Meet The Girls Throw Too Canada Team

Shannon Shepley

Shannon lives in Strathroy Ontario Canada with her son Connor. She also has an adult stepdaughter Darian who lives close by. She attended Fanshawe College in London Ontario and has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. After recently closing her home daycare of 14 years, Shannon is now currently working in a private school as a Teacher’s Aide and Personal Support Worker for an amazing little girl in JK, as well as having her own Virtual Assistant Business.

Shannon started playing Cornhole while camping at her trailer on weekends with her husband, her sister Sharmaine and her boyfriend Rob. The four of them quickly fell in love with the sport and would play any chance they could get. They all wanted to play more so she started to inquire about opening a league in their town. Thankfully, a few other couples had the same idea and was already on the ball with the creation of Strathroy Middlesex Cornhole League. She joined in September 2021 when they launched as her home league, which contains almost half of their members being women. Shannon’s main drive to learn more about the sport and to develop her skills was simply to be able to beat her husband. She started practicing when he wasn’t around, watched and followed other players across Canada and the USA and tried to digest as much of the game as she could from a technical and strategic perspective. While Shannon is still a newcomer to the sport, she has the drive to not only improve her game, but to connect with and share her love of Cornhole with others – especially women, and to help them have fun and to be more comfortable as they learn and grow with the game.

Tracey Decoste

Tracey is a mom to 2 beautiful kids 1 girl and 1 boy Keira and Austin. She lives in Maple Ontario and is a full time receptionist. She started playing cornhole last summer with her husband and friends and quickly became addicted. Her passion for the game is well known by everyone who knows her. Her husband Brandon Brown just got his ACL international pro card. My goal is to show women not to be shy but to be open and come out and play and join in this fast growing sport we all love so much.

Recently, Tracey was the only female accepted by the ACL to represent Canada as a player in the ACL International Pro field!