Ep. 3: Moms and Mental Blocks (With a Little Vegas and Seto Stuff on the Side)

Welcome to girls throw to a female-driven cornhole podcast. This is a judgment free podcast that’s made for women by women where there’s no such thing as a stupid question. And there’s lots of fun to be had. Hey, Hey,Speaker 2: 0:22

To all of our awesome lady players listening today and the men that love us mean , yeah, we cannot forget them. That’s right. Well , this is a female focus podcast. We love our cornhole guys a lot too, and there’s plenty of stuff on the show that we think men can enjoy as well.Speaker 3: 0:39

Absolutely. In fact, some of our favorite Apple reviews from this past week were written by male listeners. So let’s just stop for a second . Say thank you so much to anyone and everyone who took the time last week to listen to our podcasts and then rate and review it on Apple. You guys are rightSpeaker 2: 0:54

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Absolutely . But enough with the shameless begging, because I mean, we have to do it, but let’s move on. Cause we got to actually get to the show. We’ve got a full lineup of fun things on our agenda.Speaker 2: 1:28

Oh shoot. You’re right. I have to remember to stay focused and let’s be honest, Michelle, you know, that’s not my strong suit. So if I start to digress, you have my full permission firmly. Redirect me back on course. Okay.Speaker 3: 1:41

I will. Don’t worry. So just a quick preview of what we’ve got coming up on this week’s episode. We’re going to kick off by reviewing our week on an , off the court. And then in honor of mother’s day Whitney’s mom and my mom are going to pop into the show so we can quickly get a rundown of what the female’s generation above us thinks about it .Speaker 2: 1:59

Corn hole . Yeah. Like I wonder if I even know what it is, I guess we’ll find out and don’t forget Michelle. We have our second segment , um , in the new consultant spotlight series, in which one of our beloved girls throw two teammates, ACL pro Sheila, Roy is going to stop by so we can learn more about her and her skills. Yes .Speaker 3: 2:19

And then stay tuned to the end because as always, we have our feature interview and today we talked to an awesome lady and cornhole supporter, Mary Soto, wife of the well-known and loved CDOT Soto. CDOT is a pillar within the cornhole community. And Mary is the wonderful woman supporting him behind the scenes.Speaker 2: 2:36

Yeah. Mary is just like her husband. They’re just really all around a great couple. And she gives us some from some fun stories about CDOT and what he is like off the court, which we don’t really get too much of a glimpse into when we follow him in the pro circuit. And then finally just like always we’ll read some of our favorite tips and strategies. We’ll get to the iTunes review of week and we’ll give our shout out to our lady pow pal player of the week. So let’s get started. So Maisha , we are on a zoom call. And so I can see you, even though our listeners cannot . And I can’t not notice that, I guess she did take the plunge and you purposely did the gray hair thing. I’m kind of loving that . What are you thinking?Speaker 3: 3:21

We do too. I mean, it’s interesting because it’s basically looks like blonde highlights. They just happened to be gray. Um, so what’s great is that as my hair grows in, it’s going to be so natural to just sort of mimic what’s happening. And I’ve had, I had a couple people reach out and be like, this is such a good idea because I don’t want to just be gray, but this is how I can have a low maintenance hairstyle. That also is a little bit fun. Like it’s, I think it just is a more youthful version of what’s happening naturally because I have my thirties.Speaker 2: 3:51

Yeah. And I mean, I think I was kind of like envisioning. I was like, Ooh, this is going to be drastic. Like I was envisioning like you leaving like all with Brown hair last week. And then when came back on this week, you were going to be like Meryl Streep or like, or like, you know, one like Hollywood actor you’re like Sally field or something. And it is not that drastic. It’s subtle, but it’s really does that dimension. And you’re right. It looks like just like blonde , but I guess as you keep adding those and as new those few new gray hairs that you do sprout every once in a while start to grow in, it’ll just all come together and , um, slowly but slowly you’ll get grayer and grayer and that’s a good look. I really like it. Yeah. That’s really, really cool .Speaker 3: 4:32

It’s just sort of following the lead of my body, which I found, you know, that’s how I lost my weight was by following the lead of my body. So I’m just trying to like, let it tell me what it needs to do and then not fighting it too much. And this is part of the aging process and I’m going to embrace it, but also have some fun with it. And as it gets more white, then I’ll just add more and more of the gray in as the highlights and maybe some blond in there as it gets lighter. And we’ll just keep following it . And I’ll post a picture for you guys so you can see it.Speaker 2: 4:58

Yeah, for sure. It’s real pretty. Um, you know, that’s interesting you say like following the lead of your body, cause it knows what it’s, what it wants to do and not fighting it because you know, I have a 13 year old and she likes to like on Saturdays and Sundays, if I don’t go in there and wake her up, she could sleep till like noon. And to me, you know, we just didn’t grow up in my family, sleeping in . It was just kind of like a non-option. And so it’s in my instinct to kind of be like, what are you doing? Get up, you know? But it’s probably some part of her body from, you know , the exhaustion of a work or of a school week. And then, you know, she’s got cheer practice multiple times a week. Uh, she’s probably just needs to catch up, you know, and you probably need to reevaluate that. Yeah. I mean, you wSpeaker 3: 5:40

I think with, especially with kids, we can really trust their bodies. And I know this is a sort of a loaded conversation because I’ve had a lot of parents come to me with issues with their teens and their weight and their bodies and saying like, I can’t just trust my kid to just tell me what they want to eat. All, they need to sugar. And there , there is fine line, but especially at like the toddler age , um, you can really trust their bodies will tell them when to stop and what, what it needs and those kinds of things. And there’s a lot of leading that happens. That’s really, really cool to watch with our kids and start to mimic with ourselves.Speaker 2: 6:12

Yeah. Well, speaking of our kids and, and kind of letting them take the lead , um, you know, we always talk about what happens on and off the court and your hair happens off the court. But , uh, what happened with me off the court this week was that same sleeper sleeper daughter that I just mentioned , um, as well as my youngest, they do competitive cheerleading, which I know there’s a lot of like talk that you’re competitive. Cheerleading is not an actual sport. I challenge anybody who might think that to get on YouTube and watch a couple of, you know , the competitions because these girls are stacked with muscle. They work so hard. I mean, it is, if that’s not a sport, I don’t know what is the, I mean, they’re , they’re conditioning. Every practice alone , um, is, is more than, you know, any of the soccer or basketball sports that I ever played growing up. But , um, so anyway, their teams made it to U S finals. It was in ocean city, which is just about two hours away from us. So never thought I’d be a cheer mom. I always thought I was going to have all boys. Cause I’m not really super girly or into anything, Pinker, things like that. And , um, if you have a plan, they say, God laughs at it. I guess that’s what he did. He sent us three sweet little girls, but they are girls and they are girly. And they , they went with cheer. And so, you know, I want to be a supportive mom and anything, they do, they have my me there in the stands, rooting them on. So , um, we did go to the us finals and our oldest daughter’s team, they went , uh, seven and O all season and they secure the first place national wins . So that was really cool to watch. And , um, then my youngest daughter, she, her team was six and one this season. And they came in a quarter of a point shy of first, they made a second, but it was just , you know, I’m , I’m there in the audience crying, those proud, happy boo-hoo mom tears, and I’m not a crier. So it was really cool to watch, you know , these girls put so much hard work in all year round. It’s cool to see it culminate in such a positive and to the season. So shout out to Kate, Kate cheer, and shout out to my daughters , Henley and Elsie for doing such a great job. And also my daughter, my other daughter, Edie , I got to give her props because, you know, we have that cornhole logo and we wanted to kind of somehow do a, do a girl version of it with a bow or a ponytail, you know, the corn with the hole in the middle. And , um, my middle daughter is not a cheerleader, but she is more creative, the creative type. She does like graphic design kind of stuff. And she , uh, I gave it to her and I said, can you do this? I mean, it’s something we would have paid a lot of money for pro and she got it back to me in 10 minutes, exactly what I wanted. And I was like, go AddieSpeaker 3: 8:48

Cute too. And my variation of it was not even close to as cool as hers. Like she nailed it.Speaker 2: 8:53

No cornhole nerd is fun with the glassesSpeaker 4: 8:56

Too . Like my little nerdy corn hole . Yeah.Speaker 2: 8:59

So if you guys want to check out any of our merch with the cornhole , uh , on it, make sure you head over to our website girls that are two.com , um , and head out to head to the shop. Everything is up now and we will have new designs weekly up there to keep it fun and fresh. And if you have any ideas of things you want to see up there, you know, we’ve had a couple of people reached out already. I’m asking if we have anything , um, what they’re looking for and if we don’t have it, we can, we can get it. So check that out.Speaker 4: 9:28

We appreciate your feedback. And we want, like, I know when Whitney and I first started looking for clothes for women for cornhole , it was so limited. So if you’re like, man, I wish I had a shirt like this, just tell us, I’m sure we can.Speaker 2: 9:39

No , w the world is your oyster guys. We’re here to make lady players comfortable in the sport, whether that comes to how they’re throwing or how they’re looking. So that’s us. But , uh , so now speaking, we talked about off the court, but I want to hear about on the court , you get to play any corn hole this week.Speaker 4: 9:57

I did. So of course we have our weekly Wednesday tournaments that we run , um, that we did last week when I played it and I didn’t play well at all. And actually, I’m really excited for you guys to hear Sheila’s segment, because I talk about some of the reasons why I’ve been struggling in the weekly Wednesday tournaments. And I’m really excited to try tonight and see what changes cause I had some pretty good aha moments in that interview.Speaker 2: 10:19

I know she gave some great tips, doesn’t she, she really, really did. It’s like , she’s like, what’s the guy from karate kid. Like , uh , Mr. Miyagi. He’s like our wise littleSpeaker 4: 10:31

She’s super wise. And , and she talks about a lot of the mental stuff that’s going on and reminded me at this point, like, I’ve got the physical part down, I can make bags and the whole , so like, then that just means it’s mostly mental. And I thought that was a really interesting take on it. So I’m excited to try that. And then on Saturday we went to a tournament that was at the dirty five 30, which is our crew here in , um, in, well when near Sacramento. And there’s a tournament, something , one of the guys, his house, and this was very different because there’s only 24 of us. So our tournaments have like 50 plus people. So this was much smaller and it was mostly really good players. And then me , uh, so like there was definitely that pressure,Speaker 2: 11:09

Hey, Hey, you must , you must belong there. How’d you get the ticket to get in there if you’re not, but anybody could go.Speaker 4: 11:15

So happened . The people that mostly went were like at a higher level play. Okay . So I did feel a little bit of pressure. Like, man, I gotta, I gotta be pretty good at this. And I think I did pretty good up until playoffs and then I kinda lost it. And this is another thing we talked about with Sheila was the re one of the reasons why I did poorly in the first round is because we threw with the other players bags and they’re a widow bees and I’m used to throwing Vipers. And so in my head automatically, I was like, Oh, like that’s a slow bag. I’m used to throwing a fast bag. And then Nick even reminded me last night. Cause we were throwing widow bees here and he’s like, stop changing your throw. Like it’s the same throw . You don’t need to make it harder. You’re already with your Vipers going off the back a lot. So I’m just throw your normal throw and it’ll go in the hall right before the whole , or it’ll stay on the board. Cause it’s a stickier bag. And I just like, I was just having a lot of mental breakthroughs just in the last like 24 hours.Speaker 2: 12:11

Yeah. I swear. I think that that is a big sign of getting better. Um, you know, obviously like the skillset of , um, your stance and you know, your loft and um, just being able to line up with the whole properly, that’s going to come with skill practice and that comes with time and experience. But the mental part, once you get those fundamentals , skill-wise I definitely think that mental part is the next step to getting good. You can’t get good at , unless you attack that as well. And , and I , you know, I mentioned it with Sheila coming up in the interview, but I have now gotten to a point where if I miss throat and I am unsatisfied with the outcome, I have to stop and think about, okay, why did that just happen? Right. What did I do wrong? And then I try as quick as I can because I get , what is the rule ?Speaker 4: 12:57

