July 30th, 2021 Lady POW: Angela Groff

July 30th, 2021 Lady POW: Angela Groff

 This week’s nomination goes too Angela Groff nominated by Amanda Bottles  
My nomination is Angela Groff! She has persevered through so much over the past year. She’s focused, headstrong and an amazing competitor. My favorite thing about her is that she is the most supportive partner when you throw with her, and she’s even supportive when you throw against her! She has a great time throwing every time she does, and it helps that her and her man are the Cornhole couple of the year .  

What is your personal cornhole quote?  I suck at this game!

 Where do you live? PA- outside of Pittsburgh

 How long have you been playing? On a more regular basis and in actual tournaments, almost a year. 

Why did you start playing cornhole? My best friend moved back from FL, introduced our group of friends to it. If you were hanging out, you were playing. 

What’s your favorite thing about
 cornhole? The people it’s introduced me to. Have met and became friends with some of the best people. 

What does cornhole bring to your life? Besides empty bank accounts lol….
 Other Interesting Facts About You? I met my boyfriend at Worlds almost 2 years ago.
I actually love cooking and baking. My kids and friends are always sending me new things they want me to make.     

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