and foremost, it’s girls’ throat two bag launch day y’all ag launch day. And after a quick, weekly on and off the court recap, we will be joined by the company that we paired to manufacture our first of many girl throw two bags series set. So keep listening to find out more. Yup . That first bag series set that we have come. And you guys as such fire quite appropriately, it is named girls started to coming in hot series. So I can’t wait to give you guys all the details about it. Stay tuned after that, because as always, we end with our feature interview, but today we are talking to Isabella, super not super in it to print it. I’m sorry. I’m so bad. Last name . It’s all good. You probably know her better as the sweet 14 year old, who has blue hair and is killer your whole umbrella , right? That’s her name? Yeah , she’s a killer piece of the board and , uh , she’s young and impressive and pretty much everything. I wish I was , um, speaking of impressive corn hole playing though , uh , I, can’t not talk about the big, when I saw you had Michelle last Wednesday night at your 30, 35 30 league night,Speaker 1: 1:53

You hear them [inaudible]Speaker 2: 1:57

It’s like I did. And not only did I win and, and by the way, I owe it all to the amazing tips we’ve gotten from listeners to the interview with Sheila Roy last week. Like if you’re listening to this and you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, you have to go back because it was solely responsible for my win . And not only did I win , I went undefeated all night long. So the four rounds of switch Julio , I was undefeated. And then obviously in playoffs, we do play single elimination at my league night. So I would obviously went , um, uh , defeated there, but I have to say, cause so one of the tips that we give in this episode, which you’ll hear later is going to be really crucial. Then I wish I would have had it because one of the things I had to do was play someone this week. And I’ve never had to do this before with me , but they were very, very intoxicated and it was a good way or a bad way. So like super distracting. Um, and so it was the worst. I played all night because I wasn’t a guy or a girl. He was a guy. Okay . Every single time that I went to throw my bag, he would be like, or shoutingSpeaker 3: 3:00

Or doing something very distracting or slurring. Exactly . And I was losing my mind and he wasn’t even good. It’s not like he was, you know, hitting the board or hit the hole. Like he wasn’t playing well, but I was playing awful because I was so distracted. Like I couldn’t use my like, take a deep breath and like get focused on the whole, like every time I went to throw, he would say something or like yell. And so then I would be thrown off and it was like a really big testSpeaker 2: 3:27

That is crazy. And it almost makes you wonder, like, do you think it was a strategy and he wasn’t really that drunk,Speaker 4: 3:33

But that was the way to get in your head already. ThinkSpeaker 2: 3:36

He really just was wasted.Speaker 3: 3:39

I mean, I think that I think the latter, but at the same time, it doesn’t really matter because if I’m a good player, I shouldn’t be so thrown off by something like that, but I could not get it together. At one point I walked all the way across the room to Nick and was like, babe, tell me what to do. He’s like, Oh , this is advice. You got to block them out. I said, I can’t block them out. And he said, Oh ,Speaker 2: 4:02

That’s the kind of advice boys’ gives. It’s like, when Bobby tells me, you know, it’s not, you just got to get the bag in the hole . Okay. That was the next thing you said, just get the bag . Thank you. Okay.Speaker 3: 4:14

I needed six points to end the game. And I walked back, I took a deep breath and I was like, just block it out. And I got five points. I was like,Speaker 4: 4:22

Oh my God .Speaker 3: 4:26

Unfortunately my, my, my partner, he did get that, that last point ended the game. And so I was able to move on. And that was the one right before going to , to fight for first or second place was the guy routerySpeaker 2: 4:37

Was just wasted. Um,Speaker 3: 4:39

I mean, I guess not intentionally rude. Yeah .Speaker 2: 4:42

Okay . But you weren’t best friends by the end of the game? I guess I was not a fan. No . Okay . Yeah . Yeah. All right . Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you hear that, it’s never fun to play a sloppy player. So it’s always fun to have a spirit or a beverage of choice while you play it . For me, it takes the edge off. Um, but you know, it’s a , it’s a thin line betweenSpeaker 4: 5:06

Exactly betweenSpeaker 2: 5:07

That buzz where you’re actually better than you’ve ever been before. And that buzz where you’re horrible and just straight up annoying. So let’s keep it in check guys going forward. How your week went . Oh , that’s fun. Um , my week was pretty good. Uh, actually I , uh , I’ve never been so frustrated with how I did on Wednesday at my league. Um, I started the game, I won my first one. I was doing great people were giving me some great feedback and tips on our forum as I was there, like in real life, lifetime. Um, and I was trying to utilize those as best I could, but you know what, again, we play outside here lately, especially now the weather’s warmed up and trying to get, get my game and my skills to translate off my home turf and into an indoor setting , um, with boards that seem faster than mine, but it just gets in my head and I battle with, with the mental aspect of the game, I’m working on it. And I’m trying to take what everybody’s saying, and I really appreciate all those chips that keep coming in on the forum to heart. But , um, it’s, it looks like we’re taking baby steps at this point. It is a marathon and not a sprint in Whitney’s game improvement strategy .Speaker 3: 6:20

What the biggest like takeaway, which I don’t know if anyone last week directly said it, but it’s what I took from hearing everything as a whole. And I think maybe it could help you here. And the thing I kept telling myself when I was playing was I’ve done this before. I’ve gotten the bag in the hole before I’ve hit air mails before. There’s literally no reason why I can’t do it again here. And so instead of going like, okay, I need to make this shot or I need to work on my throat or I need to, whatever I cleared all out of my brain. And all I told myself was I’ve done this a million times. Yeah,Speaker 2: 6:52

Totally true. I think a lot of my issue this last time was because we had the finals of the league, shout out to Kelly and dress , Justin , um , stringer who play in my league on Wednesdays. And they took the , uh, they clenched the season six week, you know , um, season they took home the win as I think, many expected them to do cause they’re kick-butt players, so good job there. But , um, because they were having like their finals at the end, plus they , we have an advanced switch Julio , and then we have the switch halea social, I’m still bringing up the rear in terms of participation at the social end of the room. And so , um, the way it’s set up is that’s the one right next to the door where you enter. It’s also where like the waitresses walk by, you know, as they’re coming to ask, if you want to drink, it’s a lot of heavy foot traffic as you’re playing. Um, and I, there’s three boards down there for, for , uh, the switch social. And I kept ending up on board 10, which is the one I never want to be on because it’s like the least convenient location. Um, and the one that I find most distracting and , um, I think I might’ve done better if I had been like more middle of the room , um, on a, on a board court. But , um, you know, it is what it is and good players have to be able to perform in all different environments. So I just got to get my head on straight and try harder next week. So that, that kind of sucked. But , um, what was fun is that, and this is why I love our forum so much , um, on girls there too, is that I have met so many people who I promise you, I will end up meeting in person in one capacity or another, just through our Facebook page and talking about common interests and locations and where we’re going. You know, I’m going to Erie this weekend and I’m going to meet a lot of people there , um, from the Facebook forum. But one of the situations was I posted a while back, if you build it, they will come. Um, because my husband has put together quite a cornhole set up outside, and then I was joking. And I said, you know, if, if , uh, and by come , I’m hoping some of you will come because my arm is tired. Like my husband just wants to throw it on stuff . So come play him please. Um, and some, a couple of people reached out. Um , and I hope to put together a potluck for all of the local people close by so we can all meet each other and throw some bags. But , um, one in particular, I call them AA. Ron , if you’ve ever seen the skit , you understand it. But , um , his real name is Aaron and his beautiful wife, Lisa, and they had a three and a half week old baby Wyatt. Um, we got to talking and they came over for mother’s day and we all threw bags , um, at our house. And it was really fun. Um, I kind of gravitated more towards the baby and less towards the boards because , um , I always have baby fever. And I , uh , coupled with the fact that I know I, you know, the baby shop is closed probably on our endSpeaker 4: 9:51

