Ep. 1: ACL Champ Steven Bernacet Likes Toy Story

Welcome to girls throw to a female-driven cornhole podcast by bagging broads. This is a judgment free podcast made by women for women where there’s no such thing as a stupid question. And there’s lots of fun to be had. Can you believe this is our first official

Guest episode girl? I am so ready for it. I’ve been counting down, like, let’s get it started. Right? So for those who don’t already know us, this is Michelle and I’m Whitney and we together are the co-founders of bagging broads. And the reason we’re here is because we want to say girls’ throat too . Yeah. This is not your average corn hole podcast. Ladies. We’ll be focusing our episodes on beginner players or players that haven’t started, but are thinking about it. Yeah. Y’all, it’s going to be like the perfect podcast for cornhole enthusiasts or really any women who are part of a cornhole world through a loved one or somebody who’s , um , a fanatic about playing each week. You’re going to hear from a range of players, lady players from beginning to pro. And I think it’s going to be a really fun and super entertaining experience. So thanks for listening. Yeah, absolutely. This is our very first episode, so it’s a little different in that Whitney and I will be sharing the background on ourselves and the company and how it all came together. But don’t forget, we have that super fun interview with Rebecca who is Steven burner , number one, girl probably might be the only thing he loves in his life, more than corn hole . And that comes up at the end of the episode. Uh , guys, Rebecca spilled some tea about Steven , you know, the national championship singles player. Um, I don’t want to give it away, but it has something to do with his love for Disney movies. So stay June and here , that was so funny. So really we’re going to sum up what you can get from this episode . We’re talking Disney movies

Mom, life basic up and down successes and failures related to cornhole , and really just a bunch of fun stuff for ladies that love to play. That is correct. And we are cool if I do say so myself and I know we have a bunch of cool lady players out there listening, so it’s going to be a perfect fit, I guess now we just dive right in, right. Um, yeah. So I guess the best way to get started on this first episode that we’re so excited about , um, is to kind of

These ourselves probably to the listeners so that they can get a feel for who we are and why we’re doing this. Um, so I think that it’s probably smartest to start kind of how I started my personal relationship with you Michelle, about a month ago when we first got in contact. And my first question to you was about how long you’d been playing and how you had started. And you have this epically powerful story about the role that cornhole has played in your life. And I just need you to just share that the listeners, because guys, it’s a , it’s a doozy, it’s a bit of a doozy.

Cornhole, I think started for me like it did for many people where it’s just what you did in the backyard while you’re barbecuing. But what was really cool is that we are, we were living in paradise, California, and it’s a pretty small town. So we would just leave our garage open and people would just know if the garage was open, then we’re home. And we’re probably in the back thrown back . So people would just stop by. It was never really serious or anything, but we would just all hang out and have fun. And then unfortunately in November of 2018, a massive fire came through paradise. It burned about 90% of the town and we were all displaced. Uh , our, how our home burnt all of our friend’s homes burned . Um , and we were all spread out all over, some people out of state, some people out of County, but definitely in the various cities surrounding. And so when we all started to finally get to some kind of stability, whether we had a new house or built a new house, it was like we weren’t close together anymore, but cornhole was the thing that would be what brought us back together. So we would say, let’s go throw some bags. And then people from the surrounding cities would come to where we now live in Orville . And then now we’re having weekly league night with all those people from all around.

I mean, that is for , I mean, first of all, it’s just a devastating story. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with those paradise fires, there’s a couple documentaries. I would just watch one on Netflix the other day. And to say that I was boo-hooing would be an understatement. Um, it was just such a tragic loss for that community. And like, like you said, I mean your whole community was just torn to pieces and everybody had to go different ways. And , um, of course you lose all the material possessions and everything that was involved in the actual physical fire. Um, but even more than that , that I can’t imagine the emotional devastation of getting separated from all your closest friends and family members, because everybody has to go out and find, you know, a new place to dwell. And , um, I love that story because Cornell is such a communal sport and it’s something that brings people together and makes them feel bonded and they support each other and within their gameplay and on and off the court. And so I think it’s so cool that when you lost, you know, the , the connection because you weren’t neighbors anymore, that cornhole, it just seems very fitting that cornhole could come and come in and help you guys all, all reunite. I just think it’s, it’s such a cool thing. And , um, I’m glad that now you’re safe and everybody got out, you know, cause not everybody did. And it was a sad story, but this one kind of has a happy ending. It’s one has a happy ending. I would agree with that. Yeah. And , and it led you to me, Michelle. Absolutely. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life because , um, my, my situation is my husband playing Cornell . We all did, you know, our whole family did in the backyard years ago. Never took it too seriously. As my husband started getting better and better. He is a competitive guy. He was a three times state wrestler champion, Virginia. So he’s got that competitive spirit. And of course he wanted to get out there and see sure I can beat my wife and my daughters, but can I beat , can I beat the players in this, in this sport? Um, so he started to go into a more competitive version of, of it and started going to those leagues. And those blind draws asked me to go a couple of times. And I was like, heck no, that , that is scary. And I , I do not trust my consistency or my ability to get that bag, even near the hole. I’m not going there. And I think probably a lot of girls can relate to that, that first decision to go that first time it’s super intimidating. I was terrified. Right. I mean, it’s just like you, you, you already know in the back of your head, you have a feeling that it’s probably going to be fewer women than men. Sure . You know? And so that , that right there kind of makes you feel a little out of place. Then you add to that, that you have no idea where you fall within the level of who’s gonna be there and you don’t want to embarrass yourself. I didn’t want to let others down. If I was paired with them in a blind draw, I was just like, no, let me keep stay at home, working on my game. So I kept doing that and he kept progressing in the competitive world. Um, until finally he made me learn how to throw this flat bag and we’ll get into all these terms later, for those of you who might just be starting out because the terminology and the lingo within this sport is just as overwhelming when you’re beginning trying to figure it all out. And nobody really explains it to you. Um, but that’s what we’re here for. That’s hence bag and broads . But anyway , um, so I went and finally, I, I agreed to go. Um, it was like you said, terrifying. I mean, I was, I think I was like literally shaking. Luckily I had him to kind of wait , literally hold my hand as I transitioned into this, this higher level type of , um , play. But , um, I was getting picked for wind draws and I could tell instantly the men out there who were seeing that I was their partner pairing. They were less than happy even though they hadn’t even seen me throw yet. Um , which only got into my head more. And it was a terrible showing I did not do well. So , um, instead of, you know, giving up, because now I like a challenge. I said, you know what, I’m going to , I’m going to get to be the best person there. And every dude out there is gonna want me to be their partner. Next time it was, it was a lofty goal and it didn’t quite, didn’t quite reach it within the week,