19 seconds. I don’t know what the rule is for how muchSpeaker 2: 13:00

I know. I should probably know that I’ve never, I don’t think I’ve ever exhausted it. At least nobody’s called me out on it, but normally I’m throwing too fast. So now I’m just getting into the habit of slowing down, trying to process, okay. That one went way too far. Right? Well, if I throw in the exact stance the same way I did, it’s going to go the way to right again, you know, so I need to adjust and I need to adjust and sometimes they over-correct , but most of the time it’s definitely a more improved bro that second round when, and if I stopped to think about it. SoSpeaker 4: 13:30

If you stop and think about it, which I feel like I don’t, and we will talk about more of that with Sheila, but the other part of the mental game that I’ve really noticed. So the first tournament I ever played in, I think I talked about this in the first episode. I didn’t think I was ready. So, and my husband said, you’re ready. And I was like, Oh man, this was a big one. There was like, I think maybe 40, 50 people in the competitive. And there was an advanced bracket and I was in the competitive and I, nobody knew me at this point. I’ve never been to any of these before. And I went straight to competitive that’s balls . That is our lowest , Oh, okay. We have a soft shell, but yeah, that’s our lowest. So I walked in and I got my first game. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink. Like my stomach was all like gurgly, like so nervous. And so I walk up and I threw pretty, pretty well. And I threw really well the whole night. And what was great about it from like in the men , when I look at the mental part of it was nobody knew me. Nobody expected anything of me. And so there was no underperforming because there was no performance to compare it to. Right? Yeah ,Speaker 2: 14:30

Yeah. You , there was no bar set and it was one, it was very low. I was like , let’s be honest. If you’re happySpeaker 4: 14:36

Walking into a competition, nobody knows you, the bar is low. And so what happened over the course of the night? So I made it to playoffs. I think I finished third overall for second, third, something like that. Yeah. And so I managed to play offs in the first run a playoffs, same thing. Like people still don’t really know me. Well now people are watching. Now they’re making comments. And as soon as I got to the second round of playoffs, somebody came behind me and I said, this, I think last weekend was like, she’s so good. Watch out for her. And boom, I couldn’t throw, I couldn’t even get the bag on the board.Speaker 2: 15:09

And it was like, there’s expectation now there’s expectation.Speaker 4: 15:11

Now. Everyone’s like, Oh, she’s good. And this, so this is what happened over the weekend . So at this competition, one of the guys house who put it on , um, he used to be a pro and maybe he’s going to be a pro again, his name’s Schroeder. And he said to me, like in the last tournament, you know, you’re really good. You just need to slow down and like your throw your bag, everything looks good. And I’m like, Oh, okay. And like, that means a lot, right. Coming from someone who used to compete at a pro level. And so when we got to this tournament on Saturday, I felt the pressure like, okay, these people think are good now. Like I have to be good. Right? Like there’s no more underestimating here now. Now I feel like I’m being overestimated. And I played really, really poorly. And so there is this thing about this. Like I would rather everybody underestimate me and then me not have any expectations to be good thenSpeaker 2: 16:01

Because we have my I’m an Eagles fan guys, fly Eagles, fly. Um, it reminds me of, you know, the year we won the Superbowl ways back in Carson, Wentz got hurt , um, mid season and everybody thought like, Oh, maybe next year, everybody kind of Canada’s out. And sure enough, Nick falls came in. There was no expectation. And if there was one, it was that they were never going to even make it to the playoffs and the Eagles instead of, you know, settling down and taking, you know, doing what everybody expected them to do, they Rose to the challenge and exceeded expectation and went on to win the whole thing. Like Eagles fly again. Um , yeah , go go birds. But , um, you know, I definitely think there’s something beneficial to being an underdog or , or like not having that , that bar set too high. Um, but I also think it’s exactly,Speaker 4: 16:52

You’re crappy. You could believe that, but that’s not how my brain really works. Like my , like I’m a lot more like you can underestimate me and that’s fine. I’ll, I’ll just show you that that’s not the truth. Right. Like I don’t need to, and it won’t take much like , uh , and , and I guess the bigger part is the belief like, and I will, and I will. Right . But when you, when you have a bar for me, that’s high. I’m like, what if I don’t meet it? Right.Speaker 2: 17:16

Well , see my husband though, it must be different for different people. Or I don’t know if it’s like a difference for men and women because my husband, you know, like, well, it’s a three time state wrestling champ. And like, he always had a high crown, you know, everybody was talking about him. He was in the papers and stuff and he always kind of like Rose to that expectation. And I think it’s something like he needed that hype, you know, to , to kind of nice to it . I wouldn’t know how I get the hype out of here. That’s not watch that’s. Did you do this weekend or are you throwing, throwing at the tournament?Speaker 4: 17:53

I always throw my , I just, I have these black Vipers that I need to break the attachment to because I feel like I’m only good because of those bags and that can’t be true. And then Nick brought out the big daddy carnage bags and he didn’t say anything. He just like, he threw them before I got outside. I walked outside. I picked him up. I’m like, Oh, they feel, they feel pretty good. I threw them three in the hole right away. And he goes, that’s exactly what I did. And I’m like, I kind of am loving. I threw him again last night. Yeah .Speaker 2: 18:18

I’m loving the match. It’s like a drone bag and just flies into the hole . That’s what I needSpeaker 4: 18:23

It is. And it’s, it’s , it is a quicker bag. I think I looked up the speed rating and I think it was a five or a seven item. I don’t remember.Speaker 2: 18:31

How did they do, how did they do, like when you didn’t want it to slide into the hole ? Like when you wanted to strategically place it in a corner or something, do they stick at all? They are. I mean, it would take her of arc first . Yeah.Speaker 4: 18:44

Yeah . It’s not like throwing a widow or something. That’s like even video . We even widows aren’t that sticky. I don’t throw carpet bags. So I, it’s hard for me to compare.Speaker 2: 18:51

Yeah. I need to learn. I need to learn how to utilize both sides of a bag, right . The part that I’m just not doing. And I see that the pros, like based on the situation, we’ll flip it over, you know, to the fast side or to the slow side, depending on what I do not really do that. I pick a side , my stick with it. That is exactlySpeaker 4: 19:09

What I realized after this last tournament on Saturday, because there was a couple of times that I had bags around the whole , on my first couple shots and I didn’t flip the bag because it didn’t occur to me to flip the bagSpeaker 2: 19:19

Over. I have a slicker side . AndSpeaker 4: 19:22

Then Nick said , uh , yesterday, he’s like your second two bags always be thinking about going slick because hopefully there’s some bags on the board that you can ricochet off or on the sides of the holes in the back of the hole . Like you need to be thinking your last two bags are probably going to be slick. And I’m like, okay, I’m going toSpeaker 2: 19:40

The last two bags. So first two bags, you might go slower. Yeah. To set the ground page . Cause I like to throw that first bag as a blocker. I don’t even want my first bed to go in the hole, ideally all possible. Um, I want to throw my husband off when I’m playing, you know, and just go right there in the front. Um , and that , but that makes sense. Okay. So the first year you do suicide that the last year you do best side, but even there, if the board. Yeah , exactly, exactly. So, I mean, it’s just, just about, it’s all about thinking about it . It’s not just a game of , um , kinesthetics are mechanical, you know, rote robotic physical reality . It’s definitely got, you know, strategy and a mental component. And, and I just have to keep reminding myself that this game is so much more than just trying to get a bag into a hole.Speaker 4: 20:26

And I , I think that’s a great transition into this space cl bag brawl that happened in Vegas over the weekend and watching some of those games and noticing that there are some players that they do just, and all they care about. And Sheila talks about this later about like Matt guy, for example, like all he wants to do is get the bag and the whole , he’s not really worried about setting up blocks. He’s not really doing of that other stuff. He’sSpeaker 2: 20:48

Just good enough that you can give them back in the hole of whether he’s going to airmail it or slide it a hundred percent. I had so much fun watching the ACL brawl. Um, uh , I mean, it’s just, they’re broadcast . We never talked about this. Like, you know, even in pre-show prep, but I do have to mention their broadcast , um, uh, content shout out because it has gotten so exponentially better, you know , like having the sound on now completely enhances, you know , the watching experience. And I don’t remember it used to be like that, you know, years ago. And so , um, shout out to whoever’s in charge of that, you know, we don’t know what we don’t know enough to know . I mean , I know Trey is one of the announcers, but I don’t know if he’s in charge of like that enhancement, but if he is perhaps the tray, I have no idea. Um, but I really did. I mean, it , it felt very legitimate and was a very fun thing to watch. I felt. Um, but what you were saying about the push pull versus the, get it in the hole . If I were a pro, I guess if the goal is to win and you can do it over and over again, didn’t it in the whole like furnish it with 27 or, you know, the 32 record breaker this time. Why not? I guess you should do that. But as a viewer and I heard , um, the guys on biggest podcasts last this past week , um, they, they have the dog cast guys on to shout out to them and their new venture, hard drug push or check them out if you haven’t already. But , um, cause those are great guys. It’s our bro , our brother podcast . We love them that along with CDOT, Soto’s , uh , cornhole , uh , podcasts , they are , uh , really great guys and they’ve been very supportive of the female venture to get in here and play along with them. Um, so, but anyway, they were talking about the same kind of thing. Like as a viewer, it’s more fun to watch things like what , uh , we got to see when Sheila and Kaylee and we’re paired up against Leah or I’m sorry, Sheila and Leah were paired up against Kelly and Yeti that they had some good maneuvers. And I w we’ll touch on that later in the interview. Um, but one thing I also wanted to bring up because it’s kind of been nagging at me and I definitely wanted to get your thoughts on was another thing. Thanks for inspiring us by the way, cornhole brother out there. Because another one that I heard on that same episode with big was , um, that they brought up this question , uh, what is it that makes a bag blow up in popularity or become super sought after? And then they gave examples, like, is it the fact that they see throat? I’m sorry they see pros growing with it at places like Vegas, or is it that it’s not even in that bag they’d like to throw necessarily, but it’s because of that supply demand gain resale value, right? So they , they, that’s why it soars in popularity or is it , um, because they just think it’s going to be a great bag to throw the kind of game they want it to, you know, throw or, or could it be quality? Like, you know, it just made it an , a quality product and they were kind of answering your questions and I listened to their answers. And then I started to think, you know what? I bet you the answer to this question. If you pulled a hundred men and a hundred women would be probably a lot different coming from the women, what , what makes a bag sore or become sought after in your mind? I bet you, the women are buying the bags for different reasons. What are you thinking?Speaker 4: 24:14

Well, I kind of think it starts off like very similar to the music industry where like, it’s difficult to find out about independent artists, right. Because they’re not as out in the, so if a celebrity endorses a celebrity or I mean, a musician, a narcissist, a musician, then you hear about it. And then you’re like, Oh, let me go check that out. So part of it, I think starts off with just exposure. Right? So pro throws in , everybody’s now talking, everyone’s like, Oh, what is that bag? Right . It starts off there, at least for me, because when we, when I hear about a new bag, my first thought is like , Oh, what’s that bag about? And it makes me wonder ,Speaker 2: 24:48

Yeah, you can’t, you can’t want something that you don’t even know. Am I going to like itSpeaker 4: 24:52

Better than what I currently throw? So I , I believe it starts off with kind of that , that popularity game of just,Speaker 2: 24:58

And that’s probably the same on both male and female. Sure . And right.Speaker 4: 25:02

Yeah. And then in terms of like, what would make me actually get out my credit card or my wallet and buy a bag, it would only be after I, either through it, like someone else had it and I threw it and I was like, I loved that bag and now I need to own it to , because I actually want to throw it or it would be because I liked the print. I’m not going to lie.Speaker 2: 25:20

I do too . I know I’m kind of into that as well. I know, like, I just think it’s pretty orSpeaker 4: 25:26

The grateful dead, but I was, I just loved that print. Um, so do I have widows ? Yes. Do I want those? Yes. Um,Speaker 2: 25:32

That goes two fold. Cause you love the bag and the printsSpeaker 4: 25:35

And a battle throw widows much, to be honest, but it’s but yes, I do enjoy the bag. It’s not like I don’t like the bag, but I do like that. I have windows , I have three other colors. Right. But I want those ones.Speaker 2: 25:48

Right. Okay. So , um, I think that, whereas men maybe get more into that bag, resale buy-sell-trade game than probably women. So that might be more important. Like, you know, when a new bag drops, like, Oh God, those Lucky’s that look like to me. And I mean, I might be stupid here, but there’s a set of Luckies that look like a Burberry.Speaker 4: 26:10