And we differ . I had to have zero baby fever, Oh ,Speaker 2: 9:54

Hold a baby all day long. I just want to be able to give it back at the end of the day. Um, so I hung out with Lisa and Wyatt. Um, but Erin is , um , a rep for Titan. And I guess Titan skies also , um , are affiliated with West Georgia cornhole. So he shows up and meets Bobby. And you know, like sometimes when I set up, I call them play dates for both for Bobby and I will play dates like we know, and he doesn’t know who is really coming. A lot of times he might not be as amped. Um, if he doesn’t know how many, it’s just like, okay, what have you gotten us into? But he knew , um , Aaron played cornhole. So we thought this is going to be fun. And I didn’t tell him to like the last minute about the bag manufacturer , um, connection that Aaron had. And so Aaron comes with like ice rolling suitcase of bags. I swear to God, my husband, his face looked like a kid on Christmas morning when he opened up his suitcase. It was the funniest thing. They just turned back into like little boys playing with GI Joe type behavior. And , um, as, as they left, we had a really great time and they had a lot of fun trying each other’s bags, you know, cause Bobby’s got quite a collection as well. Um, so they just literally, they, I don’t think they stopped throwing bags the entire four hours they were here. But , um, he did say, Bobby said to me , after he left, he said , um, you know what? That was like, that’s kind of what I envisioned like a woman’s Tupperware party .Speaker 4: 11:23

And I was like, okay,Speaker 2: 11:25

It’s funny. But you know what? I wouldn’t go to a Tupperware party. I would definitely go to like a bag swap. So like, let’s start organizing some of those cause how great, if you can just come over to each other’s house. Yeah . Practice with each other’s bags and then whichever ones you’re willing to swap out or sell, you know, you do that. There I’m surprised there’s not more of that going on, but it was fun. It was really fun. Shout out to Erin and Lisa and baby be Wyatt.Speaker 4: 11:49

I’m not surprised because ISpeaker 2: 11:51

Feel like if I’m going to over-generalizeSpeaker 3: 11:54

Here, so sorry, man , but I’m going to majorly overly generalized . But for the most part, men, aren’t the best at planning things. I know that when I first had Rome and I would plan these week , monthly happy hours with my girlfriends. And then every time we went, my husband and the boys would be like, Oh, must be nice, blah, blah. I’m like, nobody’s stopping you guys from planning your guys’ night out. Like we just plan it. Like , and you guys, nobody wants to plan it. So one time Nick did plan one. He did like a fight night at the house. And then after we said , I’m never doing that again. I had to cook everything. I had to like clean up after everyone. It was so much work.Speaker 2: 12:31

And that’s when you usually, well maybe not during the pandemic, but pre pandemic. That’s why women have learned. It’s always best to do an environment meetup somewhere . That’s not trueSpeaker 3: 12:42

For sure. But you evenSpeaker 2: 12:44

Heard me say, talk about planning. Like, you know, right before we started this podcast, when we were on, you know, like getting all set up, you hurt me. Like just having like a little bit of a TIFF with my husband, because he was like, so I think I’m going to go play , um, with Walker, you know, a family friend tonight. Uh, okay . And I was like, well, it is okay for you to go play, but like heads up maybe a couple hours, more than three before. It’s time to go. You know? Cause , uh, that means that like I was going to go grocery shopping this evening and nobody’s going to be here to be with the kids. So it’s like, it’s like, let’s just play you guys. It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s acceptable. You just have to put it on a calendar.Speaker 3: 13:26

I don’t do well with like last minute changes like that. Like when my, my head’s already set on one thing, like this is what the night’s going to look like. And then when it gets switched, especially if it’s not my preference of how it’s being switched, the time just quickly, like my brain, like a couple of days, I could be like, okay, that’s I can plan for that mentally, emotionally, spiritually. But yeah, the last minute switch ups, they do throw me off. I’m not gonna lie.Speaker 2: 13:52

We’re recording this part of the segment on a Monday and you know, nobody likes Mondays. There’s not much to look forward to, but I was stoked because it’s nice out here. And I was like, envisioning us throwing bags together, you know, after we got the kids all settled and now it’s just going to be a little gotcha .Speaker 3: 14:06

It’s really what it’s about. Like, I think that that’s important if for the men listening. I mean, I I’m sure it goes both ways, but like it’s not that they’re , at least for me, I could speak for myself. It’s not that I’m mad that you’re going out and hanging out with your friends. It’s the last minute change where I had already envisioned an evening going one way with you. And then now that it’s like, I have to like grieve the loss of that vision of what I have .Speaker 2: 14:28

Exactly . And here’s another tip for the dudes out there is that it’s all about presentation. So have he kindly asked me, would you be okay? And if not, it’s not a big deal instead of saying I’m going to go, I probably would have had a different reaction, you know? Sure. If that makes sense. Totally. Yeah. Just, just wrap it up in a pretty little bow and watch me know be much more receptive to this last minute, you know, news gift that you’re giving me. But um, um, so , um, what’d you get for mother’s day? Did you get something?Speaker 3: 15:03

Yeah , I did. So I got the grateful dead black widows, the Ty widows I’ve wanted them for a while now.Speaker 2: 15:12

I knew that was happening to secrecy. Nick told me I was not allowed to say a word. So I did not.Speaker 3: 15:18

Those, it was cute. Him and roam wrapped it together. Um , it was supposed to be from Rome. So it said from Rome on it. And then he told me to pick out a pair of, Hey dudes, I don’t have any, Hey dudes, I’ve always wanted, Hey dudes. So I’ve got a pair on their way. Um,Speaker 2: 15:31

We could not be more , um, kindred spirits when it comes to our friendship because I ordered Hey dudes last week as well. And I had those grateful dead windows that you’re telling us .Speaker 3: 15:43

That’s hilarious. And then I feel like it’s just like hashtag cornhole lives . Like the stuff that I asked for so different, you know,Speaker 2: 15:49

If those, if those two gifts like went to , um, a different woman who wasn’t into Cortile , she’d be like, what the hell is this? I wanted a vacuum or something who knows what other women want. I wanted a jewelry do not get me jewelry , do not get me flowers. Just get me corn , a little bags and it dudes.Speaker 5: 16:07

Yeah, totally good about it. Yeah,Speaker 2: 16:10

Exactly. Well, so I’m the happy belated mother’s day. We love our mothers out there and Nick clearly definitely knows the way to your heart. Um, and it’s probably be at the good bags.Speaker 3: 16:23

Yeah, no, it’s, it’s, it’s good bags as speaking of good bags, what a perfect transition to our next segment. Because as we have been teasing, the girls throw two series, one coming in hot bags are happening right now today and we’re super good .Speaker 2: 16:37