It was determined to start trying. And so , um , I’m the kind of person who, if I feel uncomfortable in any sort of experience or task or situation, I’m a consumer of knowledge. I try to absorb as much information that’s available out there to try to teach myself and learn the lingo, you know, to learn the etiquette, to learn , um, strategies, you know, you can YouTube almost anything right now and become an expert in it these days. So I figured let’s do that. I start looking specifically for some kind of relatable content females who are very beginner to intermediate, just starting out who want information. Well, when I tell you there’s nothing out there, or there was nothing out there we’re going to change that, but there was nothing out there I was shocked. And I mean, I don’t know what you do if luckily I had my husband to hold my hand as we go into this, this a new adventure. But if I were, you know, a single lady who wanted to play the game, I CA I think I would turn around and leave. I wouldn’t even make it through the front door. And so I thought to myself, there’s gotta be some way that we can get women everywhere together. And , um, you know, kind of a forum of both support where there’s no stupid questions, because some of the questions I would have I’d want to go to the different Facebook forums and Dick did cornhole and whatnot. Um, and I was just so scared because I thought , you know what, I’m going to post this question. And it’s a lower level question. I’m just going to get ripped to shreds probably, or everybody’s just going to shake their head and laugh at me behind their computer screens , um , when they read it. And so I didn’t want to do it that way. Why isn’t there a forum where I can go and ask stupid questions like this and not feel stupid because any question is it is going to be okay and people are there to help and support. Not that that forum is not, it could have been a self, you know , perceived insecurity. Um, it’s a great resource guys on Facebook. I’m not, I’m not knocking that at all. I just wanted a safer place that maybe had fewer men and more women or more beginners. Um, and so hence was born back in broads. I realized very quickly after we got in a massive amount of immediate traction, probably because there’s nothing else out there like it at the time , you know, at that time , um, that I couldn’t do it alone. And thank goodness for Michelle and who has become my founding partner , um, cause everything that I’m terrible at, guess what guys Shell’s freaking genius. And also , um, we got these, this group of consultant, founding team members all over the country. So wherever you are listening to this, I promise you there’s someone close by who is the face of and broads and who wants to be your go-to source to help with merchandise or , um , answers, or just get you guys involved because this is going to be a sisterhood. Once you’re with us, you’re stuck. You can’t, you can’t get out. So , um, get ready and buckle up. We got a lot of fun to be had, and I’m just so excited. I could not be more energetic and eager to get this thing up and going. Yeah. You know, I , I was going to say, it kinda reminds me of when I first started working out at a gym where it obviously isn’t a lot of

Masculine buff men, and then you’re like afraid to even go near the weights or the equipment. You just stay on your treadmill. Cause you’re like, I don’t know. I don’t know what, I don’t want to like an idiot over there in front of all these body builders. Right.

A hundred percent. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, I think it’s just that first intimidation factor cornhole is a really cool sport in that once you’re immersed in it, it is so familial and tight knit. And I mean, these people are your people right . Or die. But when you’re on the outside before you’ve infiltrated kind of like that back zone of getting in with a league or getting in, you know, with the cornhole community in your area, it’s like, it feels a little clique-ish even if it’s not, that’s how it’s perceived.

Really. I don’t know if it’s just because I live in a small town and maybe just because we’ve been through a pretty devastating situation here with the fires recently, but we did not have that experience. Literally every single person we met from corn hole , people we didn’t know was incredibly welcoming. Like we were the outsiders, they were all this very tight group and we felt immediately part of the family within minutes. And we did our first event here in Orville last week. And we set out to do the exact same thing. We had people who have never played before show up for a paid tournament, which I thought was really cool, because as you just said, you and I would have never done that. We were like trying to be amazing at it before we ever showed our faces there. And here were these brand new people and they were totally just intimidated. A couple of the women came to me and said, man, this is, I am out of place. And I said, you are not out of place. We are all here to support you. And they had so much fun and they’re all coming back next week or actually it’s today. And I think that’s amazing. That means we accomplished that goal

A hundred percent. And you know, I was talking to my husband about it last night when we were playing outside. Um, the interesting thing to me is that cornhole is freakishly addicting. Anybody who has played, they want to play more and they want to play. There is no moderation , um, at all. And at sometimes it can be a source of contention within my relationship because you know, I’m a mom, I can’t play, I might want , there’s lots of things I want to do in life that I just bam straight can’t, you know, because you know, you have adulting to do, and that gets in the way. But , um, you know, my , whereas my husband is very addicted to the sport. He wants to, if he is not working, he wants to be throwing bags. And I appreciate that drive and that passion, but like sometimes it’s just not that realistic. And it’s, you know, annoying when, you know , the girls are trying to do their homework or I’m , and I’m trying to get dinner on the table and we’re , where’s Bobby, well, he’s doing air mail practice in the backyard, you know? So I think that that’s going to be a very cool thing that we should all touch on and we will continue to touch on each of our episodes. Just the role that cornhole plays in your relationship, because it’s, it’s a positive and negative it us together, for sure. Um , in terms of having a hobby that we both enjoy and we will go to league together, like tonight, we have a babysitter coming over, by the way, we will also get into finances. And if you are a female out there who plays and has children that bless it because babysitters and bags might just bankrupt us.

