Ep. 3: League Night, New Look, and Interview With Kaylee Hunter

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Welcome to girls throw to a female-driven cornhole podcast by bagging broads. This is a judgment free podcast made by women for women where there’s no such thing as a stupid question. And there’s lots of fun to be had. Hey , Hey.Speaker 2: 0:21

Hey, welcome back y’all to our second week of the girls throw two podcast I’ve legit and counting down the days until we got to record this again, because I had so much fun on episode one. It’s so true. I was like, maybe we should do more episodes per week. I don’t know, but really the outpouring of support and the listener downloads was so unexpected and so appreciated . It feels like we’ve begun to create this cornhole female family from all parts of the country, which is so cool. Yeah, no , definitely. I don’t know how else to describe it really is anything other than a sisterhood. I mean, I’ve , I’ve authentically come to care about so many of the women that I have met through this venture, whether it be , um , through our consultant team or through the wonderful women who are engaging in interacting with us on the Facebook forum. Um, but despite the fact I’ve never actually met them. They’re sisters for life. It’s so true. It’s such a cool and supportive group. And we just want to keep trying to reach out to those who may not know about us and really get everyone to post more and engage with each other more with the bag and broads Facebook group. So it’s our forum and that’s what it’s there for. So tell your friends, get active on our group page. We really want to meet you genuinely for sure. I mean there , and we use what you guys say in that forum, you know, for , uh , content on the podcast and the whole, this podcast means nothing. If it’s not entertaining and enjoyable to our listeners. So we are here for the constructive criticism, the feedback and the ideas, please keep those coming. We want to keep improving the quality of our content and our podcast every single week. So it’s something that you guys look forward to listening to each Thursday, but we need you listeners to speak up so we can do that. So please definitely don’t hesitate to reach out, be a messenger to any of us or just post in that forum. That is again what it’s there for. Yeah. And speaking of improving, we’re always trying to also improve our corn hole play. Right. That’s why we’re here. Yeah . Amen. That takes effort and practice. So what was on your play or practice agenda this week wit uh , so cornhole related, you’re asking , um, we , uh, you know, we play pretty much every night. If we can, it’s been a busy work week. We’ve done a couple podcasts recording segments , um, kind of later into the night cause you’re on that West coast and I’m on the East coast and the time gets all awkward. So I ended up having, you know, doing them later in the night, but , uh , my husband and ensures that if it’s not raining or there’s not a tornado or hurricane outside, we definitely throw bags for, you know, 30 minutes to an hour. Um, I’ve been working on a new tip that Sheila Roy R pro gave me last week. And it’s so simple. We’ll, we’ll share that this week, along with one other one in our tip of the week, later in the segment. Um, but so I’m improving and I’m getting better. Um, my handicap is going down so to speak when I play with Bobby, but I’m still in my head a lot. Um, as far as like more competitive play, I play every Wednesday. I think like you do. Um, we went to leagues last Wednesday and I’m trying to remember because now we’re recording this a week later. How I ultimately did. I think , um, I won some games. I lost some games, so we probably ended up somewhere in the middle. I know I did not win the whole thing. I would remember that. And I don’t think I did like zero and six with our switch Julio I’m set up like I have done in the past, sadly. Um, but this week was fun because, you know, I played the switch, Julio social instead of playing in the league. So our league allows you to sign up to four members up to play as part of the league , um , games. And you can switch or choose whoever of the four you want to participate for points that week. I did it one time. My husband made me and I did not enjoy it. It’s a much serious, like more serious vibe over in that end of the , um, the arena. And , um, I kind of prefer like the social fun learn as you go type vibe. So , um, they’re really good over there. I was a little out of my league, so to speak. So I said no more, no more. I’d rather not do that. So then this week I went back to the switch, Aaliyah’s social and we play up in the Baltimore area. It’s quite a , quite a drive, but it’s worth it. Cause it’s so fun, great people. And um, I have my own, but the coolest part was, is, and I got to share this story. Um, the very first time I ever went to competitive play, I met , um, a little boy named Kaden and he is, I want to say like between 12 and 14, it’s hard for me to tell because I have all girls. So it’s , I can’t really judge anything boy related accurately, but , um, he, he, his eyes were wide when he saw my throw and how terrible it was. And he, I could tell, he was thinking like, Oh Jesus, please don’t let her be partnered with me for any of this. Cause he’s pretty good. And I’m sure enough, there’s not that many of us there. We ended up on each other’s team one time and I just could not help, but like profusely apologize. I’m so sorry. I hate, I hate if I run this for you, you know, I’m just learning. And instead of being like annoyed and rolling his eyes and not , um , being kind, he would help me, you know, try, you know, it’d be like, Oh, okay, we’ll just do this. Take deep breaths, blah blah. Then I played him in another round and he was my against me. And he was still giving me tips, even though I was his opponent, which I felt like was very endearing and of him. But anyway, so now fast forward to probably like two or three months later, I saw him last Wednesday and he came up to me and he calls me Ms. Whitney, which makes me feel super old, but it’s also super sweet of him to do so. And he said, Ms . Whitney, you have gotten so much better. It’s like crazy. I mean, I would want to , I would be willing to play, you know, co-ed doubles like for a regional or something with you now. And I was like, no, you’re just saying that. And he’s like, I’m , I’m shooting you straight. I think you’ve gotten good. So then he, not only did we like bond as like this potential partnership , um , going forward, but after we finished the social, the league boys weren’t done yet. So I had to wait for my husband to finish up and there were open boards. He stayed there for like probably 15 more minutes with me just giving me lessons. So like now he’s tutoring me. And it was just the coolest thing to see that , um, you know, I probably would not have wanted or asked for an adult grown male to help me with my skillset , um, acquisition, but I was definitely feeling less intimidated because of maybe his age. And he was so, so endearing and so, so helpful. So shout out to you, Kayden you and your dad co are awesome people. We love doing lead with you and keep being patient with me and teaching me cause I’m going to get there one day. I promise you,Speaker 3: 7:19

It is really cool to think about like a young, the younger generation sort of mentoring, you know, the older generation, you brought up a good point about the fact that it’s easier to receive. I know when Nick first started to coach me and especially like, if we play pool, which I’m awful at, I don’t want to hear his feedback. I’m just like, shut up and let me just hit the ball. I don’t really want to hear it. And he gets frustrated because he sees the potential and I’m like, no, I don’t, I don’t want to do it. So I was annoyed when he would coach me at the beginning, but then it actually started working and I was like, all right , you might know what you’re talking about. You’re right. Maybe. I mean, you are significantly better than me. So maybe it’s not just by accident because I think part of the way that at least I was thinking was like, well, it’s just because he’s male, right? Like it’s not because he can actually teach me some kind of skill to get better. It just because he’s a guy, that’s why he’s better than me. And I thinkSpeaker 2: 8:10

That’s how it is in all the other sports. Usually the more physically, you know, athletic ones,Speaker 3: 8:15

It didn’t click that. Like there’s literally no difference. Like if I just do what he does, I can have the same kind of successes and because there’s no difference, male or female. And I was actually listening to a YouTube video from whole nation where they were interviewing a bunch of ACO pro females, and they’re asking them like, what do you want to see? And all of them said the same thing. We want more women in the sport. Which, I mean, I think we all say that. But what I thought was interesting was the reason why, and they said, you know, when we’re playing against men, there’s like this expectation of like, well, if we lose to a male, we lose to a male. Like of course there are men and right. Even though it shouldn’t be that way, because there’s no difference. It’s just sort of the mindset as they want more women in the sport because they want to beat women. Cause then it actually feels like, like I actually beat someone equally. It’s just different, like in the mindset. Yeah .Speaker 2: 9:07