Yep . It’s launch day y’all. And just to fill our listeners in girls’ throat too, we’ll be launching and new themed series set of bags every two months or so each set will be made by a different manufacturer, which is really coolSpeaker 3: 16:53

Because that means by Christmas time, we’ll have like four to five different brands of girls , third tuition bags, and then you can kind of choose what you want or don’t want. And maybe some of those will show up under the tree who knows. Yeah.Speaker 2: 17:04

Yeah . I mean, I’m going to want them all. So I better, I better start being nice and letting my husband go to all of the league nights and throw games he wants to, so that Santa’s puts me on the nice list and not the money list. Got a while for that though. He can always turn it back at the end. That’s what my kids think. Um, so anyway , um, yeah, so you can have, we want to get , um, girls throw two bags, collaborations with all different manufacturers because everybody knows that Baxter differently. And we want you guys to have something to select from based on what kind of player you are and what kind of bag you like to throw. So I guess now it might be time to announce , um, which manufacturer have paired with, for this series one coming in hot set .Speaker 3: 17:58

So it’s , it’s going to be , um , talk tech. So talk tech is going to be our first manufacturer. Now this might be a manufacturer you hadn’t heard much about, but both Whitney and I have been throwing them. And we can’t wait to tell you all about that and have the company tell you all about it. We’re so excited to introduce this bag. Um , and there’s so many perks to them. So hopefully we can get you educated by the end of today’s episode. So you feel like you can make a decision as to whether or not you’d like to try out this bag for yourself.Speaker 2: 18:26

Yup . So , uh , right now, I guess it’s time to just pivot, to bringing Gary and DJ on. They are coming to us from the tusk tech company. And they’re going to tell us all about how these bags are made and what they throw like. And then , um , Michelle and I will give our experience because we’ve had them for about a week now or a couple of days and , um, I’ve been throwing them nonstop . So I can’t wait to tell you my feedback.Speaker 3: 18:52

Hello and welcome to the company reps joining us today from toss tech . Hello Gary.Speaker 2: 18:56

Hello, DJ. Yeah. Welcome. Welcome guys. Thanks for coming on. And I have to tell you, you guys have the special honor of being the very first men that we have had on this girl to cast . I feel that you guys are kind of no pressure. You’re kind of representing the males everywhereSpeaker 6: 19:16

Will do . Thanks for having me .Speaker 2: 19:19

Of course. So let, let us know, just tell us your names first and last, you know, and give us your official titles at the company of toss tech.Speaker 6: 19:30

Sure. Yeah. I’m uh , Gary Jeffries . We , uh , I’m the co-founder co owner , whatever you want to call it of the still tech with Bronson and uh, yeah, that’s what I do. Bag manufacturer.Speaker 2: 19:44

You’re just like the big, big boss .Speaker 6: 19:47

Sure. Yeah. It’s split in half. So I’m the one that runs the sewing machine.Speaker 2: 19:54

Got it. Okay. And DJ, what about you?Speaker 6: 19:57

Yeah, so I’m DJ Rose. Um, I guess I’m technically the head of marketing slash customer relations slash whatever they need me to do.Speaker 2: 20:06

Oh. So you’re like there , you know what you’re trying to say? Yeah . The backpack . I don’t know. I feel like it’s warranted, but you’re so much more than that because DJ is the first person I talked to when talking about this collaboration and he, he sold me obviously. Cause we went through with it. Um, for those of you that are watching the YouTube, these are our bags . Oh, I know. I can’t ever tell. Okay. That’s okay. You don’t get the idea. They are so great. And I was actually very opera apprehensive about , um , kind of going with this because DJ was honest and told me that it tends to be, the feedback tends to be that it’s a faster bag and I am kind of a carpet bag girl. I can tell you, I throw with nothing but these since I’ve gotten them. And so they, and we’ll talk more about that later. But , um,Speaker 7: 21:08

I was actually surprised because when I saw the, the slow side, it looks from the picture that I was going to be super, super, super slow, kind of like a , um ,Speaker 2: 21:17

Slide, right. Where like hitsSpeaker 7: 21:19

The board and just stops. And that’s my least favorite kind of bag to throw is a super sticky bag. But when , yeah, this is, this is a faster, slow side that I was. And then I was expecting and I throw Vipers usually. So that’s a fast bag too. So I was actually quite pleased with that. Um, so we know that you guys have and love options in terms of bags. And so we wanted to make sure that we had all kinds of options for you. So this is just one of the ones we want to offer for you. It’s great because it has the stick and it’s like , and it’s not super, super surface sticky. Um, and we know that this is a huge component of the sport, obviously.Speaker 2: 21:52

Yeah, for sure. No one can deny that no one bag can fit every single player perfectly. So it’s important to have a lot of go-to when it comes to throwing. And we want you guys, especially our lady players to have the go-to of a female friendly designed bag. Um, and you know, back there was everywhere, loved their options , um, whether you’re a male or female player, but when we were trying to decide on our first manufacturer, for which to pair with this series, one coming in hot girl started to bag. Um, we, you know, we’ve been approached by humbly speaking, but, but the reality is we’ve been approached by many bag makers, you know, for some collaborations and hopefully we will pair with everyone. But when it came to picking who we went with first, there were a couple of things we wanted to consider underlying bull wise. Um, we wanted them to be quality made. We wanted them to provide various speeds and fullness. And we also wanted to attend to price point and turnaround time overall general accessibility to playerSpeaker 7: 23:08

Important because we know there’s a lot of times people are out there trying to get bags and it takes months to get them. So we wanted to avoid a situation where our first ever bag series was costing people a ton of money, or it took them forever to get them. So we wanted something that you guys could get very quickly or ladies can get very quickly and also really enjoy the bag and have it be reasonably priced.Speaker 2: 23:30

Yeah, for sure. Cause we’ve all been in that situation or anybody who’s played for a while where you’ve ordered a bag and then almost forgotten that you ordered it because it takes that long to get, unfortunately, our bank accounts don’t quite forget that we ordered it. Um, and then eventually it shows up and you know, that’s a great day, but how long in between, you know, ordering and receiving is an important part of who we wanted to pair with and you guys seem to be quite on top of that. Um, as far as collaboration goes, what I can say from my end, as you know, the people who are working with you from a company, custom design perspective, the customer service shout out to Bronson. He’s not with us today on this zoom, but he has been amazing. You guys have been very communicative. The customer service has been ideal. And most importantly, I freaking love the backs . So I guess let’s, before we get into these specific bags, give us a little background on toss tech in general, as a company, like how did it come into fruition? How did it start? When did it start?Speaker 6: 24:45

Yeah, so , um, it came into fruition actually almost year and a half ago, two years ago, the idea came about and kind of put it on the back burner for a little bit. Um, and then we decided, you know , pandemic, it got really bored, played a lot of corn hole and he got a chance to, you know, to go outside and I feel like this is something we can do. Why can’t we make a bag? Why can’t we do this? So we started digging in and last August, I learned how to sell weed . That’s just how it all came together. It was crazy. It was really quick and it’s kind of incredible how fast it all came together, but it’s a heck of a heck of a trip. So farSpeaker 2: 25:27