That’s the ones that the Trey Burchfield ones. Yeah.Speaker 2: 26:12

Yeah. Those are cool. And I , um, I love how they look, but I mean 300, 400, $500, like what are we talking about? Like, do they grow wings and fly into the hole and throw them ? I know, yeah. You want to put them in a frame. Right. Like, and I have heard great things about how they throw. So maybe they do little sprout wings and go into the hole . And in which case I probably should pay $300 and get them to improve my game because Lord knows I could need, I need that kind of help. But , um, I just think that , uh, women are probably, we’re not, it’s not so much of a flex for women to have a huge collection of bags. Whereas I can’t tell you how many times I see online, these men saying none of these they’ll show a picture of all their bags and I’ll say none are for sale.Speaker 4: 26:59

Just flexing .Speaker 2: 27:02

That would be , what are they doing? That’s so I’m noxious, but boys will be boys. Um, and so I get it. It’s just like part of their, their male thing. I can’t say I get it, but I appreciate it. If that’s something they’ve all valued, but , um, you know, you only played with like two or three bags. How manySpeaker 4: 27:22

Bags can you fit your bag back boys? Come on now.Speaker 2: 27:24

Right? Exactly. And like, why are we keeping the ones that we haven’t played with in six months? Like, can we just go in and pick those upSpeaker 4: 27:31

That I don’t feel like is necessarily, I don’t feel like Nick and I are doing that necessarily. Like we , he buys bags that we can resell. And he buys bags that people at our league want to buy so that we can have them for sale. They’re conveniently for people because a lot of people are like, we don’t have bags. What bags should we get? So we buy bags so that people can buy them.Speaker 2: 27:47

How do you showcase them at the league? Because I’ve thought about this. We have literally like six bags that we just have not touched in , you know, four or five months. I would like to take that. We have, we, you and I both have league on the same night. I would like to take them there. It’s a very awkward, I like walk around, like, I’m like a hot dog salesman, like bags , beds . Right. SoSpeaker 4: 28:07

They’re on the table at the check-in table. Oh ,Speaker 2: 28:11

See , I need to run a league. MaybeSpeaker 4: 28:13

I don’t even , because , um, what you could do is when you’re not throwing and like, especially before or after when the tournament’s aren’t going, you just say, have you seen these bags that we throw in these bags? And like, no, we want to try them. And then that’s kind of like the best way to do it . It’s just like, have you thrown these? Do you like these? Especially if they’re throwing a bag that you, if you know the person, I think they would like that kind of bag. Um, but I know ,Speaker 2: 28:34

Well , I’m still, I’m just getting my footing within this more competitive environment. I’m probably not going to start, you know , slinging bags.Speaker 4: 28:44

Let’s say they’re throwing. Um, like, so someone’s throwing a Viper, right . We might be like, Hey, have you tried the kilts? Um , Oh , that’s cool. You know what I mean? Like, just not even like to sell them, but just like, have you thrown a kill cause like that, to me, the fun part is like throwing different bags. Like they’re never thrown that. I would love to just see what they feel like. And then, okay.Speaker 2: 29:02

So what you’re saying is I shouldn’t set up at like lemonade style for her and Fred at the entrance to the profits, to the , like a sign that my kids make, like, please buy bag bags for sale, but also to pay for my babysitter. Can you buy theseSpeaker 4: 29:20

A hundred percent? But also so on our first week we were leaving and then my friend goes, there’s a bag in the parking lot, like a , like a grocery bag. And I was like, wait, what? And I’m like, that’s weird. And I, and she’s like, you think we should go look at what’s in it? And I’m like, I don’t know if I want to go look in a random bag. So I didn’t. And then she sends , uh , her, I think it was son who plays and it was a bag full of bags, full of cornhole bags, someone left in the parking lot. And so we pick it up and put it in the car. We put a picture on our Facebook group. We have a Facebook group for our league. And we’re like, who left all these bags? And it was our friend Todd. And then how do you do that? So those were his bags that he wanted to sell. So it droppedSpeaker 2: 30:04

Him and walked away,Speaker 4: 30:06

Obviously not on purpose, butSpeaker 2: 30:09

Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom ,Speaker 4: 30:13

Want me to sell these for you? And so Nick posts a picture and he sold all of the bags for him. And then he goes, if you ever want to sell your bags , just leave them with Nick. AndSpeaker 2: 30:21

Yeah. Right. And then it works to start taking a cut.Speaker 4: 30:25

So that is one way to do it right.Speaker 2: 30:28

For sure. Okay. Michelle will , I think we need to pause right there because it looks like we have two amazing women that we both know and love very much. They are logged on and ready to find out why in the world we’ve asked them to join us on today’s show.Speaker 4: 30:42

Oh yeah, here we go. So we got my mom Eileen calling in from Los Angeles and Whitney’s mom, April calling in from Atlanta, Georgia. Whitney’s hometown. So welcome mom . Thanks for coming on the girl’s throat too , with us today.Speaker 2: 30:54

Hello. So I’m going to start at, well first I’ll say hi to my mom and hi to Mrs. Michelle’s mom. Um, and in honor of mother’s day, we wanted to have you lovely ladies, come on and show us, come on our show and tell us how, what is the female perspective from the generation above us related to the game of corn hole? Um, that the game that Michelle and I have become, so freakishly addicted to recently. Um, so mom, I guess I’ll start with you , uh , prior to learning that your daughter was starting a new business venture centered around the game of cornhole . Had you ever even heard of it or did you know anything about it?Speaker 5: 31:34

Oh , I absolutely have heard of it. I’ve probably always had some version of a cornhole set and you know, it was really just a great casual backyard game. We’re a very competitive family, as you know, Whitney, we’re always playing games and trying to win and beat each other. But the great thing about it that I always liked was that, you know, all ages could play at the same time, basically.Speaker 2: 31:58

Yeah. It really is a lifetime sport. Yeah. So you had heard of it, but now did you realize how big, like when I said I was going to start , um, you know, a new company that was based around it, did that seem like ridiculousSpeaker 5: 32:11

To you? It did. It did Because I’ve, I’ve really , uh, broadened my education about it. I knew you and Bobby were always obsessive about it. And I thought, well, you’re starting a company because you’re so obsessed about this backyard game that you guys can play every single night. I just didn’t quite get it, but I can’t believe I’m so impressed. I didn’t realize it was an organized, recognized, authentic. And I don’t want to say real sport, but I mean a real sense ,Speaker 2: 32:44

Right? Sure. I mean, it’s on ESPN, right? So that , that makes it real well. That makes it legitimate.Speaker 5: 32:54

And listening to your guests, I realized how real it is. I need to actually watch some shows, but one thing it has done for me is, you know, I would just go take the boards out there and put them any distance apart that was convenient. And I also sometimes would use bags that I left out in the rain. And now I’ve got a whole new appreciation for the equipment involved and I’m going to upgradeSpeaker 2: 33:18

And take better care of him . Good for you, mom, you and you and the rest of the corn hole addicted , uh , crew. But now I’m curious about my mom. So how would you answer that same question?Speaker 4: 33:30

I, the reason I know about cornhole is because you and Nick, always every time I came over there, you were playing corn hole and people would come over no matter what I sometimes in the middle of the day, and you’d be playing cornhole , people just kind of attract and go over there. So I tried a few times. It kind of reminds me a little like, cause Papa always played horseshoes and it was a constant barbecue here with horseshoes. So now we’re thinking ourselves, should we get a , um, get some corn bowl, corn, whole bowl of boards , excuse me. And start playing. So maybe an after dinner thing, you know, so maybe we’re going to startSpeaker 2: 34:11

Well, I vote yes to that question for sure. And , um , I’ll, it’ll be fun to watch when you guys do start playing more regularly, how quickly you guys catch the bug like we did and you guys will be out there maybe in the pros soon. Um, haven’t seen they have a senior division, just so you know. Um, um, so you can compete at a pro level as a senior, this , a senior division. And also at our weekly tournaments, we just recently had about three or four. Uh , people come who I think were in their seventies or eighties and they loved it. We back next week, we have, I’d throw with somebody on my Wednesday nights in the social switch, Julio, and he never brings his own bag . So he doesn’t like he hasn’t invested a ton within the equipment acquisition of the sport, but he’s out there with us and he’s pretty good. And he, I really love playing with him cause he lets me throw my bags. There’s not that awkward transition about whose bags are we going to throw when we’re partnered up. Um, but I think he might be, you know, 78. So yeah, it’s definitely a lifetime sport, which is one of the many things that I think makes it such a cool go-to sport for families and people of all ages. Um, I guess since you guys are saying that you plan to get boards and start playing a little bit more regularly , um, I want to ask you mom, like you said, we’re a very competitive family. If you did it and you loved it and got good at it, would you ever consider going into , um , a more competitive zone, like going, joining a league and playing or, and if not, what, what would inhibit you or stop you from doing so I would 100% consider that. Um, I would, yes. Maybe I could go to like the social thing with you if I come in and visit on a Wednesday, but I would, I would consider that I did, when I bought Bobby’s birthday gift, I got myself two boards from a professional place. Who was it from the same place you got the that’s from. So that’s like Willy’s and it came with a very nice instruction sheet that says how many feet apart to put everything, you know, certain rules about scoring. And that was very helpful, but I, I am so intrigued by the bag situation after listening to a few of your experts that, you know, I need a recommendation on a good starter bank . Well, I can tell you that a great starter bag will be the bag and broad first series launch that we will be announcing next week on the podcast May 13th. So stay tuned for that mom. And maybe, maybe I can pull some strings and get you as well . You know, mother’s day is next week.Speaker 6: 36:40

Thanks for setting up that plugSpeaker 2: 36:41

Though. That works perfectly. What about you, Eileen? Would you, would you feel comfortable going to a more competitive level or would you rather just keep it to like backyardSpeaker 6: 36:52

Right now? I’d be more of a backyard person and just, you know, my husband and I basically practicing or, you know, my husband’s very is more competitive than I am. And so I’ve got so many things ironed in the , um, what is it? Well, I have so much that I’m doing all day long with, I have art classes and , um, I hike a lot. I love hiking, especially in California, you can go anywhere. So I think it would be more right now a fun thing for us who knows. Yeah .Speaker 2: 37:25

Yeah, exactly. I think that’s what makes this sport so cool. Is that at any level of play it’s fun and you don’t have to decide in the beginning, you know, just do it, see how good you get and how, how addicted you get to it. Um, it’s been my experience that people tend to get very addicted very quickly. And even though you didn’t plan on taking it to a competitive level, it quickly transitions into one of that nature. Um, you guys have been awesome to come on and we’re so sad that we can’t be well. I don’t know. Maybe Michelle, you can see your mom on mother’s day. You’re a little closer. I won’t see my mom on mother’s day, but you guys know that we’re thinking about you and know that , um, Michelle and Nick are going to come visit the Ingram’s in Annapolis this summer. Maybe we could work it out where all of you guys come and we’ll go to the switchover , social and teach you guys firsthand how to take it to one level up in play. That would , that would be fun. And I can teach you all about them bags , mom, when you come. But I definitely suggest that first series of begging broads that are going to launch soon, you guys have been awesome. And we love you so much. Thanks for giving us life and for being there to support us through our ventures, as crazy as they might see mom, when I start a company, we love you too . And good girls. You’re doing a great job. Terrific. And, and , um , happy mother’s day to you, girls all . AndSpeaker 1: 38:46

I love you . Love you . Thank you. Love you too. Well , that waySpeaker 2: 38:54

It’s fun, but we do have to stay on track because we still have that amazing interview with ACL pro Sheila Roy. One of our lovely consultants here at the girls throw two movement, and then we have a really amazing interview with CDOT Soto’s wife, Mary. So we need to get into that. Yeah. They’re both such fun ladies and definitely give great , uh , entertaining content. So you guys stay tuned and um, so we will pivot and welcome Sheila on the show in one second, but real quick, before we do that. Yeah. What do we have to do? Yeah , we don’t , don’t forget. We do want to do our , our tips and our strategies of the week. So let’s dive into that so that everybody can grow as a player. And we also love these tips. So keep them coming and our forum , um, because we will keep sharing them as you post them,Speaker 1: 39:41