I know. It’s , it’s, it’s kind of a shame, you know, to think that that’s where we are that, you know, when a woman meets a woman, she doesn’t feel as accomplished or satisfied as when a woman beats a male, especially in something that just requires throwing a bag 27 feet, you know, into a hole that is not necessarily based on athletic prowess proudness. But , um, I think I also think that as a watcher or an audience member, like when we have broadcast and whatnot, I, unfortunately I don’t get that as much into watching the female doubles, play FEMA , you know , play each other. I don’t also get into the male doubles, playing each other. I really enjoy seeing that , that co-ed dynamicSpeaker 3: 9:50

Dynamic. I think what surprised me the most was actually kind of the opposite of what you said, which is that they actually felt more accomplished when they beat women versus men because they kind of expected to lose to the men. And so, yeah , I guess, I guess you’re right. So if they did beat a male, it was like, Holy crap, like that’s a freaking deal, but at the same time they want to play more women because they, their expectation is that they can actually beat them, even though they should have. I mean, I’m saying ,Speaker 2: 10:19

Yeah , well, you know what, you know what, give back and browse a little bit more time. And the people who we get to enter the sport now will be all stars and a couple of years, and then this whole dynamic will be different and for the better, and the boys will take us seriously and they’ll be like, Oh shoot, I’m playing her today. Yeah. But so that, that’s , um, that’s a good wrap up for like our cornhole week and cornhole , uh , related , um, recaps. But , uh, again, it’s a podcast that’s not just dedicated to Cornell. It’s dedicated to the woman and the person we are on and off the court. So you got to fill me in anything exciting happened in family life or marriage or anything this weekSpeaker 3: 10:56

With you ? Well, we did have my son’s six birthday party over the weekend, which was kind of crazy because it’s been like 80 degrees here or , or , or 90 degrees. But the day that we planned his party, it was going to pour rain and be 55 degrees. Yeah.Speaker 2: 11:11

Isn’t it ironic type . It’s an honest Morissette song.Speaker 3: 11:14

Right. And I have planned like a slip and slide party, like, you know, water I’m like, well, okay. So then I switched it to a bounce house and then the bounce house wouldn’t deliver cause it was going to rain. So I literally had to switch the entire party to a different day, like days before. And I set up this treasure hunt where they had to run around the yard and find things and it led them to a pinata, which they got to then of course break the pinata, get the candy, they painted shirts, they painted rocks. Like it was crazy. And I was proud that I put together so quickly.Speaker 2: 11:42

Yeah, yeah. As you should be, but that love that kind of party. It’s like good old fashioned kid, fun. You know,Speaker 3: 11:47

They had a blast and I’m like, I told the parents cause they, our whole yard is just dirt right now. We don’t have like grass or anything cause we don’t have irrigation yet. And so we have a sled from, from the South. So the kids sledSpeaker 2: 11:59

Down our dirt Hill in our yard. I love it. That is exactly what I think kids should be doing nowadays, get off your iPads and start sledding down dirt Hills.Speaker 3: 12:09

They’re filthy. Right. I’m like, I’m so sorry. I sent your kids home covered in dirt and paint and um, yeah, sorry about that. But the other thing I was good . I w I was thinking about, because I don’t know if you noticed wit because we’re on zoom, but I have been growing out my gray hair for the last year and a half. Um, so I used to have dark, dark red hair. I see, I see a couple of trickles. You see some sprinkles, I see some sprinklesSpeaker 2: 12:34

Pepper action going to home. And ISpeaker 3: 12:37

Like for women, it’s really difficult. There’s this huge double standard because men have salt and pepper hair and it’s like dignified and sexySpeaker 2: 12:46

And George Clooney. Right?Speaker 3: 12:47

Like, it’s like, it’s sought after. And like, for me, like, I like the little salt in my husband’s hair and beard because it means I’m with a man my age.Speaker 2: 12:56

Right. Right. And man grew with a man with a woman it’s like, totally not.Speaker 3: 13:04

It is not sought after. Uh, and so I was really nervous to do it, but I was having to dye my hair every three weeks to keep up with the grays. And I was like, this is ,Speaker 2: 13:13

I have blonde hair. I’m sure there’s grays in there, but they’re , they’re much harder to see, you know, hide it better.Speaker 3: 13:18

You blonde . These can hide that gray a little better than us with the darker hair.Speaker 2: 13:24

So what’s the plan. So I just said F at all, and I let it go ,Speaker 3: 13:27

No gray , but I am going to , um, try something different. I’m going to dye it, but intentionally with gray. So when is this happening? It’s going to happen. So as you’re listening to this, it’s happening later today. So we’ll have to see himSpeaker 2: 13:40

Already happened when this podcast airs no home leader in the day. Okay. Got it. Yeah .Speaker 3: 13:46

So I’ll have to show you guys what it looks like. I have no idea what it’s going to be, but I haven’t dyed my hair in a year and a half.Speaker 2: 13:50

Are you going to cut it or leave it the same length? I think I’ll leave it the same.Speaker 3: 13:55

No . I want to know from the ladies listening, like, what’s the deal with your hair? Like, are you guys all dealing with graves ? Are you maybe not gray yet? Because we do get sort of gray early in my family. Um, but I’m in my mid year .Speaker 2: 14:06

Yeah. That’s actually a great, I would love to hear back from listeners as well. Like ladies out there , um , as, how do you embrace aging in general, but it’s , you know, gray hair being the specific , um, here, is it something that you just, you know , like try to run quickly to the salon to hide a second? That’s something pops up or, you know, are you debating whether or not to kind of go all natural because you know, some of the women in Hollywood have gone all gray and they look stunning.Speaker 3: 14:35

And also I’m shocked that all the compliments I get as I started to go gray, really men and women have been like, you’re so brave. And I was like, why is it brave to show aging? Like, it’s not that way for men, it’s only women that it’s considered brave to, to age publicly those double standards.Speaker 2: 14:53

One of my friends, Laura had posted on Facebook the other day about dress codes at school. You know, their kids just went back. Full-time at the public schools around here. Um, our kids are in private. So they’ve been back since August. Thank you, Jesus. And thank you private school, people who didn’t make the decision, but , um, our , uh, you know, the public schools here just have gone back. So I guess their daughters were like in school for maybe a week or so. And then , um, instantly there were issues with like getting calls or demerits or whatever they give out, you know, for dress code violations. And then it was the perfect , um, image, or like picture that somebody posted. It was like dress code violations when it comes to the boys. And it’s like a little magnifying glass of the tiny piece of paper that the teacher is looking at. And then it said, dress code violations when it comes to the girls. And it’s like this huge stack, that’s like, yay high, because it’s so much more strict. And why is that? It’s just like this kind of double standard that applies. And we, can’t not touch on double standards here because we’re, you know, a female focused podcasts . And I wouldn’t say we’re feminist in that we love men. You know, we love the men, but we just want some sort of equalization in, in all aspects, whether it’s embracing aging or , um, the expectations on a cornhole court or dress codes for younger kidsSpeaker 3: 16:13

Comes from the women because I’ve only had one, at least to my face. I’ve only had one male, a family member of mine say something about like the fact that I have gray hair and that it’s not the best. Okay.Speaker 2: 16:24

Who is he? We should definitely, [inaudible] strongly about my plays , not listening. He just got out in .Speaker 3: 16:37

Um, but I, and I asked my husband, I asked Nick, I’m like, what do you think about me going gray? And I showed him pictures of women with gray hair, my age. And he’s like, I think it’s , it’s pretty bad. And I was like, sweet.Speaker 2: 16:46