The choir on how fast it comes together because you know , Michelle and I have seen this whole girls that are too company, like we were going to start slow and yeah, we strategically progress and it’s taken on a life of its own. So I totally get that when you have something that is great, that people want, you know, you can’t control the timeline. I guess I love that . I love that you had to learn how to, so I think that’s the way, like, did you ever think in your life you were going to learn how to sew ?Speaker 6: 25:57

Uh, no. Like, you know, seventh grade home careers. I use the sewing machine. Right . And I was just like , what if someone wants 15 years ago, let’s give a shout out .Speaker 2: 26:11

I have not found a single thing in mySpeaker 6: 26:14

Life justSpeaker 2: 26:16

To throw that out there. I also burn cut and bake cookie so domestically. And when it comes to home-ec, I’m going to fail.Speaker 6: 26:27

Yeah , no, it was, it was kind of crazy. I did not think, no, I did not think I was going to say probably the sewing machine at any point again in my life, but yeah.Speaker 2: 26:35

And you’re doing it well. Exactly. So Gary tell us material material wise , what does Tosic use to make their bags and why you guys choose to go that route?Speaker 6: 26:45

Yeah. So , um, we go specifically the logo series that you guys got and it’s like a synthetic fan site . And then , uh , thinks that almost like a quicker swayed micro, suede , um , slower side. Um, we went that way. It was just, we had actually a bunch of samples to play with and we’re going back and forth with different stuff. And these two, they kind of just, they paired well together. They, they played well the way they felt everything just kind of felt really just right. And for whatever reason, it just felt right.Speaker 2: 27:16

Gary , can I ask you what bags you love prior to creating your own?Speaker 6: 27:21

Absolutely. Um, you mentioned Vipers. I love me some Vipers. Um, you know, I I’d be a liar. I said, I don’t have it set in my bag when I go to a tournament, I don’t want to pull them out, but I, you know, like that, that go like, okay, hold on. This is what I’m comfortable with. And they may have to get my stuff back in line. Sometimes that’s where I run to .Speaker 2: 27:41

It’s hard, right. Because that’s why I was so afraid. Like what if these bags that have our brand on them come and I don’t love drawing them. It’s going to suck to go to these different events and not be throwing our, you know, our girls are two bags. Um, that’s what I , this has been the biggest excitement through this whole venture is that they came and I was like, Oh, I got to power through it. And I got to learn to throw them. And I have loved them since out of the box throwing. And my husband even asked me yesterday, you sure you don’t want to try your Reynolds ? And I was like, you know, I love my Reynolds, my pitch girl series. I represent, I talked to them all, like, they’re different girls like, hi Sally, I’m going to need you to go in the hole now. And then I toss it. Um, but the, these are so they’re so whole finder for how I throw. At least I can’t speak to anybody. Else’s because again, it’s a different bag for each type of player that works best. But this one, I was not expecting it to be my go-to you guys. And I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t gonna push it. Like , um , we’ll talk later, I’m going to Erie this weekend and they’re going to make me play, which I’m going to be completely out of my league doing. But , um, heck if I’m not going to try to push these on , on my male partner and you kind of alluded to it, Whitney, that you love them straight from the male . Right. And I , we would love to hear about that process because they’re completely broken in like crazy. Like I was just saying earlier, like they’re just completely ready to play. You don’t have to go through the whole conditioning process. They are not stiff at all.Speaker 6: 29:26

So , so yeah. So the, the surprising process of that is I do absolutely nothing. Um, it fill it’s fabric. It’s just how it comes together. And that’s , I put it together at port, throw it in the bag, goes in the mail and it’s gone .Speaker 2: 29:39

There has to be something why aren’t all bags. Like I don’t want to reveal a secret, come on.Speaker 8: 29:45

Okay.Speaker 2: 29:48

No lines. Now it took me a second .Speaker 8: 29:52

Everything’s quiet in the world. Isn’t it in this world. ButSpeaker 2: 29:56

Yeah, patent that because this is phenomenal. I mean, Michelle and I were talking about it before you came on. So many times people order the new bags or think about ordering new bags and then the process that it takes to, to, I mean, there’s so many different ideas. Maybe you use fabric softener, maybe you just throw them in , do it organically either way. It’s like a process. Right. And I won’t even touch it. I’ll do lots of laundry. I won’t touch the bags when it comes to that kind of stuff, because I don’t want to miss step and get blamed for it. You know? Um ,Speaker 8: 30:35

I think it’s just this combination of fabric that worked that way. Cause like , uh , like our precision series and other series that we have, that one is a little stripper out of the box. I made a set to go dairy this weekend with and um, I throw them in the wash and fabric softener. It’s good to go. And they’re , they’re going to feel Fun wash even with detergent and everything. And it’sSpeaker 2: 30:57

All dry, I’m just a regular ,Speaker 8: 31:00

Um, I threw them in the tumble, dry with the laundry and I needed the laundry to actually dry. So I pulled them out and just let them sit there and air dry.Speaker 2: 31:08

So you’re like, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Well, I think it’s the coolest design and I love the fact that I didn’t have to do this, but you did mention per session. So let’s talk about the different series types that toss tech offers.Speaker 8: 31:24

Yeah. So , uh, tell us like offers, like we currently have three different series. We have our logo series, which obviously you guys have, it’s our bigger selling series. It’s our most popular one. Uh , then we have our power series , uh , which is like our , our medium bag currently. Um, and then we have our precision series as Gary mentioned, which is our fast or faster bang there. So , uh, all three series are air ACL , uh , stamped right now. They all retail for the same price that we have at 54 95. Um, but I’d say for sure, our loca series is our most popular one.Speaker 2: 31:57

So when you say medium felt like when you were talking about that, that middle bag, not the precision, what’s it called? The power power. Yeah . Well what do you mean by a medium Phil ?Speaker 8: 32:08

Well, so like right now , uh, I would say like the Logan series is a very loose bag. Um, obviously it’s very whole friendly. Like you mentioned, the power series is just a little bit more full , uh , than the logo series. It’s still feels really good in the hand. Um, it’s actually got like a really different material kinda on, on the fast side there. Um, which is, it’s definitely an interesting feeling in your hand, but that’s like our middle , uh, in between the logo and the precision. So if the logo is a little too slow for you and the precision is maybe a little too fast for you, that’s where the power fits in right now.Speaker 2: 32:40

That makes sense. And what was the first one that you guys ever developed?Speaker 8: 32:45

Uh, I believe it was the , the logo, correct Gary . Yeah. A logo came together first. That was the first one that came together. Yep .Speaker 2: 32:51

So that , that’s the only one that I have tested POS tech wise. And that’s the one that I’ve come to very much love, but I would love to try the other ones out. I’m a little concerned about when you say there are different materials because I’m liking this one so much that I’m like, what kind of materials are we talking? Does feel nice in the hand. And like, I , that, like I’ve had, I’ve seen people at league nights say, I just don’t like the way, not, not your guys’s bag, but a bag. I know exactly probably what bag you’re talking about , but I’m not going say the name , but , um , it felt , it felt weird in their hand. And for me that’s a big component is how it feels in my hand . And my husband has small hands and he lean enough to call my husband out. And he’s a very wonderful man, but he does have smaller hands. And he hates when a bag feels too big for his hand. Like this is a great size. I mean, apparently like the weight and the dimensions are supposed to be standard, but everything feels very different when you go to throw it to me anyway. Oh yeah. I think so too. So what do you think separates toss tech from the competition?Speaker 8: 34:02