Definitely those two things are the most expensive

Craziness . But anyway, we do have, it does provide a common interest and it does like, you know, a connection and something to talk about and, and get excited about together. But it can also be like, you know, w we talked to , um , Rebecca later in the episode in the interview, I can get corn hold out as a female sometimes. Like, I love corn hall , but you know, there’s a, there’s a time and a place. And , um, my husband doesn’t seem to ever get corn hold out. So I feel like, I don’t know

I feel like I don’t get corn hold out, but at the same time, we’re both pretty balanced with it. Like when we have free time, it’s what we’re doing. But I think that my husband does recognize that just because he’s home and not working doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free time. Right . So it’s like we do have to do dinner and other things. Um , and , and he does , does need to help out with that as much as possible. And I don’t necessarily need to ask,

But , um, well, during this pandemic, it’s been funny because my husband has really ease , you know , back in the office now. But when he had to work from home for awhile and he set up this whole, you know, office in the garage because our kids were home and you can’t get anything done when they’re running around. Um, but he, instead of a lunch break, I mean, he loved working from home solely because instead of a lunch break, he’d go throw bags.

That’s what I do too . Working from home. I’m like, I’m just going to pop out there for like 20 minutes or so, get some sunshine, throw some bags, go ,

Let me ask you about that real quick. Since we’re on that topic, because practice and future episodes will be more focused subject matter wise. But right now we’re just kind of trying to be conversational and talk about some major components about how we play corn hole and the role it plays in our life. But when we’re talking about practice, because that’s a big question I always have, there are some people who do the deck around for those of you who don’t know the deck around is something that you can find , um , online. It is a tool that , um , you just do 10 rounds, hence the name DECA . Um , you do 10 rounds with four bags. You add your score each round. And then that is, you know, a measure of, of how you did. And then you can compare yourself and try to beat your score. And people will use that. Um, but the issue I have with that is that it’s not realistic to gameplay because you’re only bags that might be blocking yours are your own, you know, so it’s not, it doesn’t really translate that well to meet for me when I go to actually play somebody else , um, then they have this, the ghost practice, right? So the concept there is you’re on one side of the board against a ghost. You decide how many points the ghost is going to score that game at the start. So they say a good place to start, I believe is like four or five, if you’re a beginner. And then , um, depending on, if you beat them , then you’d give the ghost more points for the next game. And you’re basically only throwing your bags, but at the end of each round, you’re , you have to take away however many the ghost has scored, which is consistently whatever number you decided it would be at the start of the game.

And that provides the same problem that you just said, which a hundred percent still throwing against your same bags. There’s no blocks. There’s no, anything like that.

So, and then I talked to Sheila Roy, who is one of our, our 10 awesome girls at bag and broads right now, she is , um , a pro player and she just actually got featured broadcast on a broadcast for throwing an SIC , Epic four bagger in a , in a big round. Um , it was beautiful play, but , um, so shout out, Sheila, good job. We support you. Um, teach us, teach us your, your skills. Um , um , anyway, she was saying, when I was asking her the same question the other night, she said, if she’s throwing by herself, it’s very rare, but she will go arrange for bags , um , strategically on the board before she starts to throw that round. That’s a lot of work.

So yeah . So here’s what I do. And then my husband came up with this kind of as two for two reasons. One, because I was, I get frustrated playing him. It’s not fun because he’s too good. And so I’m like, this is stupid. And even with the handicap and like, Oh, handicap, whatever. So he came up with this idea and it was a good way to test the bag. So he stands on one board. I sat on one board, we each have eight bags, but for , you know , four different, two sets of bags or whatever. So let’s just say I’m throwing game changers against Vipers. So I have four game-changers for Vipers. And I alternate them just like, as if I’m two people, two different people, and then I’m scoring them individually. So it’s like Viper got two points this round, or game-changers got two points this round that I see, but I’m bold , but my see who , what bag one? And so what’s really cool is I start testing bags. Like man, every time I beat every bag with Vipers, Vipers wins every time, no matter what I think

Throw it again . Uh , Michelle, how have I known you for a month? And you’ve never told me about this because this is absolutely brilliant. And why are people all over the place not talking about this practice? Um, strategy ,

Because I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know if Nick came up with it, my husband, or if he saw it somewhere, but it was a great way. Like I said, for us to start testing bags, to see what bag we like best. And because I’m not a big, I wasn’t a big fan of the way the BG , um , was a Vikings felt in my hand, I think it was the Vikings. And then when I throw them, they beat every bag I played for a while until I got Vipers, hashtag ultra girl all the way. Um , but so I was saying you have a favorite, Oh, I have a favorite Vipers . I’m widows. Widows are great too. Um, but Vipers are my jam. I couldn’t throw a flat bag until I picked up a Viper. And then all of a sudden my bag was flat and Nick was like, how was your bag? So flat? I don’t know. It’s the Vipers