Oh , I love Nick. He’s so supportive all the time.Speaker 3: 16:50

You got the best I can’t even. And that’s why we say we love our men around here. We really do. But yeah. And I just think that it’s women that put the pressure on other women in the sense, because I don’t think necessarily the men care so much, at least the good age.Speaker 2: 17:06

I remember my mom used to say, I’m not dressing up for a man. I’m dressing up for the women who are going to be there. Yeah.Speaker 3: 17:13

That’s why I thought it was interesting that so many women would come to me and be like, I love your hair. I just think it’s awesome that you’re gray. And I was like, Oh , it’s like, just stop dying. Why am I not? Yeah. Why am I not going with this then ? Well , I am so excited for you and you areSpeaker 2: 17:27

Brave to do it. I’m going to let you kind of take the reins there and I’ll watch how it goes. And then maybe the other side where, where I play out. Um, but I can’t wait to hear from you guys next week and I’m sure the listeners will be interested as well. And I’ll get to see her via zoom. I’ll give you guys , um , some pictures, we’ll upload some pictures of her, so you guys can see what it looks like next week too, but I just want to hear how you feel about it. Are you, do you regret it? That’ll be interesting to see play out. Um, I’ll be honest. Don’t worry. Good. Well, speaking of transitions with hair , um, I’m going to use that as a segue into our next segment. As we transition into a new series, it is the first of many to come called, meet the broads where we are going to be introducing you one at a time to our amazing team of women that are helping us launch this sisterhood known as bagging broads. So who’s our first meet the consultant spotlight segment, Amanda. I mean, I just gave it away. Michelle. She was so excited about you, Amanda, that she literally dropped your name before I could get it out of my mouth. So yes, Amanda is here with us and we are really excited to learn more about her. So we’re going to ask Amanda some questions. So you guys can learn about our too . You’re going to see her in the forum and the Facebook group. So it’s really cool that you could interact with her after you learn more about her and say like, we have this in common or at questions about that. So it’s just going to be this really cool little, you know, circle we have going on here. So Amanda, tell us how long you’ve been playing cornhole and what got you started?Speaker 4: 18:57

Oh, hole . Um, I have been playing since last summer. Um, and I got into it because my boyfriend had started playing, you know, backyard type events and with his friends and whatnot. And he would always, you know, Oh, you should come play with me. You should come play with me. And I’m like, well, I guess I’ll try. And so when I got started and actually playing corn hole, led me to figure out that I had carpal tunnel in both hands. Um, cause like he kept trying to give me tips to improve my throw and be consistent and I couldn’t get my hands to do it. And I’m like, this is super weird. So I had to go get a nerve conduction study bad . Or I actually had carpal tunnel surgery done on both of my hands, about three or four months ago. Oh wow. Yeah. And had since then had to completely restart everything and um ,Speaker 2: 20:06

Learn everything that you already knew in terms of the hole .Speaker 4: 20:10

Oh yeah. And it , yeah, it changed everything. It changed the type of bag I like to throw it changed like how hard I have to throw the bag, how I place my feet. It literally changed everything. And it was completely crazy to me that just this simple surgery was going to completely change everything.Speaker 2: 20:36

It’s crazy. I mean, I grew up kudos to you. First of all, a lot of women would have just given up probably at that point, you know, like , uh , okay, this isn’t for me, I’ve got too many within the way. So I’m really glad you kept going because that’s the whole goal of this sisterhood is to keep everyone getting out there, throwing bags , um, before , um , I ask you my biggest question as the person who first came up with bagging bras , of course, I want to know what made you decide to join our team. But before I ask you that, go ahead and tell everybody where you’re from and located.Speaker 4: 21:13

So I live in this little, teeny, tiny town called Colville . Um, we live in Washington state and it’s about an hour and a half North of Spokane. Um, we don’t have any local leads, so we’re having to drive about an hour and a half, one way to get to throw at all. So I’m super envious of everybody all the time. That gets to go to the like couple of times a week leads . Yeah .Speaker 2: 21:41

Yeah. I was going to say , I think I give my husband, you know, a mouthful that like, I can’t believe we have to go 25 minutes or 35 minutes away. Now I’m going to feel grateful. It’s not that bad. Yeah. That’s not that bad. We have about an hour. No, it gets 45 minutes before we started ours here at 45 minutes. Right? Well, here’s the deal, Amanda , as you, we can build up and if you’re listening and you’re anywhere near that area, that Amanda just mentioned reach out to her because as we get more men and women in that area playing, we will start a bagging broads league. You know, Amanda can take off maybe, and then you won’t have to drive as far. It’s a win-win for everyone. But , um, when I, I, you know, I interviewed over 50 women who reached out as part of this whole process to join our founding first group of consultant team members. And , um, you were one of those that I talked to, obviously we only decided on 10 for the, for the time being. Um, but when I talked to you, I tried to sell back in broads to you on some extent, and you try to sell yourself to me on some extent what ultimately made you feel like it would be a good pairing,Speaker 4: 22:54

Just like sitting and talking to you about how, like you completely expressed everything that I had felt starting about how, you know, it was a male dominated sport and we needed to foster some sort of community with the women to where , you know, because I know for me, I have dealt with , um, social anxiety and in a super abusive relationship for 11 years. And so getting out there and throwing form who even to get out and play a sport that I see myself potentially being at a national level to play terrifying for me because, you know , I got there and you get the clicky wall . People were, you know, kind of looking at you when you’re like, who are you? And then you throw and need sort of like crap. And you’re like, I don’t have any business being here.Speaker 2: 23:55

Yeah. It’s like almost like high school again, you know, it’s , it’s like a little feel like that fear of rejection comes flooding back in. I feel like when you’re just starting out, I’m inferiority.Speaker 4: 24:05

Yeah. A thousand percent. And then I met you and we started talking and I’m like, yes, because I don’t want the other women that are sitting at home thinking to themselves, you know, like their boyfriend went out for league night. That would have been super cool, but I just, I don’t belong there because you know, they’re all in with each other. And I just, I don’t have a place there and being a stay at home, mom, I’ve got three girls and I wanted something to grow for me too .Speaker 2: 24:40

I love that. That’s so I mean that it pitted Mises kind of, you know , I want my girls to be proud of me for something other than everything they’ve already seen. I want them to see me paving a way for, you know, like women can do the stuff that we might be told we’re not as good at, but we can do it and we can be as good at it. You know? And I , and that was an example. So I totally hear what you’re saying on that. Nobody moms can relate to your experience, Amanda, like exactly what you’re feeling.Speaker 4: 25:12

Yeah. Because it’s like, you put so much of yourself into making sure everybody else has what they need. Like make sure the kids are fed. And I homeschool my girls. So, you know, we deal with the struggles of homeschooling.Speaker 2: 25:28

Bless you . Because I tried it for a couple of weeks during the pandemic and I almost jumped off a bridge for me as well .Speaker 4: 25:33

No, literally I sit there every day . I’m like, this is my animals in the wild.Speaker 2: 25:43

What do you use that next time I use the threat. If you guys are , do not pull it together, mommy might run away from home. You know how kids run away from home mommy’s can run away too.Speaker 4: 25:53

But I just, I really saw it as an opportunity to be able to build something for me and to be able to show them that, you know, we don’t need to perpetuate these stigmas and our lives all the time. They , you know, you’re the little housewife and you stay home and you cook and you clean and no, I want to build something to show you that I can do all of this, but I also can build this.Speaker 2: 26:22