So I think , uh, Gary Bronson and I guess even myself , um, we, we pride ourselves on coming from like a different industry. Uh, we’re very heavily into like the bowling industry and we see how things have kind of progressed through bowling and even now through Cornell. So we like to try and obviously do our best to help with customer service. Uh, Gary and Bronson are incredible at the turnaround times, getting these bags out , um, as you guys have kind of experienced already. Um, so we, we take a lot of pride in just the way that we run the business, the way we communicate with customers , uh , collaborations, whatever it may be. Uh, I think that’s a big difference because we see a lot of things in Cornel . Um, you know, it could be a delay in a bag. It could be the lack of customer service, lack of responding to emails. And that’s one thing we try to keep up on , uh, just because we want the customers to be happy. And even if they don’t necessarily love our bags or don’t like a product from us, at least they know that we have a really good customer service and we can have a very open kind of personal conversation with them to ensure that they’re like, Hey, you know, these are really great people and maybe we’ll give them a try down the roadSpeaker 2: 35:10

So important , uh, DJ. And that is, is a lot of what really , um , incentivized me to go with you guys for our first bag set. Um, because isn’t it sad though that , that, that is what separates you guys now . It really is, but , but don’t you think Michelle, that that is one of our biggest priorities and girls are too , you know, like if, if somebody messages about any kind of concern complaint or question, and we don’t have somebody on the team responding in a very quick fashion and like, I feel we failed , um, on a huge level. And so like that is, unfortunately it means it’s like almost a 24 hour, seven day a week job. So it’s a grinder , at least in the beginning until you can get all the infrastructure into place as a small business to get, make sure that that is the level that you are achieving, but you guys did that amazingly. Um, we went through a couple of different design ideas and you all were very flexible and patient. So anybody out there who’s trying to do custom bags. I got permission last night from Sean asked to mention the fact that you guys just did a , um, big collaboration as well. Right. And you know, Sean , I copied you into the podcast world. You’re now going to copy me on the task set glam that’s okay. It’s okay. We can’t , we can just , just use each other , um, and our, and our great ideas together we’ll share in our , in our trend-setting nature. Um, so you did toss back , I’ve seen you did dog cast and then you guys did drop in bags, which honestly, when I knew nothing about cornhole and I was just like looking for something cool. Female wise to wear a hat, like a flat bevel hat , uh, dropping bags was the very first one I went to. So like you’re picking great brands and companies to collab with, you know, it’s definitely given you guys the street cred for sure. Bags. Or do you have other things that you offer?Speaker 8: 37:23

Yeah, so we , uh, we finally offered , like I said, the three lines of bags , um, but we are getting into some new products. We have t-shirts available. We have hats available such as this one here,Speaker 2: 37:34

Your hat a lot. I do like it. You got to get it. You should have sent one over to us so we could wear it.Speaker 8: 37:40

Well, you’ll have to talk to Gary and area this week and I guess I’ll get one from him for sure . And we’re also introducing some new jerseys . Uh , we’re working with a , an apparel company and we will have our New Jersey hopefully listed in and get going soon. Correct .Speaker 2: 37:55

Awesome. And what about boards? Do you guys ever going to get in boards?Speaker 8: 37:59

Uh, Gary, probably not.Speaker 2: 38:01

You want to add construction to your , uh , to your sewing kit? Yeah . And hammer and hammer.Speaker 8: 38:10

There’ll be two-ish by four-ish the whole be six stations is right .Speaker 2: 38:18

I love it. Well , I did see you guys , um, have on your website before we were pre preparing for this, that you guys are , there might be a subscription kind of plan coming. And I thought that I found that very interesting. So I’m trying to ask what’s going on there a , uh ,Speaker 6: 38:36

That was something we thought of right off the bat. Like maybe something different. Nobody does . What’s something nobody else does. And , um, the idea of it is a, whether it’s monthly by monthly, quarterly, something like that subscription and have it for some price that we haven’t big since it’s still kind of a work in progress.Speaker 2: 38:56

I think the idea is genius.Speaker 6: 39:00

So say it’s quarterly every four months. We’ll do, you’ll get a set of bags. There’ll be a limited design just to subscribers. Plus maybe it’s apparel. That’s also linked to what kind of thing.Speaker 2: 39:14

Exactly. Or like that , like , um, you know , like , like a stitch fix or like, you know, like any of those subscriptions that women get everywhere. So as the woman, I think this is brilliant. And it’s hilarious that like, there have not been more male companies within cornhole who have come up with it, but it is a kind of a , a woman type of thing. There’s male ones, right. There’s dollar shave club and there’s Oh yeah. There are male subscription services that , that, that model that SOC I Bobby has like the stance socks or that’s right .Speaker 6: 39:51

Coronel .Speaker 2: 39:51

One is something that both, both people in the couple get excited about receiving. So like, instead of rolling your eyes that like, Oh, her her subscription, you know, is coming this way or her his is , you’re like both excited about it.Speaker 6: 40:09

Our corn hole subscriptions come up , we’re getting a new stuff . Yeah. Yup . Exactly. Like everyone talks about like mail day, but mail day,Speaker 2: 40:18

Like you already knew, like I ordered this, it’s coming to state, but the cool thing about subscriptions is you forget, it’s a mystery. What’s going to be in it. Like it’s like ChristmasSpeaker 6: 40:27

Every couple months.Speaker 2: 40:29

I think that’s a really, really, really smart idea. I can tell you right now, my husband and I would be your first sign-up customer. Perfect. Sure. So let us know for , we know when we can get that and how , um , more importantly, let’s talk about coming in hot , uh , girls that are two bags cause they’re Epic and they’re affordable and the turnaround time is comparable to most, none other out there. So tell us how we get these and I’ll give the discount code for our listeners because you guys deserve a little discount.Speaker 6: 41:07

Yes . So I mean the easiest way, toss tech.com , uh , he’ll go right on there , grow a products page. It’s going to be probably the very top one for you to go on and purchase a that’s going to be the easiest way. There’s also an easier way this weekend. If you want to get on it and don’t even want to wait for anybody to ship a carrier for some bags to take home. Gary , I think that thatSpeaker 2: 41:34

Is a tough sell. Like what’s easier than going online. Driving to Erie may not for most for she can touch them and hold them prior to purchase. So there’s that? Um, I will definitely, hopefully if my, my partner who , uh , whom I’ve never met from New York AAJ will allow us to throw these. These will be what I am throwing this weekend in Erie . So if you’re there, come check us out at the toss tech table, toss tech, T O S S T E K cornhole . And you can go there. Our discount code, you guys is G T T five. That’ll give you 5% off that completely affordable price that Gary just quoted you. So, I mean, it’s a steal . Why not?Speaker 7: 42:22

You can actually say the price. We said it earlier. So you want to tell it one more time. Okay .Speaker 2: 42:28

54 95, you use our code, which is awesome .Speaker 7: 42:36

And uh, yeah, it’s , it’s a great bag. Um, the best part being that it’s ready to go the minute you get it. And apparently that’s just magic that that’s happened . Yeah .Speaker 2: 42:45