The Pipers do all the work. Well, heck I bet you, Viper sales might, might increase a little bit you’re they don’t need to fight an endorsement deal anyway. So I know we’re , we’re short on time because we have this awesome interview coming up at the end, but I do before we go, because this is a cornhole driven podcasts , but it’s more so a female-driven podcast. And yes, we are females who play cornhole , but we are females to do many other things in our life at the same time, or, you know, we’re we’re multitaskers. So I think it’s important real quick before we wrap up , um, our first intro episode, I think that I want our listeners to get to know us as people outside of porn hall a little bit. Um, so I guess I’m just going to give you guys a brief bio of me in terms of things not so Cornell related. I am 38 years old. I live in Annapolis, Maryland. I am married to my college sweetheart. His name is Bobby and we have three daughters, Henley, Addie , and Elsie . They are 13, 11 and nine. Um, so you can, it’s a lot of estrogen over here in my house. You can see why I try to escape the inside and go outside. There are some bags, but , um, I was a teacher for many years and um, I hosted a radio show up in Philadelphia called food talk Philly for a couple of years. Um, we moved to Annapolis about five years ago and I’ve kind of just been doing the stay at home mom thing. I was searching for purpose and playing lots of cornhole . And I could not be more grateful that this opportunity and blessing and sisterhood in the making kind of fell into my lap because I think it’s going to be such a cool thing. And I had somebody message our bag and broads this morning say happened to say, I live in Annapolis. Does anybody by chance know any places to play here? I was like, hello girl. I live in Annapolis. Here is where I go on Wednesdays. They have a switch Oleo , $10. Um, she goes, okay, but where do I go? Like , what do I do when I get there? I said, you’re going to text me. I’m gonna meet you out front and I’m gonna hold your hand and show you where to go, you know, and get you started. And that is what this is all about. That’s the whole purpose of this you guys. Um , so I’m so excited for all of it, but Michelle, I want you to talk a little bit about your background and your home life.

Love that by the way. And I think that that’s why it’s so smart that you looked for women all over the country so that that can keep happening more and more. And what a great way to make women feel more comfortable at these very intimidating types of events. Um , but for me, I am, I’ll be 36 next month. I’m married to my husband, Nick, we’ve been married for six. We have a son Rome who turned six on Sunday and we have three pit bulls. We are very much pit bull obsessed over here. Um , I can even, I wanted to mute myself because my pit bull is snoring so loudly in the background. So sorry, if you can hear that. Um, I had been an online business owner since 2009. I help women with binge eating and getting out of dieting and , um, a lot of yoga centered education. I run a yoga studio. I help yoga teachers with their online businesses. And my big passion is to really eradicate the very toxic dieting world that leads to , uh , food , food, addictions, and eating disorders and all those various things. I’ve had a podcast called binge on this for a couple of years now that I love to just throw content on when I feel like it it’s nothing really. Um , like it’s not like, Oh, every week I deliver an episode. It’s just, when I feel like talking about something, I put it out and then I have three published books along those topics as well. I just love to talk rock star . She’s a freaking rock star. I mean, honestly, so much of what I’ve learned in life is that things, opportunities just land in your lap when you’re really open to receive. And I’ve tried to spend my life being really open, just, I don’t know where it’s taking me. I’m just like on my little raft in the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the sunshine and I’ll let it take me wherever it wants to go. And I’m not going to try too hard to make it go one direction to the other. And I think that that’s a really nice way of having things land in your lap like this, that, you know, a year ago, I w I didn’t put on my vision board, I want to be a co-founder of a cornhole company, or a , of course

I’ve been dreaming about this. If you were little

Like, I mean, that’s, I think can get really confusing because we’re really told to like set specific goals. And I feel like when I’ve done that I’ve been so disappointed. And when I’m more open with, Hey, wherever life wants to take me at this point, I’ve had so many major traumatic events that I never could have imagined. And if you’re a parent, you know, that life is so unpredictable, you control so little. It’s like I might as well just sit back and enjoy wherever this ride’s is going to take me, because I can’t do much to do anything about it anyways. So let’s just go for it, dude. I think that is such a Epic outlook on life. I think it’s very healthy and because it led

You to me and an openness to come on

Board , um, I really, really support the outlook

Because like I said, I would be lost without you here . My, my friendly cohost co-founder

Um, so I,

We want to hear from all of you guys, we do have a

Facebook forum. It is bagging broads. We have both a group

And a page. The page is more for occasional

Updates. The group is where you’re going to really get that , um , cohesive synergy of, you know, question

And answer and comments and support

When all of us all as ag and broads are in there. So as you start to learn more about us on all the women of bag and broads, then you talk to them directly, as you are hearing them on the episode

Yes . And to each other, you know? And , um, and we also will starting , um, on Friday we begin our bag and broad of the week , um, uh , campaign. And that is where we are going to pick one person, not from are , are the girls directly , um , linked with the bag and broad company team, but just from our bag and broads out there in our Facebook forums and Instagram , um, somebody who has everybody has a story to tell, but we want to hear from you guys, we want to learn about , um , whatever level you are. If you have just started playing and you were scared to death to start, and you went to your first tournament and you didn’t win a game out of six, that’s still, we’re still so proud because you went and you tried it it’s happened to all of us, and we want to feature you. And then we want to , um, kind of follow you on your journey as you try to improve and get better in the game. Um, and so each week we will select one broad to be featured as the bag and brought up the week. We’ll need a picture from you and a couple of little bullet points. Um, and then you get some free schwag as your gift for being the bag and brought of the week. And then we also have a blog. If you go to our website, which is girls throw two.com . Talk about our blog, Michelle. Yeah. Our blog

Is really geared towards this more beginner player or to really understand the needs of a female player. And so, yeah, we’ll still talk about awesome cornhole stuff. And we’ll talk about stuff that’s even beyond a beginner level, but most importantly, it’ll be from a female perspective, a female voice, which is different. Like, Hey, we love our men. Don’t get