I love that. I love that answer. I love it too. And I think it’s such an important lesson for so many of the younger generations to witness for women. And especially because there’s not a lot of athletic types of endeavors that we can truly be equal at with , with the boys. Let’s be honest, like not going to go play football with a bunch of boys competitively. I’m just not, it’s not going to go well for me. So I love that about it. And you sort of mentioned some of your, or you quickly mentioned one of your goals with corn hole , but I would love to know what is your ultimate goal and what would you like to accomplish as a cornhole player?Speaker 4: 27:01

Um, I would love to be on that like national level. Um, it’s been something that like, cause my boyfriend and I , I know , and I didn’t think it was this way, but I guess it is one of those things where if your boyfriend plays and you play, you don’t really do doubles together. Um, but we play doubles really well together. Um,Speaker 2: 27:28

Really, cause I used to try to play tennis with my husband and they call it divorced doubles for a reason.Speaker 4: 27:34

No , I actually like, I don’t know what it is. He’s always been that way for me. He’s like my calm space and um , throwing doubles with him is like, I am not that great at an intermediate level, but we call it a comp level and cause I have to play up, play with him and I throw lights out half the time against these comp players. And I’m like, well , you throw me in the singles division of the comp and I’m like just all over the place. Um, I would love to be able to get to the point to where we play at a national level is doubles. Um,Speaker 2: 28:14

Well , I mean talk about bonding, you know, later in this episode you guys are gonna hear it from Kaylee , um, Kayley Hunter who is dating, you know, mega star beside the boards , Jamie Graham . And it was cool talking to them about the dynamic that both being so entrenched within the sport, how that plays out within their relationships . So you guys stay tuned for that because it definitely, it definitely is , um, a thing, you know, when two people are playing at such a higher level or so , um, you know, consistently and every day and practice having to practice , um, it definitely, it , I mean it alters the course of your relationship for better or worse. Um, I got to ask you though, because it’s a question everybody always wants to know when we meet females who , who play corn hole, what is your go-to bag? Usually?Speaker 4: 29:02

Um, I was throwing , um , widows a lot, my have one set that I had thrown that pre-surgery um, and I’m starting to find that widow’s might actually be too slow for me at this point, just because after relearning, how to throw and I am finding myself needing a different bag preference , um, I’ve been throwing pro snipers. Um, they’re really? Yeah. And it seems like a really big change, but what do you like about them? They just melt. They just, as soon as the, even the slightest corner touches that hole it’s in. And while I can still throw my widows and I have a set of wood obese , um, and great walking bag, it really depends on who I’m going to throw against. I think if they tend to like a faster bag, I’ll go ahead and I’ll grab, you know , like my widow or my widows it’s cause I know I can throw a good blocking bag on them and they can’t necessarily push through it. But like if we’re going to go play doubles, we’ll usually throw the pro snipers. Cause we can both throw those really well.Speaker 2: 30:20

Michelle, you used to throw widows , right? I throw widows sometimes. Like when we’re practicing, they are a little slow for me as well. So I I’m, I always compete with Vipers at this point. Cause like Amanda said with the pro snipers, they just melt into the hole and the widows don’t do that quite as well, but they are great at like they’re going to stick to the board of the Vipers. They know somebody told me at league last week. They’re like, yeah , everybody talks about you. And they always say, she’s either in the hole or she’s off the back of the board. It’s no moderation zero to a hundred. Well, as we have to wrap this up because we do have Kailey’s interview coming. Um, we, I have to tell you just from Michelle and I’s perspective, we are so happy to have you on your team. And I want to speak, which I didn’t have on our question sheet before, because it’s kind of a generic question sheet for all of us , all of the girls that come on, that we’re introducing , um , our audience to , but all of our girls are , are , um, designated to a specific task force related to the company. So some do more social media, some do , um, you know, podcasts , guests, recruitment. Um, Amanda has stepped up and been fabulous and tell everybody what your role is within the team and how they can find it and what you have going on or coming up.Speaker 4: 31:38

Um, so I had as the blog writer manager , um, I field questions to consultants and I’ve been fielding questions to some of the people that are on our forum. So if there are people on there that, you know, have some good feedback or they see any posts on there looking for feedback, don’t be afraid to leave something on there because you know, I might use your information in an upcoming blog.Speaker 2: 32:09

Yeah, we need that feedback. You guys, we w you know, we want to write blogs that are really relatable for all 80 players or those starting out. And , um, so if she posts questions, just know that Amanda, this questions are going towards blog content and that blog can be helpful to a new lady player. And you’re doing a good deed. If you can contribute to something that will get a female out there, who’s looking for, you know, knowledge or , um, trying to understand the sport better before the courage to go out and start playing. You will be contributing to that because when I first, that’s why I started this whole idea is because when I first went out looking for the things that Amanda’s putting up, asking people for and writing articles on the blog about , um, there was nothing. And so I want to change that, and we all want to change that for, you know, that the next group of girls who might be interested in coming out and trying to get, you know, courageous enough to get out there and place. So please contribute as much as you possibly can. The blog is found on our website, girls throw to.com . You click on the blog, you’ll get all of Amanda’s and she’s such a great writer. Um , she has a way with words, for sure. Um, and then you can also see our broad of the week. Um, every time you go there that brought up the weakest. Somebody who’s announced every Friday, there’s a blog that goes up on the website and we put a post on Facebook. It is decided by just whatever the most powerful , um, posts by someone within the forum has done , um, that week that really spoke to us or spoke to our mission as big and broad. So definitely check out Amanda’s blog. Amanda, what is your name on Facebook? So if they see a question on the forum, they know what you ,Speaker 4: 33:55

Um, Amanda Lee, L E um , just for divorce purposes, I haven’t gotten my name changed yet, and I don’t really feel like putting that out there on social media . And if there’s something that you see that I post and it sparks an interest in you, you can email me at blog manager, girls throw two.com . You can connect with me that way. You can add me as a friend on Facebook and shoot me a message.Speaker 2: 34:24

Yeah . Or if you’re a , if you’re a female or a male with a business that you think could better contribute to the , um, growing the female population within the sport of cornhole, and you just have any kind of log idea, that’s who you want to go to. So to say the email one more time, slowlySpeaker 4: 34:41

Flog manager at girls throw to docSpeaker 2: 34:44

Blog manager at girls’ throw two.com . That’s who you reach out to. And she’s your go-to girl. She’s been quite an asset to our group of , uh , consultants and team members. And we, we definitely would not be where we are at without you, Amanda. Yeah. We really, really, really appreciate everything that you’ve done and are doing. And the passion that you’re putting behind that role for not just our company bag and broads and girls are too , but all the women who are out there looking for the content. So thank you for that. My last question to wrap it all up for you, Amanda is what do you wish all women knew about cornhole?Speaker 4: 35:23

I want all of the women that are either currently throwing or thinking about throwing to realize that the family is there. It’s notSpeaker 5: 35:38

As intimidating and scary. And it initially poses itself to be that the potential is there for so much more.Speaker 2: 35:47

That’s an excellent way to wrap it up. And I, I agree with, and believe in everything you just said, so Amanda, we are going to go to their next segment. You are welcome to mute and stay on and listen to us. Or you can log off of our zoom call. We appreciate your time. And we appreciate this , uh, consultant spotlight. Y’all look out for Amanda Lee on the Facebook forum and elsewhere. Um, she’s a great one. Thanks, Amanda. And thank you guys so much for listening to everything you’ve listened to so far in our podcast, we hope it was somewhat entertaining. And we’ve just, like I said, we’ve just been amazed by the extraordinarily appreciate extra and extraordinarily appreciative of everyone who has downloaded and listened to our first podcast last week. Yes . So cool.Speaker 3: 36:31