Get some skills. It’s time for our tips of the week by girls throw to Suzanne shallow says, take your time with your throat. Don’t let your opponent rush you so important. Michelle, Tony Rubal says, play your own game. Not your opponents. Also the game is never over until 21. We just sawSpeaker 2: 40:06

Over the weekend. Anyone can come from behind and win at any time. I know, and I that’s what I need to work on because if I get down by more than like five, I kind of lose all momentum. Um, Brooke says, and Brooke is one of our Colorado consultants. So thanks for contributing Brooke . She says followed through with your throw . It makes the direction of the bag. Totally different. I agree with that. I try to let go, right? As my hand is like in line with the whole focus on the hall , get out of your head and just go have fun. You’ll throw better, go at your own pace and don’t rush your throat so consistently, or just line up correctly and slow down. I think that that was actually a piece of advice I was given , uh , from one of our DMT people on Wednesday. He said, you throw really well. You just rush. Yeah.Speaker 1: 40:53

So really great. It’s so slow it down, ladies. We’re too . We’re too fast paced as a, as a gender. Well, and honestly, that’s what I saw Matt guy do when he lost it. It’s like when , when Didi missed, he stepped up and through right away, he didn’t even take a breath and he missed and I was like, he should have , shouldn’t have rush here. Okay . You get on your , I don’t know . Why don’t you give Damian that guy, some of , some of your expert advice now I love it. All right . Let’s listen. Let’s do a couple more. Okay. Lisa Sealy says, never give up, have the mindset that you’re going to lose it first. I think that’s an interesting one. Uh , but eventually it will click and that first big win will be Epic. I love it. And then we’ll close them out with my man. Troy Hausser from blackjack cornhole. He says rule number one, ladies have fun. I’ve yet to see a frustrated player win. And obviously winning is more fun. I love it. Troy . Excellent. Excellent advice. And we will remember to have fun when we go out there tips and advice from bagging broads community, keep them coming.Speaker 7: 41:54

Okay. So we just talked to everybody about some tips and strategies from our friends over in the forum and what they’ve offered. Uh , speaking of that, one of the best tips that I’ve gotten that helped improve my personal game was given to me by our current next guest. She is , um, ACL lady pro player, Sheila Roy. We are blessed to have her as one of our awesome founding team members of the girl throat two gang. She is killing it in her rookie year on the pro circuit. And she showcased some of the most impressive throwing skills that I’ve seen this past weekend in Vegas. Welcome Sheila. Hey, hi, everybody. Thanks so much for coming on with us. Yeah. Thanks so much for coming Sheila. I’m happy to be here. Thank you for asking. Yeah, of course. So tell us where you’re from and where you’re living now. I am from New Hampshire. I live in New Hampshire. Um , I guess it’s just, I love it here. Um , so it does get pretty dark on cold in the winter. I bet. I bet. Um, and you are a mom and a wife we know, and this is our little mother’s day tribute episode. So to get started, can you tell us a little bit about your family? I , yeah, my husband and I just celebrated our 35 year anniversary. Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you. Um , and I’ve got two grown boys and a grandson who’s six years old. So I didn’t know that. And I’ve known you for over a month now. What are your boys names? Um, so my husband and ed is Eddie and , and um , my kids are David Michael, and my grandson is Owen. Oh, I love that. So you are surrounded. You’re the opposite of me. I’m surrounded by all girls. You’re surrounded by all the boys. I would, I would trade some days for sure. And my only little girl is my doggy at all . I’ve seen her on zooms . She’s so precious. Yes . Yeah. That’s my only, the only estrogen in this house who are the two girl dogs, otherwise it’s me and the boys. So funny. Isn’t that funny? Cause I have all girl daughters, but aren’t , we have three dogs and they’re all boys because I refused to have any and my husband refused to any more estrogen balance. Exactly. So she left tell us how long you’ve been playing corn hole and what got you started? Um, so probably would playing like six or seven years or so, but the interesting thing is like in New Hampshire , um , we have a very limited throwing season outdoors. So when I first saw the game, I was visiting with my brother up at the Lake and I think it would just hanging out, having coffee, you know, just chilling in the morning and the neighbors across the canal were playing this game and I’m seeing what is this game? It looks pretty cool. And he’s like, I don’t know. So we just yelled across the Lake and the lights , corn hole . So we’re just watching a play on like Matt, I think we can build a set . So we looked up the specs online. We went to the , um, your home supply store and, you know , built a set in the garage. And so that’s insane this down the path. Um, and so our first bags were like some, you know, corn bags, right . They all started with the corn bags. Oh yeah. We played with those for awhile until we left him out side one night and some rodents got it. I don’t know . They chewed through them, ate the corn same . And we were like out of commission for awhile . So that happenedSpeaker 2: 45:23

To us so many times.Speaker 7: 45:26

Yeah. Yeah. Crazy. But I mean, so even then, like he lives like 40 minutes away, so I wouldn’t see him, you know , even during the week. So maybe a couple of weekends, you know, a few weekends in the summer or nicer weather months, we got there and just started to get more and more people to come over and play. And um, then it had to shut it down when it got cold. So for the first few years, that was pretty much, it we’d move on to other things and just like, you know, Oh wait and wait and wait, was it going to be warm enough to go outside and play again? Um, so that was , uh , that was the first few years. And then eventually it got to the point where I get connected with folks that are more local to me. Um, and they found some indoor venues and that really is where I said, okay, now I can actually like throw year round and , and work on my game. SoSpeaker 2: 46:21

You always kind of had in the back of your mind, a goal of getting to that more competitive level, even from the beginning or , uh , when , like when, like when is it just when you’ve got indoors that you started thinking like, wow, I could actuallySpeaker 7: 46:37

The competitive as well. I think as we grew in , in, at my brother’s place and the , and the crowd started to grow there , um, they had, they called themselves the board. So they had a president and an a vice-president ,Speaker 2: 46:52

Oh my gosh , that’s the board of Cornel .Speaker 7: 46:56

And so like, my whole goal was just to be on the board. So you have to be able to beat one of them to be on the board. Um ,Speaker 2: 47:05

That’s fun. I love it. It was fun. It’s like a, it’s a little bit of like a democratic way of doing it, but also like, you still gotta , you gotta be good enough to earn your spot.Speaker 7: 47:18

Right . You got to earn your spot. And so, you know, when I earned my spot on the board , that was like a big deal. I’m like, Hey, this is a girl,Speaker 2: 47:24

You know ? So thatSpeaker 7: 47:26

Was , um, all kinds of fun. And I’m like, all right . I’m like, Hey, maybe I can, maybe I can do something. You know? So once I started to work on my game a little bit more and I was able to play like more year round, I’m like, okay, now I’m in a room with not just backyard players, but folks that have been doing this for longer than me and they’ve been competing longer than me. Um, so I, you know , walked into that room and felt instantly intimidated by the time. Yeah. So how’d you deal with that? And then, and did you prove yourself right away or did it, what was it a flop in the beginning? Like how many times did you go out and try to go pro and qualify? Oh boy, that was going pro is way down the road from that. Oh, wow. Was it not even in my head? Like, Oh my God , that was a huge commitment. I mean, this is, this is, I’m just going to go compete and not beSpeaker 8: 48:19

Okay. So there’s myself. Right ?Speaker 7: 48:22

Well , I mean, I would get beat up pretty good on the board. I mean, everybody started somewhere. Right. Um, I think, you know, when you, as a female, you, sometimes you hear those sighs and the comments kinda off to the side or stuff with a girl and, you know, there’s always different ways that you can approach things. And so life is full of choices and consequences. That’s what I tell my kids. So I could have chosen to be defeated by it. And then what would be the consequences of that? Or I can choose to say, I’m going to just try and get better. So I could be what I call this was my own terminology, a preferred partner, right. YouSpeaker 8: 49:02

Go someplace and you’re like, Hey, if I get matchedSpeaker 7: 49:04

Up with this person, like, yeah. Um, so I just said, okay, I’m going to choose, you know, to work on my game. So hopefully I can get to that point someday in the future, you know, and it takes a while you’ve got to work on it. You’re gonna, you know , you’re gonna take the hit. And , uh, and that’s kinda where I played for a while , but then got connected with even additional groups from there. And so got to be not just one night a week, but maybe I could go play two nights a week or maybe I could play three nights a week and just got to meet more and more people and continue to work on my game. And , um, took whatever advice I could get from wherever I could get, you know, used what I could. And, you know , just said , I’m going to focus on, on my game, play and works. What works for me? I still don’t have a flat VAT . You look at my bag, it looks wonky. I’m surprised it goes in sometimes, but it definitely, it definitely does go in more times than not. So that leads me to talk about what my husband , um, describes as some of the best strategy play and , and positively executed that he’s ever seen in marching. Any Cornell , which occurred with you in Vegas this past weekend , um, youSpeaker 2: 50:28

Were with your partner, Leah and you guys were playing , uh , our , our sweet friend, Kaylie Hunter, and her partner, Yeti. And that was a tough one for us because we, we love you both you’re you’re bagging or you’re our girls throw too , um, pro player, but we had just had Kaylee on the show, you know? And so we were kind of rooting for her too , and I never expected you guys to get matched up. And when I saw it , I was so I was like, no, can’t they both just win. Um , but you did awesome. And there was this one move that , um, that you did when you were standing on the outside, which , which I got to ask you after this, if you prefer the inside or outside , or you don’t have a preference, but you were standing on the outside and you had literally, you had to throw the bag and pull another one in, in a very precarious situation just to stay alive. And I was kind of, I hate to say it, but I was kind of like, Oh no, I think it’s over. And then sure enough, you did it. And it was, it was just so it was so perfectly executed and, you know, kick butt kind of playing my husband is just, he’s fanboyed out on you , um , ever since. Um , and he’s like dying to meet you. Um , so , um, tell us about Vegas. Like, were you, how do you get nervous before big competitions like that?Speaker 7: 51:46

So as my rookie in my rookie year , um, this is all new to me. So I’m, I’m excited to be there. I’m in a room with all these people that I seen on TV, or I’ve watched videos and, you know, sometimes I’m a little starstruck , um, but it is really cool to be there and yeah, you get nervous cause it’s like, now I’m on TV, everyone’s gonna be watching. And it’s like, Oh boy. Um, and, and honestly I’m thinking to myself, I hope I don’t have like spinach between my teeth or something crazy.Speaker 2: 52:18

No, we could be anything. Don’t worry. I’m looking at your bags .Speaker 7: 52:22

I don’t have a mask on , but it’s like, all of these crazy things are going through your head. Like, you know, don’t be stupid about your game and, you know, take your time and , and go through, go through your, your method, whatever that happens to be. Um, so like I like try and center myself and, you know, I tell myself these things, I’m like, all right. And just try and think about where, what am I shooting at? What side of the bag of my shooting? How am I holding it? What’s my stance. You know, I’m just trying to focus on what is the board in front of me? And then what is it I need to do with this bag in hand? And honestly, like you have a bag that goes bad. You gotta let it go. Nothing you can do about that bag anymore.Speaker 2: 53:02

Um, do you, do you ever , I was curious about that. I just heard about like when Cody Henderson walks away. Yeah . How my husband was telling me that sometimes when you throw a bad bag, they’ll walk away. Like, so it’s like, you don’t look at it, but we thought it was because then you’re not looking at that. Like, man, what I just did. And then I don’t remember who was being, you know, is Sean . Yeah . The brothers . They , they said it, which was fascinating. I learned it on the brothers show this week. They said , um, they talked about target fixation because Cody Henderson walked away after the other person through a bad bag.Speaker 4: 53:39

Yeah .Speaker 2: 53:40

And I figure it out. Is it just, you know, like, why did you walk away? Is there, and there’s two fold psychologically. You want the other person to focus on the mistake they just made to get in their head. But also there’s something called target fixation that I learned about thanks to the big podcasts that said , uh , you know, that, that said if , if you are focused on where somebody’s bag before you went and it goes wrong, you’re more likely to throw a bad bag.Speaker 4: 54:08

I mean , I find, I follow, I follow people’s bags and they follow my bag.Speaker 2: 54:13

You find that you’ve seen this happen. Like someone throws short and then the next bag comes short from the person I’m like, wow, why is this happening? Because you would think that we have opportunity for you. Correct. Got a better shot at the whole . Yeah, I see it way too frequent .Speaker 4: 54:30