Me wrong. Like there’s no one

I love more than my husband in the world. It’s just that there’s a lot, it’s really important to have the female energy present

As well. I agree. And I think it’s just the kind of bags that my husband likes and prefers. He throws different. I mean, it’s just anatomy know true musicality. And so I think getting a bad review from a man, I take it a little bit less into consideration than if I’m talking to a girl who’s a little bit ahead of me in level, or, you know, like a Sheila Roy, you know, from our team, somebody who’s up at that top, top topper echelon of , of a cornhole play . I think that when I , um, hear what bags they liked or where they started and then how they transitioned, you know, to a different bag and why, to me, it’s much more helpful information and usable. And that’s the whole point of all of it, I guess. Um, so , uh , yeah, we’ll do some bad reviews for sure, because I think that is helpful for women. I think what you just talked about reviewing them yourself in that practice strategy game is, is brilliant. I’m going to definitely start doing that. Um, and then we will have bags guys. We will have bag and broads bags. We have patches coming. We have female apparel because I don’t know if you’ve been looking for any cornhole, female apparel. It’s a horrible Belton out there,

You know, because it’s all designed

By men. That’s why luckily, and like as great as men are, they don’t really know how to design clothes that women want . I think so. Um, that’s what we will, we will seek to , um, be the solution for. And then , um, so we got the blog, we got the podcast, we have bag and brought it the week. What else we got going on? Well, I mean, hopefully we’ll start seeing people like we’ll have events, we’ll be able to connect.

Women will have directories so you can find each other. And as Whitney said earlier, we had our, both of us had our husbands to sort of gently nudge us into the more competitive world. And I would not have gone if Nick didn’t say you’re ready. Like I did not believe I was ready, but because he told me I was ready, I just trusted him and went and I was, and we want to be that for you. We want to help you get to the place where you feel ready. We want to tell you you’re ready and really motivate you to go do it because it’s so freaking fun. Like it, I loved corn hall . And like now it’s like, I love corn hole in a way that I it’s addicting. As, as Whitney said, it’s a whole nother level. I mean, I have a business around it now, like it’s right .

Was crazy. So in that case

From going to my very first tournament, when I got the bug,

As they call it a hundred percent and , um, you know, we got lots of things on , in the works and down the road. Um , as we get this up and going, how cool will it be if you guys get on our Facebook forum and we established conversations and you go to visit, you know, somewhere, a couple States away first , you know, a summer vacation. And one of the broads in the group that you know, is active lives around there and you guys get together and throw bags at our house. You know , I mean, that’s what I’m seeing. I’m like anybody coming to Annapolis, anytime this summer, I’m trying to get a lady to come throw bags. And my community here in Annapolis , uh, contains very few lady throwers. So , um, you know, and then we hang out, we have a drink, we sit around the fire pit and we get to know each other in person. I just see it going into such a cool sisterhood. Um, we want to eventually get like a dropdown menu on our website for local ladies events , um, just from backyard play or, or a backyard coaching session all the way up to, you know, lady driven, charity events and whatnot. And then , um, you know, really looking out, I think it’s going to be cool if we start doing some bagging bra lady player retreats with stay tuned for that. You want a girls weekend away from the family and kids go hang out with other girls, maybe have some wine in a very cool venue and just play cornhole with some coaches that are walking around, trying to help you improve your game. I mean, he wouldn’t want to do that. Right. So I don’t know. I’m so excited. Yeah. So I , um, I could not be more excited. I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode. It’s, you know , well , we need those ratings. Um, we hope that they’re all good, obviously, because that’s, what’s going to be able to keep us going in our venture. Um, but if, if you do have some constructive criticism, maybe , maybe don’t put it on the rating. Maybe you just reach out to us and messenger you net out there. You do, you girl do what you gotta do. Um, but we are welcoming to any feedback that you have. It’s just that the reviews really help out in the podcast land. It helps us get to new ears. So the more that you subscribe and review and share the better chances of new people finding out about us and the podcast. Yeah. And then we can sustain and keep going and keep, keep bringing you the bag and breads . And then guys, if you have any ideas for future podcast episodes for blog content, if you have any questions or things you want to hear us talk about or address on the podcast, please go to the Facebook , uh , back and broads forum and just, just go right in and post it. I mean, there’s no , you can post whatever you want. I mean, within reason let’s not get crazy guys. I mean, it related to our show or Cornell and , um, we will a hundred percent attend to it. We understand that we are starting out and there’s no way to start out and be perfect and an ideal, but right away. But , um , the same way where you’re going to grow in the game as individuals, we hope to grow and improve within the podcast and within the company. And we’re here for you and you’re here for us and that’s what makes bag and broad . So I guess without further ado, what should we gotta, we gotta show, we gotta get the , send them to Rebecca, right? Yeah. It’s good. You guys are gonna love this. It’s like she spills the tea . It’s hilarious. I know we were laughing in there. Steven Bernadette and , and Rebecca are just, I got to say a hashtag couples goals and you will hear the love and the support that they offer each other. And a lot of other fun stuff. So stay tuned. It’s going to , we’re going to splice it in and you guys enjoy that. And please, please rate us and subscribe and li like us on Facebook and go visit us at girls , throw two.com and come back more than anything. We want you to come back next week for a lesson and share this with your friends. Anybody who’s maybe thinking about getting into Cornell , it might be

All right , Michelle. That was fun. Yeah . I loved it. We’ll see you guys all next week and enjoy Rebecca. Bye Al. Okay guys.