It’s such a fun experience to watch it and hear and read the comments. So keep them coming. And like we mentioned, those comments and feedback are so helpful and it also helps us know what you like, what you don’t like so that we can keep tailoring this for you. So please keep it coming. And remember that this podcast is for you. So tell us how to make it, everything that you want to hear. Yeah.Speaker 2: 36:53

Um, we did talk about just now the , um, brought back and brought up the week we call it the bow . Um, and so I will just give a shout out to last week’s , uh, brought up the week who is Kathy mama bear Emerson. Uh , she goes by mama bear because she has started leagues in multiple places and she calls him her girls and she facilitates their entry into the sport to learn more about Kathy mama bear. Um, you can go to either our Facebook forum or we have some detailed information of her under the broad of the week tab on our website.Speaker 3: 37:30

And as we mentioned last week, every week, we wantSpeaker 5: 37:32

To read one of those ,Speaker 3: 37:34

The reviews, because we, like I said, we appreciate them coming in. We also are happy to announce. We’re finally, I should say finally, it’s been one week, but we’re finally on it . Yeah .Speaker 2: 37:41

It’s going to process the headacheSpeaker 3: 37:45

Oil, Apple girl. So , um , I’m pretty disappointed that it was this rough to get in, but we’re in, and that’s where the reviews would go in the future and with that’s where we really need them. So if you could go onto the Apple podcasts and put your review in there, we will be reading one of those each week. But this review came in. Actually someone went out of their way to message us and say , um, this information, which is from Michael Walco. And he said, great, first episode, as a husband who has caught the cornhole bug and is trying to get my wife more into it, your podcast will help me better understand mySpeaker 2: 38:16

Wife’s thoughts and concerns keep pitching. He says, I love that. I guess that means throwing. I love it. Michael. I love hearing from a guy on a ladies focused podcast and , um , Michael, if you’re listening and if anybody’s listening and future episodes pay attention to their review that we read, because if it’s yours , you have until the next podcast airs to email us or message us on Facebook to let us know that you heard it and you are the person whose review we read, then we will ask you to provide your shipping info. And we will send you a thank you item of March from bagging broads . So, Michael, thanks so much for sharing your reviews. And I know now we hope that they’ll go onto Apple iTunes because that’s, what’s going to help sustain us and help us grow you guys. I’m sure you guys under understand the business aspect of all of this. We’ve got to keep the lights on.Speaker 3: 39:10

Yeah. And for your chance to win the review merchandise, don’t forget to write those reviews, subscribe to the podcast and stay updated with all things bag and broads at girls’ throat too. But don’t go anywhere because we’ve got something really cool coming next. Tell them whatSpeaker 2: 39:22

Yeah. We got that interview with Kaylee Hunter, girlfriend of Jamie Graham . Wonderful girl. She is just the sweetest. I want to say sweet as pie because she, she reminded me of my Southern roots talking to her North Carolina girl, great player. She’s a student and a cornhole ACL pro she’s just the sweetest thing ever. And , um, good stuff coming up. She gives us some inside tea and , um, very interesting. I think she said, we asked her some questions that nobody else has asked her on previous podcasts . And I think that’s cause it’s from more of a women’s driven perspective. So stay tuned and learn about Kaylee . And we can’t wait to , uh , get up with everybody and , um, update everyone on Mitch’s. Uh, gray slash silver. We call it a gray or silver. Yeah. I meanSpeaker 3: 40:08

It’s, it’s intentionally gray hair, I guess.Speaker 2: 40:10

Okay. Intentionally gray hair adventure. So stay tuned for that next week. Every Thursday, the podcast drop girls throw two.com like us. Follow us on Facebook and please get those Apple reviews out there. You guys are the best. It’s a sisterhood and we’re here to help grow it. Y’all keep growing.Speaker 3: 40:28

Yeah. Enjoy the next interview. We’ll talk to you guys next week.Speaker 1: 40:32

Bye. It’s time for our tips of the week five bag in broad . Okay. So Wendy Johnson, Barker has said her tip is I release at eye level. Now that helped had that has helped me tremendously. I think I do that too. And it does help. Yeah.Speaker 3: 40:54

Nicole said looking at the back of the hole for air mills. I don’t know if I do that or not.Speaker 1: 40:59

I’m going to start cause my emails suck for sure. Christina. Ooh , I’m going to butcher it. Dye Bartow . [inaudible] I hope I didn’t. [inaudible] be mad , Christina. She says breathe and loosen your shoulders.Speaker 3: 41:14

I love it. And Jen drew winters said when she makes adjustments, she makes them small. So no extreme . So take a deep breath. Pause a second on big cleanups and don’t hurry. And let me tell you that is so huge because if I’m throwing way left, all of a sudden I’m throwing awaySpeaker 1: 41:29

Way, right? Yeah. And I’m going to close these up with , um, ourSpeaker 2: 41:34

Bagging broads consultant, Sheila Roy, our pro representative. She gave me a great tip on our consultant zoom meeting last week. And it has done wonders. She just said, slow backswing and point your finger. As you hold your , your hand on the bottom of the bag. Point, your point , your finger at the hole when you release , it seems so simple, but it’s done wonders for my game. So you guys, we hope you like those tips and they come in handy and we will give you new tips every week. Make sure to share them on Facebook. We’ll keep posting asking for your feedback. So let’s go ahead andSpeaker 3: 42:11

Welcome our awesome guest ACL pro female player, Kaylee Hunter to the show. Welcome Kaylee . Thanks so much for coming on .Speaker 5: 42:19

Thank you for having me.Speaker 2: 42:21

Yeah. We’re so excited. We’ve been looking forward to recording this interview for quite a few days. Now, ever since we , we learned that you were going to grace us with your presence on the podcast. Um, you know, we’ve been seeing you on the cornhole scene for quite some time, but you really grabbed our attention on the most recent broadcasts that you were playing singles against our very own bag. And Broad’s pro player consultant, Sheila Roy, you know which one we’re talking about?Speaker 5: 42:50

Yes. I rememberSpeaker 2: 42:52

Played phenomenal. The reason we had to cheer , uh , Sheila on is because that four bagger was pretty impressive, but you guys were both neck and neck and it was a really cool thing to watch. Just two talented, amazing female players go at it. Yeah.Speaker 3: 43:08

There’s nothing better than that. So tell us when you make it to the finals or the broadcast, like, what is the game like? Are you nervous?Speaker 5: 43:17

Um, yes, I actually, in , uh , Kansas, I was nervous just about like the whole time discussed . It was my first like, broadcast experience. So I kind of felt like all eyes were on me and like just the lights and everything just kinda like, and this, the boards were kind of slick to me. So when there’s fast boards and nerves at the same time, it’s a very good combination for me.Speaker 2: 43:44

Yeah. I guarantee that must take some getting used to, I always say when I go to play at the league , um , you guys, I promise I’m really good at home,Speaker 3: 43:54

But it doesn’tSpeaker 2: 43:55

Really translate for some reason when I come in here, I think something about, well, they’d say weather and humidity can change the board conditions for sure. And we play outside here. Um , also I’m very, self-conscious about the ceiling where we play because it’s a little low and I tend to like really loft it up there, just knowing I can gives me a peace of mind. So when , when you take that away from me and I get real , um, self-aware, I don’t want to be that dummy who hits the ceiling during it cameSpeaker 3: 44:25

It’s the middle of the room, just walk down halfway,Speaker 2: 44:29

But then I over-correct and I ended up going way too low,Speaker 5: 44:32

You know? And um, my whole, my whole vibe is off. Um , not that I’ve got a really talented vibe to begin with. Nothing like you have Kaylee , but , um, so when you are there and everybody handlesSpeaker 2: 44:45

