May 14, 2021: Lady POW: Rhonda Colony

Rhonda actually caught our attention when she was nominating someone else on our forum for Lady POW (Suzanne…who will be featured in coming weeks) . But Rhonda, a player herself…really stood out to us as such a great friend AND pretty much everything we feel lady players should be like when it comes to being cheerleaders and supporters for one another!

Personal Cornhole Quote: “ At least I didn’t hit the ceiling or the players on the next court! “

1. Where do you live? Rainier, WA – south of Seattle.

2. How long have you been playing? I have been involved in cornhole almost 2 years. Up until a month ago I hardly played as my focus was running tournaments and league. About a month ago I decided it was time to really play. Suzzanne Schalo tossed me in at at a Conference when someone needed a partner. Didn’t go well but I decided it was time to really play.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the sport – My favorite thing about the sport is the Cornhole Family. I have met some truly good people!

4. What cornhole brings to your life? Togetherness. It gives me something to do with my husband and cornhole family.

6. Other fun Cornhole News: I am a Local ACL Director hosting cornhole tournaments, my club is Rainier Cornhole. I love playing and socializing with the cornhole family. I am a Navy veteran and now work in the senior home care industry providing service to allow seniors to stay in their homes.

Raise A Glass To Rhonda This Weekend Ladies….She for sure deserves our toast!

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