Welcome back. And we cannot wait to introduce our very first podcast guest back in BR Broad’s show. Um, it is , um, the girlfriend and loved one of a very well-known player, especially recently. Her name is Rebecca Gutierrez and she is the love of Stephen burner . life, Stephen . And I’m sure you all know is the recent Kansas national singles champion best known for throwing 27 bags in a row. Um, on March 20th at his competition, he’s been , um, interviewed and questioned and answered them all, all along , um , multitude of platforms. Recently, everybody wants to talk to him at back and broads . We do things a little bit differently. Our interest lies in the women woman behind him, the woman who helped him get to where he is cause we know behind every great man. There’s always, usually a wonderful woman and Rebecca Gutierrez is that. So I , um , I’m so excited to have her on and can’t wait to talk to you. Yeah. Thank you so much, Rebecca. We are so excited to dive into these questions. As Whitney said, this is not the typical podcast for cornhole. We want to know about you. And we are very curious to know more about your relationship with Stephen and what it’s like to be there right on the sidelines. So let’s go ahead and dive in. So what was it like to be present during that recent nationals where he won for singles and how do you support him in such a high stress environment?

Um, stressful, very stressful. Um, uh , I usually just kind of talk to myself the same way he talks to himself. I’m like, okay, let’s go. Let’s go. And when he hits a shot, you know, I fist pump and you know, and then when he gets a batch or when he’s throws a bad shot or a good shot, like a really good shot, he’ll look at me. And I’ll just like, you know, nod my head or, you know, showing like a fist pump and like, let’s go and you know, all that kind of stuff. I, I really try to like encourage his, you know, like his good shots and stuff like that. Like try to alright . Yeah. That was a good shot, you know?

Yeah. I think I that’s so cute. I love how much she, you support him. And I love the idea of him looking up at you when he does something good. You know, knowing that the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I got chills when you said that it’s so cute. And I have to say that the reason I found you Rebecca, and came up with the idea to have you as our very first guest is because I was on the big podcast. Um, when, and I just happened to be a guest on the same episode that Steven burnish, it was on right after he had done this. And, you know, I listened to the whole podcast. I was on the zoom call and they ask the typical questions, you know, that you would want to know as a male talking to a male player. Um, he’s at the top of the rankings, but I kept thinking when it was my turn and it does , what need do you want to say anything to Steven ? I said, well, listen, Steven , I got to tell you you’re a beast at the board. So congratulations, man. That’s awesome. But as a female, I have to tell you why you’re one of my favorite players is because I follow you on Facebook and you and your girlfriend are like hashtag couples goals, like the way he posts about you. And you could just tell there’s such an underlying sense of love and support and , um , sure. That it really means a lot, you know, to have you there. Um, and it probably maybe contributed to his successes . You said that you were watching it from the sidelines . How far are you? Like , wait , his plan when he’s done

The , um , as possible , still inside the place where like everyone was playing, I sat right next to the divider. And then when he was on the ESPN courts, I sat in the first row, like right in the middle. So he knew exactly where I was at all times.

So how, w w you know, everybody deals with stress in a , in a different way, you know, some of us , um, get kind of mean, I know I get kinda mean and very , um , just irritable , um, other people, you know, get emotional. What kind of, how did he manifest that stress? And then what techniques do you kind of take to try to either talk them down or get them Zen, or, you know, some people say that like, when my husband gets stressed about , I just gotta leave him alone and walk away, you know, he just needs his time. Um, so how does that work within the relationship?

Um, so it depends if he’s stressed and he loses, I know, yeah. Don’t talk to him, don’t go near him. Like anything like that. Cause he’ll, he’ll usually, you know, like walk outside and stuff and it used to make me upset. Cause I was like, well, I want to be the one to like, calm him down. But I realized he’ll calm himself down. He’ll come back. And that’s when I come in and I’m like, you know, it’s just one game. You’re going to get it. You’re going to be fine. Like , you know , um, and then if he does well, you know, I go over and we’re just like, yes. And like we’ll fist roll fist bump and you know, hug, kiss, whatever. Um, depends who’s around. And um,


Yeah. I usually, you know, like if he’s really like, if he wins or he loses whichever one, he’ll sometimes forget to like drink water or stuff like that. So I’m always like, okay, here, you just won . You just lost whatever, drink some water,

Keep him hydrated. Right.

Got to take care of him .

I love that. I think that’s awesome. And I can imagine that if my husband was playing pro and he lost it, you would need to give him his space as well. I would need to not be in the vicinity of that. Heck when my husband’s sports team loses, I don’t a hundred percent. He’s not even out there and play . It’s like the same thing. Yeah. He’s not even the one on the field. So I can only imagine if you were , um , and even at these small tournaments, it can be intense. So I can only imagine. So I love that. So where, Oh, we already asked that question. So does he have like an entourage around him or is it just you two ?

Um, again, it depends. So if it’s a smaller game, you know, like , um, the regular courts where there’s a hundred boards, you know, there are people who come and watch him. Um, sometimes they don’t, if they’re playing, it’s usually just me, but we usually have like, we’re from the Chicago land area, we’re in Indiana, but it’s the most Northwest part. Um, and we’re still considered the Chicago land area. So we have all the Chicago players and the Indiana players, you know, everybody around us, that’s there they go on watch. So there are a couple other pros that are there , um, from the Chicago land area, they’ll come and watch. It just depends, you know, like who’s playing stuff like that. Cause we kind of , it’s really cool. Cause like we’re part of , um, shy town baggers, and we’re, it’s a big group of like the Chicago land people. And it’s really cool. Cause if we’re not playing, we’ll go and watch other people. We just kind of like divide and conquer. So it’s really nice to have that kind of like group always gonna be there. Yeah. The community is

