July 16th, 2021 Lady POW: Rose Lohse

July 16th, 2021 Lady POW: Rose Lohse

This week’s nomination goes too Rose Lohse  nominated by Mary Materson.

I nominate Rose Lohse! If you don’t already know Rose, she’s the one on the right, her mom is on the left. Rose is a powerhouse player. She’s also an absolute amazing human being. I still tend to get nervous tossing against the “heavy hitter” players, but tossing against Rose is always fun. She’s got this calming vibe that radiates off of her. Don’t let that fool you, I’ve seen her walk right over opponents like it was nothing ? She’s always there when you need her, and always there when you need a little pick me up, someone to tell you “It’s fine, just take a breath and toss the bag. We’re here to have fun!” I’m grateful for her ?

Mary Materson

What is your personal cornhole quote?  Take a deep breath and have fun ! 

Where do you live? Cap Cod , Massachusetts 

How long have you been playing? 5 years  

Why did you start playing cornhole? My brother and sister in law got me hooked on 4th of July, 5 years ago in the backyard with family. 

What’s your favorite thing about cornhole? The people I’ve met, and those I play and compete with (my crew) I consider my family! I have so much fun, and I get to be myself!!!

What does cornhole bring to your life? Tossing bags makes me happy, and it keeps me close to my mom (she passed away 2019). She was my best friend and fierce cornhole partner, and I’m keeping her legacy

Other Interesting Facts About You? Be in the moment, live life to the fullest, and cherish every second of every day… Always be kind to others because you don’t know what they’re going through! I’m a single woman who loves to throw bags, competitively or even just for fun (practice). I’ve been a part of about 5 different leagues around my area, and I enjoy every minute of it!

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