So that’s why I was wondering if you’d walk away, if you, if you walk away, then you’re not fixated on that. So then you can clear your head and be like, now I’m going to fix it. Cause right now you’re fixating on the fact that that bag just threw short and I’m going to, and that’s great. Now I can make it in the hole, but you’re thinking about the bag that just fell short and as opposed to the hole .Speaker 2: 54:46

Right. Right. So what do you do? How do you get it out of your head though ? I will. I will like , I will look away. I’ll look down or I’ll look over the top of it because usually I’ll say, well, honestly that bag’s not in my way. And they’re even some bags on the board. Like if there’s a bag that’s low on the board, I’m like, that’s not usually where my bag hits anyway. Right. I like try and just ignore that bag. I’m like, I’m not going to land on it. Or I , that’s not where my bags going to land in a typical throw . So it shouldn’t bother me right here . Let it just stay there. Yeah. Will the other person deal with it? That’s interesting. I , as you’ve helped me with your tips to get better and better, I’m learning as my skills increase , I’m becoming a lot more cognizant of the strategy part of the game, you know , whereas before it was, my strategy was just trying to get it , get it on the, onSpeaker 4: 55:34

The bar.Speaker 2: 55:36

But now it’s, you know , more of like when I throw that first bag for the first time ever, I’m starting to not want to get it in the hole . I’d rather throw the first bag as a blocker. You know? And because that, especially when I play my husband, both of us, if the first person who throws, throws a blocker, it throws both of us off from there, you know? Um, and , but , but that’s something I had never done before. So strategies , um, a big part of it. Do you, how much of like strategy, if you could just slide everyone in it, let’s say you started Sheila and you could just, you know, cause like Stephen Bershad 27 in a row, you know , um, uh, you know, I think there was 32 with the record staff . 32 is the one, but, but as a viewer, that’s not that fun to watch, I’ll say, but I’m not sure that the pros care about that they’re trying to win. Right. So if you had the choiceSpeaker 7: 56:24

And you were beginning and you knew you could trust your body just to throw one in after another, after another , um , and you were playing with somebody who did the same, would you prefer that that type of play or do you enjoy that strategy driven push pull game ? That’s a good question. So there is a guy here locally , uh, and he said to me what dive? Cause we were just kinda warming up in the morning and uh , he’s probably a better throw weather me, but he said something to the lawn , uh, along the lines of you, miss you lose you, miss you pack , you know, thing. And I’m like, that is true. So if you have control of the board , um, you can pretty much control the game. So if your first bag is going in, sure they could put up a blocker and you go over the top or you push through it. So you’ve always got that first bag to determine how that board is gonna look. So I was , um, looking at videos from Matt guy and just watching him practice and play. And, and I said to him, when, when I first met him, I said, Hey, I said, you know, first of all, I’m a fan girl, that guy. But then I said to him, I said, do you know, I , I was watching the videos and I noticed there’s something that you do. Well, maybe something more that you don’t do. I said, I don’t see you throwing like the cutback or the roll bag or, you know, practicing all those, you know , crazy shots that I see out there on the courts and authentic talk and stuff. And he’s like, well, he goes, I feel like I don’t need it. Well, he’s Matt guy. Right ? He can shoot it in the hole and he can get an air mail . I’m like, dude,Speaker 4: 58:09

He’s not wrong. He’s not wrong. He’s not wrong. If you can air mail and you can shoot it in the hole , you don’t technically need those other things because if the whole block, the whole block, I mean, if there’s bags stuffed in the whole air, mail is not going to help unless you want to push them all through.Speaker 7: 58:23

So he’s not wrong. It’s just not as entertaining for us to watch. Yeah . Like we got way more in , we got way more into like that game where you guys, I mean , it was just your was for great female players and it was really fun to watch, you know, the strategy of, you know, when there was a block or how you guys went about it. Um, it just make for a little more exciting .Speaker 4: 58:46

It is a little exciting, but like we said, the pros just want to win and they’re not trying to make an exciting game, but it is as a viewer, more fun to see impressive roll bags and pushes and things like that. And it’s cool to watch. And I , you know, it’s inevitable unless I guess you’re playing against those, those guys who really just literally get it in the hole every single time, pretty much and have like a 70 something percent, a four bagger rate, but other , but for most people, eventually it’s gonna hit the board. And so then the strategy come out. So what’s your go-to bag ?Speaker 7: 59:20

Well , this is interesting. Um, I had been playing with Gamechangers the last , um, last few years, but the interesting thing is like, when I go to it like a blind draw or something , um, I don’t want to be at my own head to say, Oh, I can’t possibly throw that bag. So the , at the first national, for example, I play with game changers, me and Leah at the following one, we played with , um , BG wizards. And then this last one we played with Reynolds victories. So I mean, I’ve played with all different ones because I don’t want to psych myself out and just be like, Greg, can’t throw that. Right .Speaker 4: 1:00:05

I’ve done that by the way, like I have attached my game to a bag and when I throw someone else’s bags, I feel like I can’tSpeaker 7: 1:00:12

A hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. I told my husband, he’s a one trick pony because he loves this one pair of silver game-changers that he has. And like, whenever I’m starting to beat him the next game, he’s like, I got to go get him .Speaker 2: 1:00:25

That’s why I was like, this is game changers . Don’t have the Midas touch dude . Like yeah .Speaker 4: 1:00:31

Feels that way. They feel like, and this happened, we did a crew cup , uh , over the weekend and we , uh , crew cup. Right. So you’re leaving usually. So someone else’s bag , not necessarily mine and I wasn’t throwing that. Great . And because I’m the girl, right? They’re like, well, let’s just use your bags. Like that’s got to help. Right. And I still threw back and I was like, all right, maybe it’s not that one specific black Viper bag.Speaker 7: 1:00:54

You have your favorites at my I’m I’m. My current is , um, go-to is , uh , the Reynolds pro advantage , the blackjack pitch girl series. Um, yeah , I really, at, first of all, you know, obviously they go with our, our whole mantra of female playing. Um, and my husband says that the girl that they use on their logo looks like me. So now I’ve kind of like, I talked to him when I tell him I pick him up and they go, they don’t go in the hall . I’m like, that’s okay, girl.Speaker 2: 1:01:19

Well, next time they’re like my little, my little minions. They don’t ,Speaker 7: 1:01:24

I always listen though . Sometimes they rebel. Um , so that’s true in people too. Right .Speaker 2: 1:01:29

I know it’s true.Speaker 7: 1:01:32

Troll them, but they have their own agenda sometimes. Right . Um, so speaking of strategies, you know, obviously we talked about this a little bit. Mental strategy is a major part of the game. So if you could offer one, if you could just pick one mental strategy that you use or piece of advice that you can offer listeners that helps you personally, when it comes to keeping your wits about you and not getting too into your head, when we’re out there playing competitively, like what would it be? Is there anything we haven’t touched on yet that you would recommend a new newer player? Well, I think as a newer player, I think breathe, I see so many folks, they rush through their shot , um, and they let maybe the other person set the tempo. So I think you need to like find your love and breathe and don’t be afraid to take your time. Right. Don’t be afraid to take your time. I used to feel rude. Yeah, me too. Now the thing is, is it’s not a sprint. There’s like, you’re not getting points based on how quickly you is . Right. And there are some folks, they just have a really quick throw , um , and release because they’ve been doing it for awhile , but I would just like be Hailey , Kaylee plays fast. I noticed Kaylee seems to play fast. You gotta find your own temple . Yeah , exactly . And that’s okay. And if you have to like step back for a second, just kind of look at the board, see what’s going on over there. Think about your shot, you know, come back at it, set Beargrease and go. And that’s okay. So I think that’s going to be, you know, good for the beginner player as well. And just think of each bag is its own opportunity, right ? Yeah. You’ve got four in your hand. If one goes off, let it go. Right. You can’t do anything about that. No point crying over it. It’s come back at it. Yeah. I used to be horrible at coming back. Like once I was down by like eight or 10, I would just basically give up and just be like, you know, just swirling on wherever they’d go. Um, temper tantrum, maybe subconsciously. I don’t know. But , um, now I’ve a couple of times I’ve come back now and seeing that I can do it and that’s done wonders for my game.Speaker 4: 1:03:42

Yeah. And I would say like, mentally you bring up a good point. Like mentally, if I throw like two bad bags, like it’s like, I almost forget that I have, if I get too in the hole after that, that’s still great. Right. That’s right. But I’ve already like, in my mind, like I’m throwing horrible. I can’t throw right now. This is going to go horribly wrong. Like I do need to remind , remind myself that that’s a couple [inaudible]Speaker 7: 1:04:05

Two , becauseSpeaker 4: 1:04:05

Two goals off doesn’t mean two can’t go in. Right, right . It’s not a trajectory.Speaker 7: 1:04:11

You might need to step off the board for a second, like get out of your stance . Yeah . And come back at it so that you can kind of put that behind you and say, okay ,Speaker 4: 1:04:20

Can I , Sheila, I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m gonna , you know , I did. I think I mentioned earlier, it’s hard because I’m running the leak . So it’s really hard for me to even get in a groove of play because I’m constantly putting out fires for, cause our , um, tournaments bring in at least 50 people every week. Um, and often more than that. So it’s a big group that I’m managing, but yeah . I need to just like step into playing time. Yeah.Speaker 7: 1:04:44

Right . You know, what else that helps with is that I’ve noticed is when you take your time, it allows you to, if your last bag didn’t do what you wanted it to now I’ve started to stop and reflect on, okay, why did that just happen? What do I need to correct me ? You know , whereas before, when I was just throwing to throw, it was like, you know, I I’d make the same mistake twice now. It’s very rare that I’ll make a really bad mistake and then make anything similar again, because I stopped . I think about it. I re correct. Whether it’s stepping out a little, whether it’s following through a little bit more, you know, that’s, that’sSpeaker 4: 1:05:18

So smart. I feel like when I do that, I think I do repeat the mistake a lot to be honest. Like once I miss I miss and I miss, and it’s such a good point to just like, just kind of reflect on like what just occurred as opposed to in your mind going like, well, that’s just how they’re going to go. Right? Yeah .Speaker 2: 1:05:34

Yeah. It should be like all things in life. Right. When we make a mistake it’s, I mean the mistakes happen . Right. But you got to stop and figure out what , you know, what did I do wrong there and how can I prevent it from happening?Speaker 4: 1:05:44

Don’t try to bully it though, to be honest. Like if I miss I’m like, well, I’m going to this one, I’m going to bully him .Speaker 2: 1:05:49

Are you over-correct over-correct yeah .Speaker 4: 1:05:53

Like almost like this is not going to happen again. And that’s made it makes me worse.Speaker 2: 1:05:59

Yeah. So this is the thing I would say if we first seek to understand it’s at that point that we can learn. Yeah . You’re so wise. Um, and speaking of speaking of your wisdom, I do, I , I mentioned it , I think on episode one , um, the strategy that you gave me and I told you today in the pre-interview how much it has drastically improved my game. So do you mind just telling the listeners what that one strategy was? That seems so simple, but it has done wonders and it’s going to be described better if it comes from you. Sure. Sure. Well, the crazy thing is when we were finishing up the zoom video and that call, like I pushed by chair back, I’m standing up, I’m like left foot forward, right foot. I’m like showing the extension of my hand and I know you didn’t have a bad, right? Yeah . I didn’t have a bag. I think he picked something up from your best to try to show me, but we were just talking about the follow through, on your hand as you’re coming up. Right. And you’re releasing which with your hands is going to be Palm off . And so you want your pointer finger to basically be pointing at the hole because that’s where you want that back to go. So you point at where you want the bag to go. Right? Exactly. So if you’re thinking about what is that extension of your hand, which is the bag and the projector . Yeah . That bag to follow when I release it. So it seems so simple, but I wasn’t doing it. And it’s been a very, very simple correction that over time that I’ve practiced it more and more has legitimately changed. I mean, I used to lose to my husband with a three point per round handicap. And now last night I, I beat him a couple of times at a 1.5. So yeah. So we’re getting thereSpeaker 4: 1:07:47

