Haley Wetzel

This month’s nomination goes to Haley Wetzel who was nominated by Dan Alfer,  “I would like to nominate Haley Wetzel (for Player of the Month).  She is a 12 year old young lady that has been shooting with us for a few months now and you can see her progress and dedication to the game. Me and Haley took 3rd place in a blind draw and her smile said it all. She loves the game. You can contact her father Mike Wetzel through Facebook.”

Where do you live ? Jefferson Hills, PA

Favorite personal cornhole quote? Eat. Sleep. Cornhole. Repeat

How long have you been playing cornhole? Since January 2021

Why did you start playing cornhole? Because my dad got into cornhole and I thought it looked fun.

What is your favorite thing about cornhole? Meeting new people, helping my dad with Cornhole Kai – our cornhole club, and I love competing and winning!

What does cornhole bring to your life? Cornhole brings focus to my life because it helps me concentrate on one thing – throwing bags!

Other interesting fact about you? In addition to playing cornhole, I play basketball, softball and run track.

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