Differently, some people get irritable on the emotional. Some I’m justSpeaker 5: 44:48

Shut down. Um, how do you handle your nerves? Like what, what is your go-to? Do you listen to music? Are you a game ? Oh, that’s an , you know , do you listenSpeaker 2: 44:59

To music when you play your opponent or are you more ofSpeaker 5: 45:01

A talker? How do you see stress during the game? Um, well at first, my first game on the broadcast court , I didn’t listen to any music, but my partner Yeti did so, and I , all I could hear was just like the commentators, like robbed his Mark and Trey Reiner . They’re the commentators, the Israel . And all I could hear, it was just them like commentating, like, Oh, if she puts this last begging for bagger and I’m just, I can hear them. So I’ll just start thinking about that. And then after that first game yet, he was like, why don’t you try putting headphones in and listen to music? And it really helps a lot for me, at least I wouldn’tSpeaker 3: 45:43

Not be able to do it with the commentators because I was playing in a tournament and I was like, I was on fire. Okay. I was killing it. And then this guy comes behind me and he’s like, Oh, the ringer right here, watch out , blah , blah , blah . And then it was like,Speaker 5: 45:56

Yeah , I couldn’t hit the board. Exactly. Yeah. Taters are like an internalSpeaker 2: 46:02

Narrative. Like you’re already thinking everything that they’re saying. You’re like, dude, I don’t need you to say this for me. I got it.Speaker 5: 46:12

What music do you listen to you when you do listen to music? Well, before then, I really wasn’t for that. Like, I didn’t have a play list or anything, but mostly , um , like rap music or something that has like a, B , like, it can’t be slow or anything just to like, kind of like get me in the groove or whatever. So what about when you’re notSpeaker 2: 46:32

Playing Cornell ? Do you have a favorite genre? Is it alsoSpeaker 5: 46:34

Rap ? Um, century , mostly North Carolina girl. Yeah. Yeah. I would be, well, I lived with the hip hop all the timeSpeaker 3: 46:46

Anyway, but I would for sure be listening to hip hop, but I feel really silly, like listening to music at like a localSpeaker 5: 46:52

Tournament. Like I’m like super serious.Speaker 3: 46:56

I feel silly. Like, okay, the $10 cash game, Michelle calm downSpeaker 2: 47:02

And it’s called ours is called the switch Holyoke social. So I feel like if I put earphones in, I’m not being very social.Speaker 5: 47:10

Yeah. I would rather justSpeaker 3: 47:11

Like chat it up and act like it’s no big deal, even though I’m kind of nervous on the inside, but let’s back up here for a second because I’m dying to know a quick background story about how, and when you started playing and how look at how long it took you to go pro and all that good stuff.Speaker 5: 47:26

Okay. So you got to give us the steps so that we can emulate and we can get to where you are one day. Okay. So first I just kind of knew Cornell was like just a cookout game, you know, like backyard , nothing too serious. And then that’s kind of where it started. I went to a cookout and my dad he’s kind of played like more kick outs and stuff like what his friends. And then , um, of course Jamie introduced me to the game, but it started out a cookout and his sponsor now , uh , Jason Cannon , he’s the owner of [inaudible] and he was there and he was like, Hey, Kaylee , you know, the King of cornhole is coming. And I was like, what, what is don’t know what the key point was there a King of Cornell ? Like I had no idea. Like there was even such a thing. And then he showed up and I was like watching him throw. And he was like, you know, putting them all on the horn, like hitting the side of the board, just like everywhere with my bag, because I didn’t even know it was that serious. And then he just started talking to me like, you know, you can play competitively, like Cornell kinda like came natural to me because I was softball pitcher. So like the underhand motion kind of came natural. So basically he just invited me to play in a tournament. And my first big tournament was in Alabama. Um, and I played in the women’s division and that was pretty much, and then this year is my first year pro . So let’s say I’ve been playing for about two and a half to three years, like competitively. I mean, yeah . I just can’t get my head around the fact that you like showed up at a King of corn hole tournament and you’re just like, Oh, it’s going to be like, you know, barbecue type play. And then you’re like, wait, what, but then you somehow adjusted got really good, went to a tournament didn’t well, enough, like you got to walk me through, cause this is the part, all these pros skip when I’m trying to ask them about this is they they’re like, Oh, I started out in the backyard and then fast forward. And then I was a pro and I’m like, wait, wait, I need to understand how did you get from a to B because that’s the part that, you know, I can’t fathom ever having happened. Um, so w w once you went to that Alabama tournament and , and I guess it was not that long before you went pro this year, what was your practice schedule? Like how serious was cornhole within your life while you were improving to get from your first tournament to, you know, where, where you first became pro? Well, before then, before I actually went to the Alabama tournament, there’s like bond draws weekly, like local, and I just went to go play and a few of those and that’s, you know, practice playing in like game time situations. And then, I don’t know, like, just basically that, because every night of the week around here, there’s somewhere to play. Like a Von drawn is quite a bit of people that show up. But, and then other than that, it’s just , uh , throwing either in the driveway or my dad has like a shop for his work and I get to set up boards in there when it’s like too cold or the weather is not that great. So, and then it kind of like when I went to Alabama, I was like the 49th seat or something like that. I was like really low because I didn’t play. And I ended up getting third and last two Samantha Finley and Courtney coy , which are two top women players now. And that was my first big tournament like ever. And I was like, you know, this is my first tournament and I’m getting third. Maybe I should like work into it, keep playing, you know, I just started playing more. I kind of got like hooked on it after that.Speaker 2: 51:22

I can see why I can see when you were like the underdog and you all of a sudden just, you know , did what you do and got third, how that might be. It’s gotta be a certain high that you want to keep chasing. Um, well, that’s cool to learn all that about all that. And , um, you know, this podcast is female centered and we love that about it, but relationships are a big part of who we are as women. I don’t think anybody can argue against that. So I, can’t not bring up the fact that you date somebody who’s very prominent within the cornhole community. Um, and also a beast at the board ACL pro Jamie Graham , because , uh, I’m sure having a relationship where both people are pro has its own dynamic . So you got to fill us in on, you know, how, how long you been together, how you met and how cornhole, you know, works in your life. Kind of .Speaker 5: 52:19

Okay. So we’ve been together for two and a half years so far. And like, you know, it always helps when I’m practicing that I get to play against one of the best, even though I lose a lot more than I wear it , but it does definitely make me better. And it just helps, like, because being a pro, you have to travel all the time. And not just, not even that, like not even a nationals , like regionals, we drive at least two or three hours to go play in regionals. It just helps like having him with me and, you know, get to travel together and both play game that we were addicted to. And that’s pretty good at. So how did you guys see? Oh, we met at that cookout. I really, yeah . Career started. And your Cornell career started asSpeaker 2: 53:13

About the same time as your relationship.Speaker 5: 53:15

Yeah. Um, so his like main sponsor is my dad’s best friend , so it’s kinda weird how it happened, but we did meet that could count that day. When I first started throwing, was it instinct, chemistry or did one of you pursue the other more? I don’t know. Really when we first met, like, I didn’t really think anything of like dating or anything. I was just like, just amazed , like a , what ? I’ve never even heard of that. And then I don’t really know.Speaker 3: 53:48

Oh , wait, you’re the portal. Okay. Yeah.Speaker 5: 53:57

See , I’m a good, somebody played the guitar, you know, up on the stage at a concert and you’re like, I don’t even care what you say or what you’re like or how you look I’m smitten.Speaker 3: 54:10