To me the best part of cornhole, the family that I’ve gained in such a short period of time is everything. To me. It is, it really is. And you know, like I always say this and it can be a blessing and a curse cornhole is a very tight knit community and it’s such a blessing once. You’re a part of it, you know, because it’s a family and everybody supports each other and it’s like, you have, I mean, just like this extension of your , your own , um, you know, mother, daughter, sister, brother type thing, but within Cornell, the curse of that, that many people might experience is that because it’s such a tight knit community, when you’re first trying to come into the sport, it can feel very intimidating or overwhelming to try to kind of infiltrate what , what can come across a little bit as like a clicky or, you know, environment, just because that comradery goes so deep that , um, it, it can feel tough to kind of get into it, but once you’re in, it’s such a good thing. Well , we talked about kind of how, what you do if he loses or, and things like that. Great news is that at the Kansas national, he not only did he not lose, he was phenomenal and just had such control. I loved watching it. It was like a really clean, like cool match to watch very clean 27 bags in a row he made, which is unheard of. So I got to ask, he just wins the Kansas national, any become singles champ , you know, it’s like that, that lottery question you just won the lottery. What are you going to do now? How did you celebrate?

Um, so after he did all of his ESPN stuff, you know , uh, we just went outside and he just kinda like was so happy. I’m pretty sure he was running around the parking lot, you know, whatever. And we just went back to our hotel room, ate food and then watched a movie.

That’s what I was wondering like, is it a , is it crazy party night or are you just so emotionally and mentally exhausted and physically exhausted at that point? That it’s just like, that was sick. We pulled it off now let’s just go to bed. Yeah , yeah. I will celebrate later .

Yeah. That’s what I was going to say and kind of leads me to the next question, which is like, is life totally different? I was telling Whitney, like, you know, when you get like you get married and you think, wow, I’m married, but then the next day it’s like, okay. So literally everything’s exactly the same as the day before. So has life been like dramatically different or is any ,

I feel the same to you? Um, so he’s, he’s a jokester. So he always, his new thing is, Oh babe, you’re riding in the car with a champ. Oh, you’re going to dinner with a champ.

That’s exactly what my husband would do.

A hundred percent cornhole guys must all have the same sense of humor. Yeah

Um, so like when we go to places , um , like bags and stuff like that, people are like, Oh, here comes the champ. And like, you know, stuff like that. But when the tournament starts, it’s, you know , nothing huge , um , does talk to a lot more people and stuff like that. And I don’t know if you guys saw the video of him going back to man-cave um, that Monday, no, the Monday after they all shared that back. Yeah. And he, you know, he’s throwing his hands up. The guys are like holding his trophy in the air, like, yeah.

Oh, I would be in tears. I’m a sucker for a moment like that. Um , yeah . I mean, I , my , my husband would definitely use like that champ thing. He’d be like, the champ doesn’t want it separate his clothes into the lights and darks and the champ champ doesn’t want to go pick up the girls from school. All right. Champ, we’ll get over it. Um, so, so just, and this is kind of out of order, but I’m sure people are curious cause I am. Um, how long have you guys been dating and how exactly did you meet? And when

Uh, we’ve been dating for four and a half years and we actually swiped right on to

Ah , it’s a dating app, success. Fred . I love those success stories.

Yup . Yup . And I had no idea that you’d be a champ one day.

So did you, were you into cornhole at all prior to meeting him?

No. Just, you know, like playing at family parties and stuff like that, but , um, boy,

I don’t know what you were signing up for. Did you , or did you know? He actually did .

I didn’t start playing competitively until we met. So he was playing at, you know , County fairs and stuff like that. In that summer, before we met, we met in 2016. So he was playing that summer in like County fairs, small little tournaments, you know, local. And then the day we started talking, he, that weekend played in his first ACO tournament. Wow. Yeah. So it’s kind of , I’ve been there literally been there since the beginning. Exactly. Since his start with competitive cornhole . So I’m lucky enough to have seen everything at that perspective. Yeah. I love it.

Do you like to play or are you competitive yourself?

I am competitive, but I don’t really play. Um, I have in like local, our local , um, weekly boring draws and stuff like that. I’ve played a few times. Um, my problem is that I was a pitcher for softball, so I throw really hard and

It goes right off the bat. I still drive dry . You dry it? Yeah. You throw bullets. Yeah . I’m not even a sticky bag. We’ll help you there. Huh? Um , well, that’s interesting because I always think about it. It’s already frustrating enough for me to try to play with my husband. And he is, you know, the level of differentiation is probably nothing. What I can imagine. It would be like if he was, you know , playing competitively in the ACL. But , um, it , it does, it creates some frustration. He’s always trying to coach me and sometimes I just want to get out there and throw bags. I, he told me last night, he said, you know, what I realized is I don’t need you to accept it and agree with it when I give you a tip in the moment because you won’t cause that’s my stubborn nature, but I can tell you’re like a sponge and it goes in one ear, you know, and it stays there and then I’ll watch you improve on that technique slowly. You’ll never give me credit for that improvement, which I probably won’t. But um, he goes, it’s okay. It’s satisfying enough to see that it’s it’s working overtime . So I can imagine if he was trying to coach you how I , I can’t even, I can’t even understand what that would look like. But , um , so when you guys are playing cornhole, you’re clearly doing something else because you’re your own person, like what are you into? What is, what is your daily life look like? Other than cornhole we want to learn about.

Um, so I’m actually going to school for elementary education. I’m still in college. Um, and I want to teach fourth, fifth, sixth grade, something like that.

Girlfriend, I taught fourth grade and fifth grade and sixth grade for six years. And I went to school for the same degree. Isn’t that funny? We’re all teacher

Yeah, I’m doing that. And then , um, I also do babysitting. I babysit a lot of kids just kind of here and there. I have one family that I do weekly and that’s actually another bagging family. Um, and they just live right around the corner, which is nice. So

And you go to babysit for them, is it because they’re going to throw bags?