It just happened like twinkles his nose, you know , dust . It’s good to go. Exactly. They do comeSpeaker 7: 42:54

Quickly and they’re , um, they’re awesome.Speaker 2: 42:56

They come super quick. And then we should also plug our launch on the same day that this podcast comes out of our YouTube site. It is going to have some visual content. It will probably not be as routine as our podcast , which comes out every Thursday. The YouTube channel will just be like when we have content that we think is worth visually sharing. And we do have a back reviewer candy on our team who has already thrown these bags. I don’t want to give anything away, go check it out, see what her, her ideas are on how she thinks they’d throw.Speaker 7: 43:34

So for those of you listening right now on the podcast, if you would like to see the bags, because we are recording this right now, you can actually see us talking to Gary and talking to DJ holding the bags. Um , I even give a visual of like, I don’t think I ever referenced it, but I was holding it up and showing you how broken it is. Um, so if you want to see all that, just head to the YouTube channel, the girls throw to YouTube channel and we’ll be yeah .Speaker 2: 43:55

Or how pretty Michelle and I are and how handsome Gary and DJI [inaudible] ,Speaker 7: 44:06

Which we like.Speaker 2: 44:09

I like the , I like the beard thing is just like the trend we have going on here. Coincidence stumbled upon it. I got it . All right . You guys are awesome. And your customer service is awesome. I got to , again, give another shout out to Bronson because he was just phenomenal to work with as was DJ Gary. I’m so excited that you got bored and created a company. Yeah. And learn to sew . And I really love, I’m going to picture you sewing at your home. There’s like some days when I’m having a bad day and I think it’s going to make me smile. So you guys thank you so much. Tossed tech , Tio , S S T E K cornhole . Great bags. You guys. I promise you. You will not be disappointed. I was very hesitant about how I was going to like this bag or if I was going to like this bag. It’s my go-to. Yep . We love it .Speaker 7: 45:10

Thank you so much. You guys, and we will see you again soon.Speaker 1: 45:18

It’s time for our tips of the week by girls throw to Tracy . Dean says, take your time. Think about your next shot. Do not rush . Also point your feet where you want that bag to go. Great. And Bethany ACE says , breathe out on the release, which by the way, Bethany, I did that. And it worked phenomenally well for me. Awesome. McKell says, definitely pay attention to leg position and posture. Terry T says, here’s a good one. I always use, where are your hips? Your hips are your core and you can move any direction of your core is on straight and your arm will follow. And to close it out, we have one from destiny Parker. Her biggest tip is headphones. It helps me focus and drown everything out around me. I personally am not a headphone user destiny, but I know lots of people whose whereby it. So thanks for your tips. And I wish I would have used headphones because I had the drunk guy throwing nuts to me and very distracting. And all I needed was some headphones to drown them out. So great tip. Yeah . All right guys. Keep the tips coming. Post them on our Facebook forum. Girls’ throat to group page, and we will keep reading them. Thanks. It’s time to give a shout out to last week’s player of the week. The woman who receivedSpeaker 2: 46:40

This honorable title last Friday was Vanessa F from Hickory Creek, Texas.Speaker 7: 46:47

Yeah. Vanessa was nominated on our girls throw to forum group by her lady throwing friend Lauren.Speaker 2: 46:53

Yep . According to Lauren, Vanessa is an amazing lady player who throws lights out and she has raised money for countless people in the cornhole community. She’s also been teaching local young girls in the area how to play the gameSpeaker 7: 47:04

Is everything we love to see happen for the sport and the females in it. But NESA seems to be doing it all. So great job. And thanks for inspiring. All of us at girls.Speaker 2: 47:14

Yeah. You can read more about Vanessa and every one of our past lady players of the week by visiting the blog section of our website@girlsgrowtwo.com . Hey Michelle. Guess what time it is?Speaker 7: 47:27

It’s time to announce the amazing listener whose feedback was chosen as our review of the week. And this week’s review winner has a name of J a J I zero zero zero Oh Oh seven seven. So whoever you are, I wish I knew your name, but , uh , what they said was I really enjoyed this podcast.Speaker 2: 47:47

Not a serious player. The hosts do a great job of keeping the listener entertained no matter what level they are, or even if they don’t play at all, can’t wait for more episodes. Yeah, for sure. And if that is you JJ, whatever they, she just said, and you heard us read your review, remember that your review has been chosen it and has been read on air. So you are considered a winner. You have until the next girls throw two podcast airs next week to reach out to us via the website or through email and let us know that you heard it and that that’s you, and you want your free girls road to merchandise prize. We will get it to you right away.Speaker 7: 48:29

Thanks everyone. All right. I’m so excited because we are now going to transition into our really awesome interview with Isabella Sue printed . And this is a 14 year old player. You guys like, this is amazing and she’s got blue hair. So doesn’t get any cooler than that.Speaker 2: 48:46

I know. Happy to have you. Yeah. She’s , she’s cool. She’s skilled at Cornell. She’s basically everything I want to be. Um, but am not , um, she’s my she’s younger than me, but she’s who I want to grow up to become. Um , tell us where you are talking to us from. Where do you live? I live in Lawton. Oklahoma. Are you born there or is this like a new town for you guys ? No. Um , I was born in Katy, Texas, but we moved to Oklahoma like seven or eight years ago or five. I don’t remember. And for the listeners at home, you guys can’t see because you’re not on the zoom with us, but I’m looking at Isabella right now. And her room is fire. I mean, we’re talking about like led lights around the ceiling. It’s like a part of like a teenage Mecca. I mean, I’m obsessed with it. It’s every teens . Yeah .Speaker 7: 49:39

100% and a little bit of mine. So Isabella tell us when and how did you start playing corn hole? We got it.Speaker 2: 49:46

You know the story . So , um, when I first like discovered cornhole was like at the Lake, my , my brother-in-law, his family. He plays all the time. So I didn’t really start to like a good two years ago because I didn’t really have any interest in it. Cause I just wanted to go to the Lake and like have fun again. And then one time I just picked up the bags . Well, I think they made me, I don’t even know. I think they had like an uneven amount of teams and I picked it up and I , I couldn’t went like I was so mad when I started. Cause I was mad that I couldn’t be anybody. I didn’t realize what it said. Did you have boards at home at that point that you could go practice with and say, next timeSpeaker 9: 50:28

You went to the Lake, you could beat people? No , like we made our own after like a good month. I told my mom, I was like, I can’t, I couldn’t win. Like I want to practice it. Right .Speaker 7: 50:38

It must be athletic or something or play sports because that’s okay. Cause I would be like, of course I didn’t when I’m off.Speaker 9: 50:44

Yeah. Why did I think I could do well at this game back ? That would have been me. Well , um, that’s, that’s a really cool story. So take us through a little bit of how, cause that’s where, what our listeners want to know. I think is like, how does someone start out? Just unable to win and then somehow transitioned within a two year period to like this high level of competitive play that you currently reside. I don’t even know, like, cause I grew up playing soccer. So I’ve always had that like competitive jive, I guess. I just , I don’t even know. I was like, I want to get better. How long after you , you , you got the bug to try to get better. Did you start actually like competing, you know , at a higher level? Um, I think it was like a good couple of weeks. Not even a month. Oh my gosh , Isabella , you are so unrelatable . You’re too cool. And too good for usSpeaker 7: 51:50