How often do you guys practice?Speaker 5: 54:15

Um, he practices a lot more than me because I have school. So , um , like throughout the week, I’m pretty much loaded with school. And then also like to work out a lot gym . So it’s school, gym. And then sometimes in between that I can try to fit in Cornwall . But other than like, when I’m not in school, I practice a lot, like try to every day or every other day.Speaker 3: 54:40

Are you saying cornhole is not exercise because it’s the only exercise I am currently doing.Speaker 5: 54:47

I mean, I like to run and, you know, weights and stuffSpeaker 3: 54:50

Too much cardio walk in from my cardio for the week . I, in fact, I’m like, I almost got my 10,000 steps in banks , cornhole. I appreciate it. I don’t feel so lazy now.Speaker 5: 55:03

Yeah. And my husband will say, he’s sore afterwards. I was like, Oh honey, you need to hit the gym, Picked up a bag and threw it 27 feet of coats . So my parents they’re like, Oh, I’m tired. I’m like what ? We just started.Speaker 3: 55:18

Hey, the physical aspect of corn hole , come on now it’s more than, or maybe equal to golf, but golf, you drive a car. Yes . You can alsoSpeaker 5: 55:28

Would be very unhealthy, I think, and still do great on the pro tour. Um , what about , um, what are competitive wise? Like you mentioned that you always lose to him cause he’s way better. And I think most women who have, are in relationship with a man who plays as well find that same dynamic. Um , I know Michelle and I have both discussed the fact that we have to get a handicap or something or change up a version of the game. So that it’s even fun for either me or Bobby, you know , um, to do. Cause it’s not fun to beat somebody who’s so easy to beat, but it’s also not fun to lose to somebody time after time and time again. So , um, how do you guys handle the competitiveness? Like do you play single sometimes instead of just going out and practicing and throwing bags or does that get too dicey in terms of relationship? Um, well we usually just start off throwing and then every time we practice at least, you know , play a singles game, but sometimes he gets out of hand cause I get really frustrated just because I’m so competitive. And like, I don’t care that he’s like top three or whatever you want to call it. Like, I get so mad when I lose it doesn’t matter who it is like, but that’s what makes me better. So do you have to ever beat in them ? Uh , once, like, yeah , it was like the greatest ever, but he does it like take it easy, which is, I don’t want him to do so, but he takes it like he’s playing against that guy, but it’s, you know, it’s me, but even the driveway. So, and that’s when I beat him. So if you ask him, so I ever beat him, he says, yes, but you know, in a dry way , that doesn’t count. Which you know, I thinkSpeaker 3: 57:10

It goes,Speaker 5: 57:14

Yeah,Speaker 3: 57:15

I could be you on Mars. A win is a win game ,Speaker 5: 57:20

Give a girlSpeaker 3: 57:20

A wind , come on. It’s only one.Speaker 5: 57:24

He says it only counts if it’s at a tournament, you know, but I don’t thinkSpeaker 3: 57:30

He’ll say or ,Speaker 5: 57:30

I mean, if I even get close to beating him, he’ll when we tell people, he’ll say yeah, but I was playing with brand new bags and I’m like, it’s always something, you know, it’s all in sentenceSpeaker 3: 57:39

That actually kind of happened last night. Cause I was losing. And so Nick like took it easy for a second and like just started only throw air malls, which is what he’ll do. Like I’ll just try for an air miles the whole time. So you have a chance. Well, I started like sinking it all the time and then he’s like, Oh, you, you almost beat me, but I was only throwing air mills . I’m like, yeah. But then you stopped. So there is that. What was the score?Speaker 5: 58:06

We actually have a whiteboard where we write our winds down so that there’s no , um, there’s no dispute and we do. Um , so we have a handicap. So I , right now I think I’m at like 1.5. So on one side of the board, when we play singles, I get 1.5 extra points each time, you know, that round. And then the next round I get two and we go back 1.5, two . Um, and if, if I win three in a row, then my handicap goes down to one. If he wins three in a row at that, then my handicap goes up to two and we just keep it on a whiteboard, draw a line at , after three wins at somebody gets three wins in a row, change the handicap. And that’s how we know where we start the next night. Um, and it’s, it’s made, you know, it’s kind of helpful for when just keeping us both feeling like there’s, it’s fun, you know ? Absolutely.Speaker 3: 58:56

I’m curious though, do you have another favorite sport or hobby other than cornhole ?Speaker 5: 59:04

Um, well in high school I really kind of played all of them , uh , volleyball, basketball and softball. That line most favorite was softball, but no, I don’t really, you know, it was just Cornell pretty much. Well, you mentioned you’re a student. I can’t even imagine. Um , trying to balance like that pro circuit travel schedule, a boyfriend, the gym, you know, family and a full schedule. And I know before this , uh, recording, we did a little pre-interview when you had told me that you have a pretty full load off this year, like first of all, what are you studying and how do you possibly balance all that? Um, I’m studying radiography. So right now, like I said, during the weekends, pretty much all school and when I’m not at school, I have to study just because it’s literally so much, but thankfully April 30th is like my last day of the semester. So when I leave for Vegas tomorrow, I’m taking an exam in Vegas before cornhole . So that’ll be fun. But like during school it’s really hard to like practice as much as I want and play as much as I want. Like as much as I love Cornell, I have to, but school first, cause it’s my priority. I can’t like live off of Cornell money. That’s just not gonna happen. So it’s like, well, as of right now, but you know, always have to have a backup plan. So yeah. Well that’s good. I think that’s really responsible. But um, you said you’re studying radio graphy for, I know that’s kind of confusing to me. I’m not sure that I’m exactly sure what that is. What is that, what would you hope to do with your degree ultimately? Um, so radiography, radiology, it’s the same thing, but it’s like x-rays MRIs and you know, are like, I specifically want to be an ultrasound technician. So that’s justSpeaker 3: 1:01:06

What we have in our belly .Speaker 5: 1:01:10

That’s basically what I’m studying. SoSpeaker 3: 1:01:13

That’s really cool. And like when you’re out there in your,Speaker 5: 1:01:17

I mean, actually I hadn’t curious about both, like, do you have a lot ofSpeaker 3: 1:01:21

The friends that you have time to hang out with at home and then have you made friends out there in the program ?Speaker 5: 1:01:27

Yes. Just in Cornell. Like I’ve met so many people, it’s like a cornhole family rather than, and yes, I do have friends still from school that when I have time, you know, cause mostly on the weekends I’m playing Cornell still . Who do you hang out with? Anybody we’d know, like, you know, on the pro tour circuit? Um, well of course my partners , Sarah and Yeti and Jamie and like Isabelle and she’s not really a pro, but yeah , but she’s, she’s a little spunky, one we’re excited. She’s going to come on in a couple of weeks. Um Oh yeah, but she’s sure she could be a first . She’s very good. Yeah. Well , um, that’s awesome that she has you and a couple other girls, you know, to look up to she’s so young. It’s cool to seeSpeaker 3: 1:02:16

Somebody, you know, a little older who you hang with, who’s doingSpeaker 5: 1:02:20

It to , um, do a little bit more competitive of an extent because it gives her, I’m sure it gives her inspiration and motivation to come out there,Speaker 2: 1:02:29

Grow and then maybe try to beat you on this . You know ,Speaker 5: 1:02:31

You get out there to the pro level. Um, what , uh, is there anything ,Speaker 2: 1:02:36

Anything, if you could change, well, first of all, I need to know what you throw cause that everybody wants to know that about the pros. Like what’s your favorite bag? Not, not necessarily. Which one do you have to throw? I don’t know. I don’t know where that gets sticky in terms of answering my question. But you could say that one and your second favorite if you want it .Speaker 5: 1:02:55