No, they work through the day and I just babysit during the day. Um , the wife doesn’t really play bags, just the husband. Um , so she’s there while he goes to bags.

How many days a week? Because this is something that I think comes up. Cornhole is a very relationship affect thing sport because the people who do it, it’s not within moderation, you know, and it’s not a season necessarily. It’s a very short season. It’s like they’re , they’re playing all year. So something that can come up is it can be great for a relationship if you both enjoy it and like doing it because it’s a common hobby or, or , um, you know, activity to do together. But if one person within the partnership is more involved in the sport or more addicted to the sport, so to speak, then the other, it can kind of create a source of contention at sometimes because, you know , uh, well , God , you’re going to play again, more bags like it . Can we ever do anything other than throw bags? So, so how does that play in? Do you ever get frustrated or you corn hold out?

Um, I do get corn hold out sometimes and I’ll tell him, you know, we have decent communication. We do have like some issues, but for the most part, you know, I can tell him, Hey, it stopped . Like I’m not going to this tournament. I don’t, I’m just, I don’t want to be there, you know, whatever. Um, and he’ll, it’s a tournament. Like he goes to with friends or like , they’ll be there for you. I don’t need to go. Um, you know, there have been some times, or it’s like, I, I do feel like , uh, corn for corn hole is more important, but then I’ll tell him, Hey, like you need to step back. We need to have a date night. We just need to have like a week to ourselves, you know, whatever. And he is pretty good about that. Probably like, you know what? Yeah, it has been a while since we’ve spent a lot of time together just without cornhole. So , um, yeah, we’ll go on dates and, you know , stuff like that. But for the most part, for the most part, I’m pretty easy going. So I don’t mind going to tournaments. I don’t mind, you know, I’m sitting there all day.

He hit the jackpot with you. I gotta say, because you know, there’s some, some girls would just be like, wow, my whole weekend is revolved around Cornell and my whole weekend is revolved around sitting ready for you to play. But , um, you know, if you like this sport and you love your man, I can see how it wouldn’t be unenjoyable bull , but it does like a laid girl. Yeah.

I’m curious though, what are those date nights ? So I’m assuming it’s not corn hole centered because you’re trying to take a break from that. So what are those date nights like? Um, so we usually just go out to eat or, you know, order and or whatever. Um, and then we both still live at home. We’re still trying to like , um , save money to move out, you know, we want to do it. Right. Whatever. So we’ll usually, you know, like rent or get a hotel room, have dinner, you know, watch movies all night, whatever stuff like that.

That Steven said on, on the podcast that I was on , um , the big. He mentioned that he, they asked him what he’s listening to when he’s playing. And he said a lot of times it’s EDM. And in the pre-show interview, you mentioned you listened to EDM too . Is that like your genre of choice and, and also like when you’re watching movies, w what kind of, what’s your favorite movie or what’s one of y’all’s shows that you’re really into,

So we , um, we love the movie Hamilton or the , the show Hamilton. Um, he actually likes Disney movies. I love Disney movies.

Hi , this is some tea , Steven Burke , national seagulls Disney movie area, those kinds of Disney movies. He likes actually he really likes cars. This is Ariel Disney movies. Cars is definitely the more masculine for sure.

Um, a lot like toy story. He loves all the toy stories, you know, like stuff like that. Um, and then the become , which is like the, the movies that were made for Disney channel. He likes a lot of those. And of course they’re all like sports movies and stuff like that, but they’re still Disney. Right


Great , uh , great , um, plot where somebody’s breaching for goal or trying to achieve a goal and get big when I can see why someone like Mike might be attracted to movies of that nature. Well, that is just the cutest thing I’ve heard. And it makes him even more endearing. I said, you won the lotto jackpot, or he won the lotto jackpot with you. I think maybe it goes both ways. You guys are just, like I said, hashtag couples goals. Um, there is one question that we have to ask all of our guests, because we’re all interested in just thinking outside the box and getting to know you more on a different level. So I’m going to wrap it up , um , with that one. And I have to ask you so Rebecca, if money didn’t matter, imagine a world where money was not important. It wasn’t, it didn’t come into play. What would your life look like? Is there anything you would change about what you currently have going on or , um, and if so, how?

Um, the only thing I would change is that we would be living together. That’s pretty much it and that , um, we would start having kids, you know, I read, I really want to be a mom, everyone who knows me knows that. Um, but we’re not at that point yet. Um , just because we do want to get financially stable, you know, get married, get a house, all that kind of stuff before we do have kids. So that’s kind of like the only thing that would change.

Thank you. Could not be any more cute, cute as a couple. I mean, I’m just like in awe and I think that obviously the kids will happen. You guys, aren’t going to go anywhere. You seem to have a really, really great strong thing going on. And I’m just, again, I’m gonna say it again. Hashtag couples goals. Um, you’ve been awesome. It’s been so fun getting to know you and getting to know a little bit more about Stephen , you know, through your eyes. Um, so we, you are now officially a bag in broad. You were part of the sisterhood, whether you like it or not, you can’t go anywhere. Now. You’re stuck with us. We really, really, really appreciate you coming on and give, Hey, give Steven a fist bump for, from , uh , Michelle and I next time you see him. Absolutely. Thank you so much. Rebecca has been a true pleasure

And it’s been my pleasure too . All right . Go out and get some, help him get some more wins for sure. All right . Thank you so much. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We love to hear from you. If you could please write a review on your favorite listening app, we would be forever grateful and we will choose one each week to read on air. If your review is chosen, we will send out some sweet bag and broads merged too . So don’t forget to review, subscribe, and stay updated with all things bagging abroad at girls’ throw two.com . Thanks. Y’all.

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