In the backyard for a couple of weeks before I hit a tournament.Speaker 9: 51:53

And then I went to competitive events . I played on only like one social tournament. And then I think I got like first or second, I don’t remember. And then they instantly bumped me up and I’m like, really? It was like, it’s like a TCL. I think Texas , they have like huge tournaments and I guess it’s like a really big deal. It wasn’t really a big deal that I got. I did good in it. So yeah. Uh , yeah, you’re 14 had just started playing and then twoSpeaker 7: 52:24

Years ago, so she wasn’t 14.Speaker 9: 52:27

She was like 12 coming in hot. Talk about coming in hot. You did that and you have a very fun cornhole nickname. That’s also associated. It’s like a separate , um , Facebook page from what I can tell, I enjoy all the content on that. Tell us what that is and how people can find you there. Um, it’s uh, Bella on Facebook and on Instagram and Tik TOK. I love it. Which is your favorite social media platform? Um, I like ticked off. Yeah. I figured you might. Cause I have a 13 year old daughter, just a year shy of you and , and that’s my favorite for sure. I call it Tik TOK. Tourette’s like she can’t go in the car without , um, you know, having like dance moves , you know, like, I mean it’s crazy.Speaker 7: 53:10

Tick-tock Tourette’s so Isabella, are you currently playing in leagues or tournaments or blind draws? Like where are you?Speaker 9: 53:17

Um, I just finished my league on Wednesdays, but I think I’m just playing and I won .Speaker 2: 53:26

It was to not too tough. Yeah, exactly. Um, I play in blind jaws in such folios , almost Wednesdays, Mondays, Fridays, whichever I can find. Yeah. So it’s basically like your life, I guess at this point. And you’ve clearly reached, you know , a very competitive level. My expectation would be, you know, I know they’ve changed the rules in the ACL about how many pros under 18, this next season they can let in. I think what is it? Eight. Yeah . Yeah. Well, we’re written for you to be one of the eight Isabella. And if, if, if for some reason it doesn’t happen, you’ve got stardom in your future, down the road, you got plenty of time. But um, as far as , uh, like ACL tournament’s go and things like that. Um, you do you go to the, even though you’re not at the pro level, obviously there’s still an opportunity to play at all those, do you travel to a lot? Yes. Um , I try to go to all the opens and the regionals that I can. Did you go to Vegas? Uh , not this past weekend though . I had my , uh , league finals. So and so the listeners who are hearing this, when she says this past weekend, it’s going to air one week later. So it will be two weeks ago, but I know what we’re talking about, but , um, but so the first time you went to like an open like that, of that caliber of play, was it intimidating or like scary to you? I mean it’s, to me and I’m 38 years old and I don’t even go to that extreme of a level type of competition. So I’m trying to figure out how you at your little cute 14 year old blue haired body is handling the nerves. Um, well, since I started playing in TCL , there’s like thousands. There’s like 1200 people at all the tournaments . So I think I kinda got used to it. So I wasn’t really nervous. I was just excited about like meeting all the pros, right .Speaker 7: 55:21

Advantage of being younger. Right. Because I feel like the mental game is, I mean , I’m making assumptions here, but it feels like the mental game would beSpeaker 2: 55:28

Easier like, cause you’re young and like, yeah, of courseSpeaker 7: 55:33

The first time you picked up a bag, your expectation was to be good, already shows.Speaker 2: 55:39

Well, and it’s talked about, we’ve talked about this, that sometimes it can work in your favor when people see you as a non threat and there’s not, maybe not immediate high expectations when they see you, because it’s like, you don’t have this bar to rise to. So that, that stress of trying to do so it’s kind of taken off your back and then you can just swoop in like that underdog and um , you know, and dominate. Um, so that’s awesome.Speaker 7: 56:03

Yeah. What kind of bags were you throwing back then? Like when you first started and what do you like to throw now?Speaker 2: 56:08

Oh, I threw at you game changers . Like the sticky side was what you started with. Yeah. Wow. That’s kind of a fast bag to start with that . Yeah. And then I went to BGS BG wizards. Got it.Speaker 9: 56:24

And that’s what you’ve grown with now. Mainly they’re the BG wizards or the BG Vikings. Do you prefer it ? Like, do you, do you haveSpeaker 2: 56:32

Preference on the fast side or the slow side or? It just depends on what the board looks like.Speaker 9: 56:36

It depends on the board most of the time. Cause sometimes I’ll throw either sticky side really hard or I’ll throw fast. Side’s the same way I throw. Nice. Okay. So speaking of that,Speaker 2: 56:47

Do you have a go-to shot or, or your favorite shot or most skillful shot? Like is it an air mail , a bounce bag? Do you just prefer just sliding in four beggars ? You know, as much as you can.Speaker 9: 56:56

What’s your go-to? My go-to is a roll bag . It’s my favorite.Speaker 2: 57:03

The only thing I’m good at, it’s the only thing I’m good at. If you fill out a prey , it does. Yeah. And I don’t get a lot of praise. I’m like, you I’m like you, I don’t have a lot to get praised for, so I really love it. All right . So that, we’re that role bagger is your favorite. And then , um,Speaker 9: 57:21

Do youSpeaker 2: 57:21

Like an airmail or, I mean, are you good at the air mails ? Cause that’s where I suck .Speaker 9: 57:25

Yeah. I mean, sometimes it also depends on the day on what I’m feeling, because sometimes I’ll like no hesitation, but sometimes I’ll like have to take a breather because I’m not feeling it that day. Right.Speaker 2: 57:36

I saw a video of recently that you were posted it. Must’ve been on the air hole , Bella , um , page . I think your mom, your mom sounds so cute from behind the scenes. When she’s is it her? Is it that’s the one videotaping you? Yeah, she’s so cute. And I don’t know if she knows she could be heard. Cause like she’s like talking to her friends a little bit. I’m like, I’m like getting it down with all the gossip between the ladies in the background while I get to watch you. But um , she said through Tuesday ,Speaker 9: 58:00

You got this fella , you got this. I think it’s so precious. That is cute. What is the ultimate goal with corn hole for you? I think Martin is to first be a yeah. And then to win the women’s singles.Speaker 2: 58:18

Awesome. Do you play women’s doubles or do you tend to play coed doubles ?Speaker 9: 58:23

I played both, but I’ll play women’s doubles sometimes with either Samantha Finley or Kaylee Hunter. Michelle Smith is coming soon. Uh , we love Kaylee .Speaker 2: 58:39

Haley came on last week or two weeks ago when this air they’re great. It’s a bunch of great girls. It seems likeSpeaker 9: 58:46

They’re in the higher level. Oh yeah.Speaker 2: 58:49

Are they welcoming to you? The older ones have like, they kind of take you under theirSpeaker 9: 58:52

Wing? Yes. Yes.Speaker 2: 58:54

That’s nice. It’s like a little sisterhood or [inaudible] .Speaker 9: 58:59

Okay.Speaker 2: 59:00

So we talked about your cornhole aspirations, but obviously, you know, most people have to have a career or some kind of mindset goal outside of , um, cornhole . So like, do you have a favorite subject in school or have you thought about, you know, what you kind of ultimately would , if you had the ideal choice of what you want to doSpeaker 9: 59:18

