May 21, 2021 Lady POW: Suzzanne Schalo

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May 21, 2021 

Suzzanne Schalo

The nomination that got Suzzane Selected came from Rhonda Colony: 

Suzzanne Schalo is a Regional ACL Director, just put on NW ACL Conference event and has been running a local league since 2019 (Emerald City Cornhole). She is leading the director board in the NW Conference for the number of players she has had play at her events. Suzzanne has kept her cool through challenging events and promotes a fair game.

Too add to her list of talents she is a TA at a middle school and had to deal with distance learning, and return to in person COVID requirement. All while parenting three children, two of whom she adopted.

  Personal Cornhole Quote: “ You can’t get better if you don’t play up. “

Suzzane Schalo

Where do you live? Marysville, WA, about thirty miles north of Seattle.

How long have you been playing?  I been playing for about three years. I watched it for several months before I even touched a bag. 

What’s your favorite thing about the sport – The community, for sure. I have met so many incredible people from all over the country and formed amazing friendships.In my club, cornhole is family. We hangout when we aren’t playing (like that ever happens, there’s always boards out). We look out for each other end take care of each other.

What cornhole brings to your life? Cornhole brings a sense of togetherness and inclusion. Everywhere I have traveled to play people are warm and welcoming. I strive to be that way to all newcomers in my club. People come to check it out and stay for the relationships.

Other Interesting Facts About You? Two years ago I founded Emerald City Cornhole, LLC, and am the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) of our club. I have a wonderful support group that can step in and run events if I am unable to. I am an ACL Regional Director, and one of the top directors in the Northwest Conference. I have a passion for growing the game for women and kids. We just started our ladies league at a local brewery and this summer we will be running Kingdom Kids (ShotKings Cornhole program) at the sports dome where we hold our weekly events. I think cornhole is an amazing opportunity for community outreach. Suzzanne is obviously an awesome example of a lady player! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us Suzanne!  

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