Curious , um, Sheila. So at some point I think, Oh, actually I’m not gonna say, I think I’m going to pose it as a question. Is it true that, do you think that when you’re first starting out and you’re trying to get better, is it really just reps? And then at some point, does it transitioned into being more than reps and being really about the mental game? Like how important is it just to get reps in every week to improve your game?Speaker 2: 1:08:11

Well, okay. Yes. Very important to get the repetitionSpeaker 7: 1:08:16

And because a lot of it is going to be muscle memory. So yes, you need to do that, but there gets to the point where you move from the repetition and the muscle memory to the mental part of the game. So I would ask folks, you know, cause I do interview sometimes for folks and I say, how much of this game percentage wise do you think is mental versus physical? And my perception , um, of that. And it seemed to be somewhat of a consensus is when you’re first starting out, it’s mostly physical. Can I learn to , you know, the right placement of my feet? Can I learn to get whatever your throw is down? I’m reaching towards the hall, I’m getting it on the board, I’m getting it close to the hole or in the hole. So you get that physical thing down and then as you progress and you know , through the competitive levels, it becomes a little more , um , strategic. So you’ve got that mental game. And so now it becomes not just in my, sliding it into the hole because I can slide into the hole, but can I slide it into the hole and leave your bag in place? Right. Can I go around the side of it and maybe drop to a mine and leave yours so that, you know, your bag is still on the board. So those sorts of things come with time and that’s okay. I feel like that’s the normal progression and development as a player , um, regardless of who you are. Um, so yeah , I think that’s, I think that’s what I would say is get your reps, but then put yourself out there, challenge yourself. So when I’m going and I started going to these, you know, blind draws and, you know, started to compete, I would compete at a level above my skill level. Right . Because I wanted to feel that adrenaline, I wanted to feel like I was putting myself in a position of, I need to focus and concentrate and I need to figure out ways to improve my game. And I feel like you improve your game when you’re playing against better players. Yeah.Speaker 4: 1:10:28

That’s what everybody says. But I feel like for me mentally, I get in my own way.Speaker 7: 1:10:34

Well, now you’ve gotten to the point where you can get it on the, on the board and in the hole. So if you’ve advanced beyond that, I’m just starting out. And I don’t even know the difference between a slick, you know, it’s like a sticky side in a bag, right. You’re getting past that. You’ve got some reps in, you’ve played some games and now you’re like, all right , what’s the next step for me? And that next step for you, it sounds like you’re going to put yourself in a position where you could get beat. That’s fine, but you’re going to learn from it. Yeah. And I think Lauren,Speaker 4: 1:11:04

I think what you’re reminding me of, or what I might consider going forward is like, let’s just say my, my options are to just get it on the board because it’s, or do or try for an air mail . Well, when I’m playing in my, these blind draws, I’ll go for just the bag on the board because I don’t want my partner to be upset that I gave up. I miss the air medal and missed the points. But I think what I’m hearing you say is like start going for these shots so that you can at least practice them. Right? Like this is gameplay , this is competitive play. And if I don’t start practicing, going for those shots, I’m never going to get better at them.Speaker 7: 1:11:37

Yeah. And when we’re doing, like, if we’re doing switch wholly or we’re doing the round Robin kind of thing, I might practice a shot that I wouldn’t do in a tournament. Right. Because that’s when you really get the sense of I’m in a competition right now. And how are you going to mentally process? You need to do this and be relaxed enough and focused enough to actually accomplish that.Speaker 4: 1:11:58

Well, because I know physically I can do it. Right. So ,Speaker 7: 1:12:01

Yeah. Right. If you’ve done it before, you know, you can physically do it. You’re being right in that point. It’s can I do it when I need to do it right now? Exactly, exactly. Right. And that’s, that’s the point where you need to get yourself to , cause if you’re nervous to throw it in a game, it’s like, eh , the odds of it going in, I think just dropped a bit.Speaker 4: 1:12:19

Yeah. And that’s, that’s what happens . So on Saturday we were playing in a switch, Julio and I got partnered with my husband and, and he was like, yeah, just like he knows my play very well obviously. And he said, just get it on the board. Cause there was some blocks or whatever. And so I did, and then I got partnered with someone else and the next round and same thing. And he’s like, just go for the air , you got it. And I’m like, what a difference? Like my husband was like, well, I know what you can do every time. And I know what you can do some of the time, but, but this guy was like, just go for it .Speaker 7: 1:12:49

All right . Because I’ve done it many times. I don’t know if you guys saw my posts that I said in the spring, my eyes are red and itchy. Um , and that, and that alone is why I keep missing my air mails . And that’s, that’s my, that’s my story. And I’m sticking to it. Exactly . Hashtag I actually don’t make air mails in any other season either.Speaker 4: 1:13:15

I definitely know I can. So you’re right. I need to remind myself that in those moments of when there’s a bag blocking, like I make air miles all the time. This is no different. Like I have the muscle memory. So Sheila, besides your partner, Leah, who are some of the other pros on the circuit that you form friendships with?Speaker 7: 1:13:30

Wow. So many of them, this is a thing I travel alone. Um, most are lie . Anyway , uh , folks, they travel in a group. So from their local area, they they’re on the same flights or same venue or whatever they’re doing. Um, so there’s good and bad. Um, the good part is, is, you know, it might be a little easier for one little old me to kind of infiltrate a group and be fresher and introduce myself , um, which I love to do. Um, you know, the bad part is as I’m traveling alone. So I don’t have to travel buddy. Right. What do you do? You do, Hey, do next weekend, Sheila,Speaker 2: 1:14:12

I’m going with, I’m going to go to Erie, I’m driving up to Erie, Michelle and I’m , we’re going to share a hotel so I can cheer she’ll on and see what these things are like in person.Speaker 7: 1:14:21

Love it , introduce you around. And it’s great. So I have met so many people and just get to know them on a personal level. Um, and so this last one in Vegas , um, I went over to see Jimmy McGuffin . So I don’t know if you know, Jimmy MacGuffin , he’s like the spare meals specialist, one of the sweetest guys ever. And when I met him in Kansas, I had talked to him about, Hey, can you give me some tips on the airmail? I could use some tips on Amiel , but we ran out of time. Um , so when I saw him in Vegas and I introduced him to our mutual friend and I said, he was just like off to the side, like kind of shooting bags and stuff. And I asked him the same thing. He’s like, yeah. So I took some video, which I’m going to, I’m going to post a little bit later.Speaker 2: 1:15:10

Yeah. We got to get out of link to your, your site and your video site up on ours because you have great, great tips and content. Um, you know, we’ll just do a link to like Sheila’s pro yeah . We can put it in the show notes. Yeah. Perfect.Speaker 7: 1:15:24

It was just like so sweet. And so there’s a , so many folks out there that are, you know , just happy to be part of this community.Speaker 2: 1:15:33

I think it’s kinda cool that you travel alone. Cause you can kind of make your rounds now and kind of meet and hang out with a little bit of everybody. Versus if you travel with a group that’s kind of your , your go-to people for the weekend. Yeah .Speaker 7: 1:15:45

Yep . And so I, I try and make an effort to meet new folks no , most, every time I’m out there. And I say ,Speaker 2: 1:15:53

So Sheila, you are such a freaking inspiration. Um, I am like so blessed. You’re you’re like my big sister of cornhole, Hey , both, both with skill and you know, just life stuff. You’re , you’re wearing them. They’re very wise. And um, we love having you on , um, shout out to Greg Barre for first introducing us because that was such a great, great thing to do, Greg, because we would beSpeaker 7: 1:16:19

Corn hole central.Speaker 2: 1:16:21

Yeah, exactly. Give him the plug. Um , and we love him even more because he sent you our way. Um, and when I think talking about that real quick, before we sign off, I think I’d love to understand, you know, Greg sent you our way initially and we talked, but just personally, I love to get the , um, you know, those founding team member consultant’s perspective on, you know, when we first talked that time, I, you know, we were kind of meeting each other. What, after you hung up in that call made you feel like you wanted to decide to join this girls for two movement that we were trying to venture out and begin.Speaker 7: 1:17:01

Well, the thing is, is I actually have a lot of things that are focused on female players here locally. Um, so when I signed my contract , um, with the ACL for the season , um, I made a very conscious effort to use my platform in some way to , um, grow. I don’t want to say grow the sport, but grow players into lovers of the game. So I’ve had like an intro to cornhole event. Um , I recruited some , uh , youth mentors , um, and some adult players to come and just work with folks that want to learn more about it. Um, and then I have also run , um, a ladies night, which was such a success and it turned into a ladies league. Cool. We get together every few weeks and um, we just take over the bar. That sounds , it is a lot of fun. And , um, while some of these ladies, they, it locally, they are, you know , plenty skilled to be playing, you know, competitively competitively and beating the guys on the other boards that are in the same bar. They prefer to play in the women’s league just because we’re having a blast over there. So , um, it it’s been , uh , uh, something that I want to focus on because I feel like women in general , um, I think they’re a little intimidated to, to jump into the competition. So when I’m out, if I see a young lady or a woman just sitting there and sometimes she’s rooting for her guy, I’ll go talk to her. Yeah.Speaker 2: 1:18:43

Try that again .Speaker 7: 1:18:46

Yeah . She was like, yeah, I’m having fun. I said , well, you know, it’s more fun actually playing, you know? So sometimes I’ll see if I can encourage her to come out in the boards with me and we’ll start slow, you know, just maybe half court, three quarter court, just get on the board, give her some tips and, you know, get it , uh , to throw some bags. And yeah,Speaker 2: 1:19:06

That’s how we started our, our daughter’s is at half-court and now my oldest plays full court and she beats my husband at a handicap better than mine . Mine is , you know , so I was like, wow, if we’re just grooming that next generation, there will be more ladies in the store .Speaker 7: 1:19:23

Or even if we can always come see us on the ladies of cornhole page on Facebook. Absolutely. So we have , um, hundreds of members of women across the country and world, a few ladies that throw internationally because I’ve been involved in ghost tournaments internationally, correct . That follow this growth movement. Um , absolutely very encouraging.Speaker 2: 1:19:49

Oh, they’re so sweet. I’ve met some wonderful, wonderful ladies that I think have, are members of both yours and , um, our forum. And they’re just awesome players and really inspirational. I love there’s nothing more than I loved. And when, when they all start posting, like, you know, a picture with them and the board, cause they’ve placed somewhere, you know, I mean , it’s just , and we can all cheer them on. Um , well thank you so much. I’m so pumped for Arie . I talked to my husband and he was like, no, you should go. You should go. Whereas if it wasn’t related to Cornell, I can tell you right now, if I was just trying to go on a lady’s weekend, he’d be like, ah , really, you’re going to leave the kids with me and just bail out. You know, it would be a tough sell, but I think because he adores you and he, he , um, loves the sport. He was like, no, you should definitely go. You should definitely go to Erie . So look Erie here I come. And , um, I can’t wait to just see how, you know, what all happens. Then we’ll hang out with Nicole Pratt who is another one of our founding girls throw two movement , um, ladies and , um, so we’ll have a good time there. So I’m so excited for that. And um, thank you so much for coming on. I do you guys have any big mother’s day plans? Um, my son is coordinating a little cookout at , Oh, it was just this morning. He asked me what I wanted. And what’d you say putting a menu together? I want some marinated steak tips. Yeah. We got to get the girl out. Well, it’s always set up . I know, I know you’re like me, we’re doing pretty much the same thing. So my sister-in-law asked her what we want, what I wanted to do and obviously what I want to do and what my mother-in-law wants to do. And I said, there’s this chicken that my father-in-law makes it so good on the barbecue with like Salandro and this really good marinade. And I was like, and I always loved strips. So I’m getting some chicken and shrimp and you can always pick cornhole and throw bags out and it will be because they have a pool. So even though it’s going to be like 90 degrees, but you just hop in the pool, throw some out, play a game when you lose, you get back in the pool until it’s your turn again. I love it. I love it. Well, thanks so much happy mother’s day, Sheila and everyone stay tuned because we have another mother and another woman coming. Um, it’s a mutual friend of our Sheila’s. He does Soto’s wife, Mary she’s, a doll and a domestic goddess and a hard working mother and wife. And I can’t wait to hear what she has to say in the interview coming up. So stay tuned for that. But for now we’ll say goodbye to Sheila. Good luck and Erie . I’ll be there cheering you on. All right. Thank you.Speaker 1: 1:22:20