Basically be when you grow up, I want to be, I wanted to be a labor and delivery doctor. I still kind of want to beSpeaker 2: 59:30

Awesome. Well, you know, that’s Kaylee wants to do ultrasound , so she ultrasounds and you can, you can have a whole little corn hole practice set up whole and baby delivery. If I lived anywhere near there, that would be the OB GYN type of thing. How fun would that be? Like we play cornhole and we take care of babies. So that’sSpeaker 9: 59:54

Actually beforeSpeaker 2: 59:56

The baby comes. So how do you prepare for a big tournament?Speaker 9: 1:00:02

I make sure I get good sleep, like really good sleep .Speaker 2: 1:00:05

That’s huge. That’s a great tip. Cause I , I tend to run on notes . Like maybe that’s why I’m so bad. Yeah .Speaker 9: 1:00:13

Or I like to get a good meal sometimes.Speaker 2: 1:00:19

Oh my goodness.Speaker 9: 1:00:20

No . Like my mom has to make me, cause I won’t eat all day.Speaker 2: 1:00:24

Right. The nerves I would think. Yeah .Speaker 9: 1:00:27

Same . Not so much that it’s just like, I’m so used to not like eating at like tournaments because like you don’t have time. Right. So then I just never ate, but now I kind of do cause like I get shaky in the bag ,Speaker 2: 1:00:42

Michelle, Michelle, and I share , um , a calendar online, you know, because we have to book all of our , our calls and our recordings and she has on hers. Lunch is written into her calendar and I was like, is that really? It’s not really necessary to schedule in lunch. But she said, you know, yeah, it kind of is because if I don’t see it on my calendar, I will sometimes forget. And like you said through it , I’ll look at my day and be like, huh, where am I going to eat? Why do I have such a headache? Or why am I so cranky? Oh, maybe because I’m hungry. I’m angry . Yeah . So one of our biggest reasons for kind of starting this girls through to venture , um , is because a lot of women report when they start to first get into the sport , um, not only is it intimidating and overwhelming, but they’re not always welcomed. Um, because it is traditionally a male dominated sport right now. Hopefully that will change over time and we are confident that it will. But what was it like when you first started going to these higher level things? How did the men react? Like I’m sure there were times where you’re, you’re so good. You know, you beat a man or two early on. How did, what was the reaction you you got met with when that would happen?Speaker 9: 1:01:56

Um, I would just like laugh it away because I didn’t really believe it. Like men would be scared of me and I’m like, what ? Like why would they be scared of me when they’ve been playing for like ever?Speaker 2: 1:02:13

Yeah. Well, it’s funny because , um, it’s like, I , uh, I, you know, I , um,Speaker 9: 1:02:21

The men normally when they get paired with me or paired against me ,Speaker 2: 1:02:24

To me, they’re like, Oh yes, this is going to be an easy win. It’s like the complete opposite for you. You’re like, Oh crap, a little play hurt .Speaker 9: 1:02:33

No, it’s just like crazy. Cause like when I first started, like I would, I used to be like really good at animals like now , but not since I do the role a lot. I’m not as good at it. Like I would hit one ambulance and then they would get all nervous and I’m like, even if I hit one ammo , it doesn’t mean like I can hit it again. Right . Yeah. It’s like , I could be good in like the first two frames. And then the next I could just like completely fall apart,Speaker 7: 1:02:58

Relate to that. I think that happens to me because I , for some reason that first shot tends to go in the hole for me. And I think it does set a percent set a precedence and I’m like, well it doesn’t mean the next three will. Okay. So just calm down everybody.Speaker 2: 1:03:12

Yeah , exactly. Just let me do my thing and if it happens, it happens. Yeah. Don’t put that pressure on me.Speaker 9: 1:03:19

Okay . Do you have any fun cornhole stories you want to share with us? Um, so I want a car and a cash game.Speaker 2: 1:03:27

Right? Where are you ? You’re 14 years old. You don’t even have a driver’s license. So I got to hear how this went down.Speaker 9: 1:03:35

Um, it was like five or six months ago and it was my dream car at the time. Like I loved the car, which is someone from my league. It was a Dodge charger. Okay. 300 challenge challenge challenge.Speaker 2: 1:03:51

Oh my gosh . So how, how does that even happen? Like how does that ,Speaker 9: 1:03:55

Um, so I’ve known Tony, the guy that I pled the car for. Um , I’ve known him since I started like, he’s the one who actually got me into it and got me good . Um, and I was like, I really love your car. And he said, you can have it. And I’m like, I don’t want it. I’m not taking it from you. He’s like planning for it. And I’m like , uh, okay. So then I played , um , and then he was gonna , he was just going to give it to me for free, but my mom was like, no, you’re not going to give it to him for free .Speaker 2: 1:04:26

I would say a deal is a deal.Speaker 9: 1:04:30

But uh ,Speaker 2: 1:04:31

So , so, but you did, you did win and he was willing to follow through. Good for him. What a good guy. And what does it feel? Full player.Speaker 7: 1:04:40

But that car just sits there now. Right? I mean, you can’t drive it .Speaker 9: 1:04:43

Yeah. No, my mom, we used it to like travelSpeaker 2: 1:04:49

That works . It’s like your tour bus. She has a driver. You guys don’t worry. Well, you guys, you have been so fun to talk to you and um, our listeners out there, you gotta look out for Isabella. She is, you can’t miss her. She’s got the blue hair and she’s a little , a little tiny, like it of spunk and, and scale before we sign off , um, you know, you might be younger than us, but you are definitely still an inspiration to lady cornhole playersSpeaker 9: 1:05:18

Of all ages because of, you know, how you’re rising to start them . Do you have any advice for lady cornhole players who are just starting out or want to start playing? Um, it’s like so fun. It’s probably the most fun you’ll ever have. You’ll get amazing friendships out of it. And like Cornell families, it’s probably the best thing ever. You’re right. I wouldn’t, I would say you could play against the best in the world and there’s still a chance you could win. Like it doesn’t matter who you play again, just try your best to win. And it can always, it can be you and everybody has off days off throws off games. So you might catch one of those really good people on one of those times. And then the first time you win against somebody who you thought was better than you now you’re really evicted. Right? Yeah . I love it. Awesome. So keep an eye out for Isabella. We’re going to be , um , rooting you on and hopefully, you know , uh, you don’t need luck cause you got the skills. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you on that broadcast court. I have no doubt. I agree .Speaker 1: 1:06:26

Thanks so much for joining us and we will keep an eye out for you and be written you on from home. Thank you. Thanks so much. We need to do a shout out to our amazing show producer, Brad, Charles heat without him. Well, we would just suck. And so thank you, Brad. At magic drafts sound works. Thanks for making us seem a little more professional. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We’d love to hear from you. If you could please write a review on your favorite listening app, we would be forever grateful and we will choose one each week to read on air. If your review is chosen, we will send out some sweet bagging broads merged too . So don’t forget to review, subscribe and stay updated with all things bagging abroad’s at. Girls’ throw two.com . Thanks. Y’all.

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