June 11th Lady POW: Christina DiBartolomeo

June 11th Lady POW: Christina DiBartolomeo

This week’s nomination goes too Christina DiBartolomeo nominated by Cameron Mulaney.
Because she has such a positive attitude while throwing and always cheers people on and never gives up! And she’s throwing lights out for how long she’s been throwing for. (Cameron Mulaney)

What is your personal cornhole quote?
“Light em up” “if you don’t miss, you don’t lose”

Where do you live? Beaver Springs, PA
How long have you been playing? I started as a backyard social player just playing with friends at the race track. Stared the ACL virtual tournaments in March 2020 and was hooked for weeks, found out about a local nightly thing in our Lewistown Moose with Mid Penn Cornhole and now I play just about every day as long as the drive is within an hour or so, give or take, I’m usually there.
What’s your favorite thing about the sport ? Winning…………..and of course my Lucky Bag Shamrocks

What cornhole brings to your life?
It brings excitement to my life. Something to get my mind off work and socialize with the outside world. ..lol ( because I work from home) it also has taught me how control myself, that anxiety feeling, deep breathing, don’t rush, stay in your lane kinda mind set. I always say they can’t throw their next bag until I do. When I get in the race car, that adrenaline rush of wanting to do good is always on the mind, same with cornhole, but cornhole has taught me how to relax and just do it. It’s all a mind game, and if you let someone rent space up there in YOUR head, it’s only going to come back to bite you.

Other Interesting Facts About You?
I drag race. My parents have been in drag racing since they have been together. We travel everywhere as my brother, my dad and I compete in the Super Comp and Super Stock, class throughout the NHRA circuit. I am very fortunate to do what I do and I couldn’t thank my parents enough. They gave up a lot for me to do what I do.
I also own a Graphic business called The Design Joint. We do custom decals, banners, and advertising materials.

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