All right . You bet. Bye . Guess what time it is. We got to announce that review of the week, Michelle. So lay it on me, which amazing listeners feedback is the winning review this time. Yep. So this week we have K Y Cordoza who said I’m brand new to corn hole that had been an avid cheerleader to my boys, son and husband for a few months. Now I decided that I should be having fun too. This podcast is two episodes in and I’ve already laughed with Michelle and Whitney picked up tips to improve my game and have gained so much more competence playing overall. I am so happy is so happy to see the start of this family bag and broads is creating and even happier now to be a part of it. Thank you ladies so much. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Because you, that review literally touches on every single goal. I felt that I had for this venture, so, wow. I’m not going to get choked up. I’m you’re I’m not crying. You’re crying show . All right . Well, just remember if your review is chosen and read on air, you have ,Speaker 6: 1:23:22

Until the following girls started to podcast airsSpeaker 1: 1:23:24

The next week to reach out to us via the website or Facebook, just let us know that you heard it and that it’s you, and that you want your merchandise prize because we want to send it to you. But we, we , you got to come to us. Um, and we really appreciate those reviews again. Please keep them coming time to give a shout out to last week’s player of the week. The woman who received this honorable title last Friday was Brianne rouser.Speaker 3: 1:23:51

Yeah. Brianne was nominated on our girls’ throw to forum, which is our Facebook group by her sweet husband last week.Speaker 1: 1:23:58

And for good reason to Brianne went into labor while in the middle of a corn hole tournament. And she refused to go to the hospital until the game was done. That is some dedication and commitment right there. So if you would like to nominate someone or nominate yourself, no shame in that we want you to go to our group page and tell us about the person or yourself who’s deserving of the honor and tell us why we’ll pick one each week to read on air. And we will feature a shout out to them on our facesSpeaker 6: 1:24:26

Book, group page on our waySpeaker 1: 1:24:29

Site , under the blog section and on our podcast . Good job, Brianne . Congrats. Let’s go ahead and welcome them .Speaker 6: 1:24:37

Our awesome guests, the supportive wife slash domestic goddess, Mary Soto to the show. Welcome Mary. Thanks for coming on with us. Thank you for having me. Of course, your husband CDOT, you know, he’s a pro player and a pretty prominent person within the cornhole community, for sure. Um , he has a podcast of his own. If you guys haven’t heard it, you should go over there and check it out. Um, it’s great stuff, but he, and he’s also a community activist, which I love about him. He seems to be all around just a great guy. Yeah.Speaker 3: 1:25:09

He’s actually been super supportive and encouraging to us during the startup phase of bagging broads , which we really appreciate. And like Whitney said, he’s a very well-known guy in the world of cornhole , but we only see the pro player side of him. So we really want to do today is learn more about CDOT, the husband, the family man, and learn about you marry the awesome woman who stands by his side in the life.Speaker 6: 1:25:34

Exactly Michelle. So , uh, you know, C CDOT , everybody knows CDOT in one way or another, but we don’t really know him the way you do. I’m sure none of us can. So I probably want to start out by asking you Mary. Um, so when and how did UNC first meet? Well, this is actually quite an interesting story, so it’s kind of weird. All right. So when we were in middle school, we actually lived in the same apartment complex for a little while. So we kind of knew each other when we were, you know, 12, 13 years old and then they moved away and , um , I didn’t see him again for many, many years. And then I ran into him at church one day and it turns out he went to the same church and it’s a pretty good sized church. I didn’t know. Um, well, that’s funny because my next question was going to be, what was your first impressionSpeaker 2: 1:26:34

Of him, but I guess you guys were so young that it’sSpeaker 6: 1:26:36

Probably hard. And when I, when I tell the story, so he loves to jump in and remind people that when we were middle-schoolers , uh , he likes to tell everybody that I was dating his brother. We were like 12 . So I’m not sure that dating is a good qualified word for that. Exactly. Right . Right.Speaker 2: 1:27:03

Who , when you guys met back up through church, who would you say actively pursued? Who firstSpeaker 6: 1:27:08

In the relationship. Okay. Well, a couple twists on that. Um , one, the first time I ran into him at church, he actually was , um , married to another woman. So, you know, we said, yeah, of course , cordial, greetings, and , and moved along. And, and he also loves to interject at this point, tell people that when he recognized me in the stairwell, that I was mean to him , which I flat out deniedSpeaker 2: 1:27:36

It seem like a mean person.Speaker 6: 1:27:39

Yeah . So fast forward a few years, probably four or five years later, I was out with a girlfriend one night , um, wound up in a place I wasn’t even supposed to be at. And lo and behold, he was there and we got to, we got to talking because I recognize him. And after that day we were pretty much inseparable. He was no longer married at that point. And , uh , that’s such a sweet , been stuck together like glue ever since. No , I love it.Speaker 2: 1:28:07

That , that country music’s on . I always love it when I hear stories like this and God bless the bro .Speaker 6: 1:28:12

That must be straight to you. Yep . That was one of the songs we played at our wedding. Oh my gosh , Whitney nailed it. I love it. What a fun story too. It’sSpeaker 2: 1:28:24

Fun when you have the, you know, we knew each other way before, right. I mean, even if you met him way after he became a proSpeaker 6: 1:28:31

Player, like, you know, this is crazy, causeSpeaker 2: 1:28:33

This was back in middle school. So how cool is that? And so when you met him and met back up with him , um , even at the earliest church, was he already playing a lot of corn hole at that time?Speaker 6: 1:28:45

I don’t know. I can tell you that. By the time we got together, he was already well into it. Okay. So he’s been playing cornhole since we were officially a couple. Gotcha. And so did you like corn hole or know anything out corn before you guys met back up and started dating? So I was quite amused and he told me he was a professional cornhole player. And I’m like, is that really a thing? So I , I never really knew much about it. Like I never even really had any exposure to it. And man , I had friends that had boards, you know , we probably played in their backyard a couple of times. I didn’t really have any love or hate for it was pretty much just a different one way or the other. Sure. And so when , um , obviously, I mean, seed is pretty, it’s a big part of his life, I assume, between the podcasts and the playing. Um, how much time roughly, would you say, or how much percentage of his life is dominated and your life is dominated by cornhole related things a lot more and hold out? Um, well, I don’t really let him drag me around with him, so he never gets chord and hold out. Um, I I’ve been, you know , I traveled with him a couple of times, but for the most part I don’t, so I don’t, I don’t get the chance to get corn hold out . Other than sometimes it’s hard for me to get his attention for other things. But yeah. So you , so you’re not usually at the competitions with him. So his , he got a lot in terms of, you know , the weekends and that kind of thing. It comes in waves. So he’s got a league night , um, that kind of went away during COVID for awhile . Um, now it’s back. Um, he also does an outdoor league mini league for the summer. That’s getting ready to start again. Then you’ve got all the ACL stuff. So he, he travels either locally or further away for cornhole quite a bit. And I know in the pre , um, in our pre recorded recording , uh pre-interview you had mentioned to me that you don’t usually go out there and throw with them, but in the summer league, you know, you’ll go out and have a beverage and watch, watch him play his outdoor league. He does at a , at a place that’s not too far from our house. Yeah. I’ll go, I’ll go up there after work, you know , with , with a friend of mine or my mother-in-law is over there, she’ll meet me up there. Um , sometimes my son will come with me and we’ll just go up there and, you know, have something to eat and we’ll have a couple of drinks with my girlfriends and we’ll just hang out for a little while. So before he goes to these , um, these trips, like Vegas is coming up or , or by the time this airs, maybe Vegas has already happened, but , um, what does he, how does he manifest any kind of nervous energy? Like, does he get irritable? Does he get energetic? Emotional? I don’t think he gets nervous. Um, I don’t really think that’s his character. Um, I think if that happens to him, it probably happens to him while he’s on stage. So to speak more than more so than any apprehension before he just, he loves it, it runs in his blood. Like he just, he loves Cornell so much and just loves being, he loves being a part of it. So he looks forward to that stuff more than he’s ever apprehensive. Yeah. And I can imagine that, you know, the people who playSpeaker 4: 1:32:20

Cornell avidly totally get it. Like when you tell me it’s in his blood, I’m like, I get it. And I have the bug. I totally understand. But people that don’t play that much must think that sounds completely insane. Like it’s corn hole , it’s a thing you do while your food’s cooking on the Barb .Speaker 6: 1:32:33

Right? Yeah. It’s like, if you know, you know, it’s one of those things, you know, I, you know what though, I do think it’s becoming as it becomes more mainstream. Um, there’s probably a lot more people that recognize it as something a little more than a backyard game, especially even since don’t been together. Oh, sure. Um , you know, he’ll, he’s got quite a large wardrobe of cornhole jerseys,Speaker 4: 1:33:01

No matter where we go. Yeah . We always joke with them ,Speaker 6: 1:33:04

The women that the most expensive part of the sport is the bags and the babysitters for the men. It’s probably the bags and the accessories. Yeah . The bag welders that carriers the patches. Yeah. Oh definitely. We’ve got plenty of that. Plenty of that over here. Piles and piles of it, but you know what, he doesn’t, he doesn’t really say anything to me about when I spend money on shoes and stuff like that.Speaker 4: 1:33:29

[inaudible] situation.Speaker 6: 1:33:33

Nope . It’s on, it will go somewhere and people will stop him to talk to him about it. I love that he’s wearing the shirt . SoSpeaker 4: 1:33:41

I’ve heard of people matching their shoes to their bags. I mean, we’re getting crazy excessive here withSpeaker 6: 1:33:46

The money spent on court hall. At that point. I , my husband’s got a whole collection of converse matched to his different. There we go. I’m trying to figure out, are people buying the shoes first and then buying the bags to match the shoes? Or is it the vice versa order? I think the shirts come first because literally every day there’s somebody else thrown a shirt out there. And from what I can understand, I think they give shirts to one another like little trophies. So, you know , when , when you meet somebody from a different cornhole group, they’ll send you a shirt and shake hands. Some people fist bump others just, and Merck . We have a lot of merchandise house. I bet. Um , so one of the things that I find so endearing about CDOT , uh , you know, is just his kind heart. He’s kind of like, he seems like a big guy. Who’s got a Teddy bear interior. And , um, he he’s, like we said, he’s been so supportive of us and kind of given us tips and advice and kind of held our hands as we try to get this lady venture up and going. Um, and I’ve also seen on Facebook, I’ve kind of followed him , uh,Speaker 2: 1:34:58

Going through massive strides to try to raise money and help , um, you know, various cornhole families who may be , um, undergoing, you know, a tragic life event or whatnot . So he seems to be very philanth therapy driven. Um, so that’s clearly like a positive personality, quality of SITA’s . What else would you say you love most about your, your pro playing man?Speaker 6: 1:35:23

He really, he’s a very genuine person. So when you meet pseudo , what you see is what you get, he’s really the same on the outside that he has on the inside. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Um, he’s very passionate. He shares that passion. I mean, it just spills out of him, you know , wherever he goes. And it’s obvious to people that just can sit on Facebook and look at some of his posts and then you can, you can see it right away.Speaker 2: 1:35:53

Absolutely. And I would say in the , in a couple of exchanges I’ve had with him , uh, his tendency to be intensely loyalSpeaker 6: 1:36:02

Is , um ,Speaker 2: 1:36:04

Yeah, I think it’s such a remarkable quality and shows so much about his character because loyalty is , um, a trait very hard to come by. Um, I think these days, so I really appreciate that about him, whether it’s to his, the bags he plays with and that manufacturer, or just to people who , um, you know, who have been with him since the beginning, he is always going to help them out and whatnot. I mean , he’s really, he really seems to be a standup guy and he , he definitely loves you. I can tell by Facebook, he’s always talking about you and talking you up. Um, most , uh , notably for me because I can’t cook to save my life, but I really, really am a foodie and liked to eat great meals. Um, seems like you’re just quite the chef in the kitchen from these pictures. I see CDOT posting when he’s eating these homemade meals, that’s you that’s cooking them. Right.Speaker 6: 1:36:56