Um, I kind of like a variety kind of depends on like the word conditions that day. Like if they’re slow or fast, that kind of depends on my back choice, but um, I’ve started to like the BG Vikings. Yeah. And I like the new steady game-changers that just came out the study two pornos. I’m really starting to like those like a lot. That’s interesting. And then what was the baggy started with at that first tournament? Do you remember? Uh , the first tournament was ACO. So this is back when they provided bags. So you couldn’t bring your own, but after that they were just, they were called ACFS jives . But after that it was , um, Reynolds’ . Cause that was like the popular bag, like before game dangerous and stuff. Yeah. It’s so funny. Look at what a way we’ve comeSpeaker 2: 1:03:47

Or you just haven’t to use the bags they provided and now it’s like the whole sport is dominatedSpeaker 5: 1:03:51

By this bag phenomenon. Yes . It’s crazy. It is. It’s completely dominated by the bags and I’d swear,Speaker 3: 1:03:59

As we said, last episode where a lot of the money goes, but I want to know what’s date night for you and Jamie, is it always cornhole centered or rightSpeaker 5: 1:04:08

Something else I’m going to say mostly. Yes. Mostly cornhole , but we like to go to, well, his favorite restaurant is Buffalo, wild wings. He loves that place. So I actually like it too. Um, and anywhere at the beach, we love the beach. Yeah .Speaker 2: 1:04:31

I saw some pictures on your Facebook. You definitely, I can tell, you know, I went to college at Charleston in South Carolina andSpeaker 5: 1:04:37

I could tell you, remindSpeaker 2: 1:04:39

Me a lot. You’re , you know, you’re both have the , that light colored hair and I see you on the beach. Um , Jamie’s a lot bigger than my husband don’t tell him. I said so, but , um, we , um, we, it , it reminded me so much of so many pictures we have back then, those were the, those were the days. So take them all in and don’t take them for granted. Cause right nowSpeaker 5: 1:04:56

Is like tell you what, it’sSpeaker 2: 1:04:58

Fun to have kids and be married and home playing Cornell in the backyard. But it’s a different dynamic that we don’t get . We can move through your stories a littleSpeaker 3: 1:05:11

Bit different on a , on a week night.Speaker 2: 1:05:14

Yeah . And so kind of in that same genre of, you know , uh,Speaker 5: 1:05:18

Taking it all in and enjoying what you have now. But if we , this is a question we ask all of our guests when they come on, before we sign off, if money didn’t matter whatsoever, Kaylee , and you could change anything about your daily life or your life in general, because money wasn’t a factor. What would you change? What would your life look like? Would it look different? And if so, how did it , um, honestly, like, would you still live in North Carolina? Probably not really. I mean, I don’t know where I’d be on an Island. I’d be on an Island with a peanut gelada and we’d be playing corn hole on the beach. That’s how I change it, but teach them, I like the idea. I’d probably just want to travel everywhere. Honestly. Just see different places. That’s cool . But yeah, an Island sounds very nice. It does makeSpeaker 6: 1:06:21

Travel in , in convenient though. When you live onSpeaker 5: 1:06:23

An Island by boat or people will come visit me. I mean , life is great around you by travel. But I think , I think you just having trouble answering that question and um, you taking a little bit of time, probably says a lot to how content you are and you know , and how great your life’s currently is. Um, you guys are just the cutest couple who, who is , um, who like is the more hot tempered one because one of you really chill and one of you is more , um, emotional. Definitely me, certainly me, but he’s not really, I’m definitely more emotional. He’s kind of like laid back. And if there are there any like quirky habits he has or anything that , um, you guys like, like reoccurring sites , like he leaves the toilet bowl up. He snores like things like that. Is there anything that like really gets out your doors that you just keep nagging him about? Cause this is a relationship podcast too. And I can name about five that I have with my husband, even though he’s so fabulous. Hey, that’s a good fire. Anything off like, well, let me tell ya . I’m like, if I had been asked that question, I’d been like, Oh yeah, here we go. One, two we’ve been married for , we’ve been married for 14 years. So maybe give it some 14 more years. Can you be able to fire them off a little bit quicker? I feel like in the moment I can just rent and go on. Like, especially when I’m really mad, but like when you ask me, it’s kind of hard. It’s good. That’s , that’s a good thing though. That is a good thing. Yeah. I think that that’s a great thing because it shows , um , if there’s not something nagging on your mind that clearly notSpeaker 2: 1:08:16

Bothering you too much, you know, it’s not too present within the relationship. Well, you guys are awesome. We are going to be cheering you both on at Vegas. When do you guys leave tomorrow morning? Okay. So this comes out you’ll you will have left the day before this comes out and you got to take a test right before you go out there and throw.Speaker 5: 1:08:35

Yeah. So excited about that. Yeah . It sounds like it ,Speaker 2: 1:08:40

The test won’t be too hard and you’ll feel like you nailed it. So you have like a little bit of pep in your step when you head up to the boards, but just remember either way you’re a winner on the boards, even if you weren’t in the classroom. Yeah . But that’s it right. Kaylee after that test, that’s the end of that .Speaker 5: 1:08:56

Yeah. So that’s really something I look forward to you win and you really celebrate. Yes .Speaker 2: 1:09:07

Um , all right . Well, we really, really, really love talking about, I mean, talking about you and talking about Jamie and learning more about you as a woman, you know, on and off the cornhole court. Um, and thank you just so much for representing female players and lady players and giving us someone to look up to you and inspiring us. Um, your mom Misty is as reshared all of our , um, posts that we’ve done plugging this podcast that airs Thursday. And , um, she’s just seemed socially like that little Southern sweetheart woman kind of reminds me everything that I’m used to back at home in Georgia and South Carolina. Um, and , uh, so please give her a thank you from us for her support as well. And we will be watching you and following you and rooting you on from home. We wish we could leave our kids in our husbands and, you know , go with you and cheer you on in person, but we can’t. So we’ll be cheering you on at , um , here from our own houses and , um, just go kick butt and do what you do. And we can’t wait to see, you know, where cornhole takes you or where radiology, your way. I know you’re destined to be a star and , um , tell Jamie that the girls from beg and broad said , uh , what’s up and we hope he kills it out there too in Vegas. And we’re sending you good vibes.Speaker 5: 1:10:29

Okay. Thank you. Thank you guys for inviting me on the podcast. It was really fun.Speaker 2: 1:10:34

And maybe we’ll have to have you back on AF a couple weeks after Vegas, so you can give us the rundown about what went on. Yeah, definitelySpeaker 3: 1:10:42

To hear the update of how it went. I think that would be awesome. And I think the listeners would like to know as well , uh, because especially now that you’re going to be having a break from school, so you could just focus on cornhole for at least a little bit. So that’s really niceSpeaker 2: 1:10:54

When Kaylie , if y’all are ever coming up towards the Annapolis area, we got, we got a place on the water and a go-kart and lots of corn hole boards. We love to host you and have a little, I think we’d have fun out by the fire pit throwing bags. I’m trying to get Michelle to come from California, but it’s a little bit more of a haul . It’s not me. It’s not my fault. It’s my husband. So tryingSpeaker 5: 1:11:14

To make it happen. Yes. All right . Well, thanks again for joining us and good luck at Vegas and , um , keep us posted. Thank you, right .Speaker 1: 1:11:23

Hi. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We love to hear from you. If you could please write a review on your favorite listening app, we would be forever grateful and we will choose one each week to read on air. If your review is chosen, we will send out some sweet bag and broads merged too . So don’t forget to review, subscribe, and stay updated with all things bagging abroad at girls’ throat two.com . Thanks. Y’all.

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