That’s me nine 99% of the time. That’s me. So my mom’s a really good cook. I think I picked up a lot from her and I , and I do enjoy it if I’m not in a situation where the pressure’s on to cook something. Right. Um, I do enjoy it. So what’s your favorite thing? He really likes what I feed him. So that, that also fuels it. You know ,Speaker 2: 1:37:17

You a man’s heart man. Totally. I appreciateSpeaker 6: 1:37:20

His appreciation for my coping. SoSpeaker 2: 1:37:22

I’d love to know what your favorite thing is to cook him his favorite thing to eat and whether it’s the same.Speaker 6: 1:37:28

Oh, there’s so much, I’m not even sure I can pin it down. I mean, we both really like Italia and we both really like Mexican. Um, one of the things I have picked up since we’ve been married as is a couple of Puerto Rican dishes. So some Spanish cooking , um, which even impressed my mother-in-law will tell you, I canSpeaker 2: 1:37:47

You compare it to his mom . That’s awesome. Well , um, so talking about things that you guys like that are the same, or might notSpeaker 6: 1:37:56

Like that are the same to get a better idea of who you are and who CDOT is. I’d love to know a little bit about what you guys do when you’re not playing cornhole. Like, do you have any other shared hobbies or what kind of movies do you guys both like or TV shows? Are there TV shows? Do you watch weekly together? We liked TV and movies probably way too much. Sorry one does the pandemic. I think that that didn’t help to get us off the couch. So we spent a lot of the last year. You’ll binge watching everything. And , um , what are some of your favorites? Oh, you know, we both really like , um, historically based dramas , so there’s a couple on Netflix, but he watched with me Queens gamut . No, there’s one called the last kingdom. He loves that. There was another one, something about, I should check out the binders. Yeah . I’ve heard that . I’ve heard. That’s good. All right. Now I’m watching the crown. I can’t get them to watch it with me so I can only watch it when he’s not here, but I couldn’t get into that one chances to watch it. So people that rave about it, I couldn’t get into it either. Um, but you know, I think, I think what kind of shows you watch, especially if you can find some that you like as a couple, it’s always good to have that to look forward to watching together. And people get really mad. Like one person in the couple, like gets a little head and the show watch together. Better watch out. I was gonna say, yeah, I was going to say, that’s kind of almost the downside of it because I might want to watch the next episode .Speaker 4: 1:39:25

So did the, Nick’s not home and I’m like, man, and if I do watch it, Oh ,Speaker 6: 1:39:30

Oh yeah. He’s so mad done it. And I just pretend I’m seeing it all for them .Speaker 4: 1:39:37

[inaudible] ,Speaker 6: 1:39:38

That’s why I have to have a couple going at the same time. Cause w so we’re right now we’re watching the zoo or zoo. Okay . I started watching it, got hooked on it. Then he wound up watching a couple episodes. Now he’s hooked on it. So now I have to stay where I’m at until he can watch it with me, which is why I started watching the crown. Because like, you’re not here. I need something to watch when you’re not here. Exactly, definitely. So , um, what, does he have any kind of unique habits or quirks or, or funny things or, or maybe , um, bad habits storing, you know, chewing with his mouth open? No, not really. Not really. Um, he’s just perfect. Well, not none of us is perfect, but he’s , um, he’s a little more sensitive than I am so I can kind of see that. Cause he is, like I said, he’s got that Teddy bear heart on your sleeve means usually you’re a bit more sensitive. Right. Cause you’re just all, all out there vulnerable, which is both amazing. And also can be , uh, you know, challenging it sometimes . Yeah . We’ll , we’ll watch a movie or something and he’ll get really upset with me. He’s like, why don’t you ever ,Speaker 4: 1:40:48

Are you made of stone? I’m not, I’m not made of stone. And I do cry. I don’t want your listenersSpeaker 2: 1:40:54

To think that Bobby and I will both be crying, but like we both try to hide it. Totally. I’m not crying. You’re crying. I’m not crying. You’re crying . I tried to hide it. I don’t think Nick cares as much, but one time he came in and I was like, what’s wrong? He’s like, Oh, I was just listening to this amazing song. Like, okay, I love it all. Teary-eyed I love it. He goes and he travels and he plays any either wins or, you know, unfortunately, sometimes we eat, you know, you can’t win them all. He does not. Does he usually call you right after? And, and how, how does he sound and what do you say if he won and how do you do it in the opposite situation? Well, he’ll usually comeSpeaker 6: 1:41:36

Anyway. So I , you know, when he’s getting ready to head home from wherever he is, he’ll always call, let me know. Um, I can usually tell by the way he’s talking, how it went. Um , sometimes he’ll spill it. Sometimes he won’t, sometimes I gotta kinda like pull it out of him when he gets home.Speaker 2: 1:41:50

That’s interesting. That’s so interesting. See, I wouldn’t hear , I wouldn’t get a call from my husband if he had lost. I’d just see him when he showed back up. Cause he doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to have to like go through it, you know? And then I would know not to ask, like we didn’t have the phone call. He must not have won if he won you better believe two seconds after he got back on the court, I would get this celebratory woo call . I’m curious. I’m curious, Mary, are you fanatic about anything? Uh , like he is about cornhole . Um,Speaker 6: 1:42:21

I don’t know if I’m fanatical about anything. Um, sadly I’m, I’m at the point in my life right now where I’m kind of a workaholic. So I , I would say anything that takes up my time, the way Cornell takes up his time. It’s my job. So it’s just, it’s just where I’m at right now. I don’t know that it’s going to be that way forever and it’s not necessarily my personality. It’s actually the job.Speaker 2: 1:42:43

Do you enjoy it? I know you mentioned it’s a high stress environment, but D and you, you can say maybe for the listeners, just a little bit about what you do.Speaker 6: 1:42:52

I actually do enjoy it. So I am an auto claims adjuster. Um, I’ve been with the same company. It’ll be 14 years in June. Um, I’ve actually learned a lot and grown a lot in that position since I started with this company. So they’ve kind of made me who I am and I do enjoy it . It, it is stressful. Um , it’s always stressful to deal with other people’s tragedies. And I don’t, you know, we don’t handle anything huge and, and get into like bodily injury or anything. It’s all property, it’s all property damage for us. But when it can be stressful, especially when, you know, you’re telling somebody something they don’t want to hearSpeaker 2: 1:43:27

Well. And, and how relatable though, that, that you don’t have so much extra time for crazy hobbies that your time is spent with your job, which is what a lot of people are. That’s like pretty normal. Yeah, probably it probably helps with , um , not feeling like resentful or being kind of chill and laid back when it comes to how much CDOT has to play in how time he has to dedicate to Cornell. Because if he didn’t have anything going on job wise or hobby wise, you know, that might get old and being gone or always when you’re, if you’re going to want to be with them , you have to be traveling and doing all these Cornell related. Yeah .Speaker 6: 1:44:05

Right. Well, you know, we’ve got , um, my son is getting ready to graduate from high school here in a month. I know it’s crazy. Um, so one day , one of the things Whitney and I talked about when we talked last week, I said , you in my life could look a whole lot different a year from now because that family dynamic is getting ready to change a little bit. So I, I’m not opposed to traveling a little more with him. I don’t think I’ve had as much freedom to do that , um, with my son at home and in school and that kind of thing. So that that’s kind of changing. So I’ll probably try and get out on the road with him a little bit more and get away from work. But what we need to do is we need to the girlsSpeaker 2: 1:44:44

More vocal within, you know, these organizations with , you know , the ACO and the ACL and start to get , um , these tournaments somewhere real fun. Like , like, why do we need to go to Kansas? What let’s go .Speaker 6: 1:44:58

Yeah . So we’ve talked about that this year already. And I said, look, I said, I’m not, I’m not going to Wichita. And there’s nothing in which a title. I don’t want to go to Wichita. You know, you guys need some more fun destination . So , um, like they had a smaller tournament in Myrtle beach. Oh, there we go. Okay. Like two , two or three years in a row. Yeah , it was right after Christmas and my son and I went down with him both times , but it was still fun to be there in South Carolina. You don’t come in from Ohio. I love Myrtle beach. It’s one of my favorite destination . SoSpeaker 2: 1:45:35

I’m glad you mentioned that because I can’t believe in all of the questions we’ve asked you. We never asked exactly where you guys live. And is that where you guys met originally? You guys have always been in Ohio .Speaker 6: 1:45:44

Yes, we are Ohioans. And what part? Uh, we’re around Cleveland. So Northeast , Northeast.Speaker 2: 1:45:51

My, my , uh , grandparents have ever since I was born. And even when my, my parents, my mom was little , um, they are in like Eastlake , Ohio, so Cleveland area,Speaker 6: 1:46:02

That’s a little further East. And , um, they actually had a, a charity tournament up there over the weekend. I really like,Speaker 2: 1:46:09

Oh , I need to go up one of those and go see nanny and Papa. I was going to say Noni and Papa, and we need to see some tournaments in Hawaii, maybe Florida. I mean, yeah.Speaker 6: 1:46:21

You go to Florida in January, but that’s, that’s a , that’s a poorly scheduled tournament because the weather is like never good, right. January when they go, it’s usually, and it’s always like super bowl weekend, so it’s totally crazy to try and get a hotel and rental car. Yeah .Speaker 2: 1:46:36

And I mean, like, I didn’t even like, like a Nashville throw a Nashville or an Austin.Speaker 6: 1:46:40

Um , I’m in, if they’re in Nashville, I’m going right .Speaker 2: 1:46:43

Hey, ACO, ACL, you listening to this Charleston girlfriends or would want to travelSpeaker 1: 1:46:50

Down an actual watch and play corner.Speaker 2: 1:46:53

We’ll do a little coyote, ugly are on the stuff . Well , that’s been so nice talking to you. I think it’s really , um, helpful or fun and interesting to get the perspective that we’re trying to offer, which not many other interviewers , um, within the Cornell industry seemed to be putting out there . Content wise is just, you know , yes. You know, plays cornhole. Yes. Stephen Burnett plays play corn hole and yes, they are very skillful at that, but that is not who they are solely as a person. You know, everybody has a side of them beyond that and that’s the one we never get to see. And so our hope is to kind of open that door and get to know everyone a little bit better, you know, Cornell related. Yeah . So that’s interesting, but also we want to know what’s happening behind the scenes and you have really provided a great perspective on who CDOT is and what y’all’s relationship dynamic is, which is by the way, very cute. And like I said before, very endearing. Um, I need some recipes from you verbally. Uh, the ones that , uh, are hard to burn because I, I currently am in the position where I like Alburn cut and bake cookies. I mean , um , it’s bad. So any kind of tips or help we could do a zoom call, you could send me a recipe. I would be extraordinarily thankful. Um, and I’m not going to show my husband any of the pictures of [inaudible] meals , uh , until I get a little bit better. Cause he’ll start to give me a hard time now. I, I can’t pump those out, but , um, well we , um, really, really loved hearing from you , uh , CDOT Soto , um, is the pro player. We are talking to his wife, Mary, you can follow them on Facebook, go check out his podcast. Um, and it’s been awesome. Thank you so much for taking some time to give us a little bit more inside knowledge into this. You’re welcome. And the ,Speaker 1: 1:48:44

His podcast is Cedar’s cornholeSpeaker 2: 1:48:47

Corner and use the name of that one. So you can, yeah, I believe it comes out. I can’t remember if it’s Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. Yeah. So same as ours. You listened to ours in the morning, listen to his in the afternoon, two different perspectives, both cornhole related there’s room enough within the Cornell community for us all to have a little slice. And , um, like I said, CDOT has not viewed us as any kind of competition. He’s done quite the opposite and embraced us and welcomed us in, which is what cornhole community should be about. And that’s what we love. And that’s what you know, and now we love you .Speaker 1: 1:49:21

You and Mary, we really appreciate you coming on . Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you so much, Mary. Thank you. Right . Tell Steeda . We said hi. We’ll do you have a great night? Thanks so much for listening to our podcast. We’d love to hear from you. If you could please write a review on your favorite listening app, we will be forever grateful and we will choose one review to read each week on air. That’s right. And if your review is chosen, we’re going to send you out some sweet girls , throw to Merck as a thank you for all your kind and helpful words. So don’t forget review, subscribe, and stay updated with all things related to our girls’ throat to lady player movement@girlsthrowtwo.com .Speaker 6: 1:50:04

Thanks. Y’all.

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