May 7th, 2021: Lady POW Vanessa Baker Fillingim

“I didn’t come here to layup, I could have done that on the couch at home!” ~Vanessa

The Post That Got Vanessa  Selected for this BB honor (SENT IN BY Lauren Shuttlesworth ):

I’d like to nominate Vanessa Baker Fillingim . This lady is absolutely amazing! She not only throws lights out, but she is consistently giving back to the community. She has helped raise money for more people in the cornhole community than I can count. She was also recently a part of teaching young girls how to play cornhole in her local community. This lady is beautiful, amazing, and fierce! I’m grateful that I have had the pleasure of meeting such an amazing woman!

Where do you live?

Hickory Creek, TX

How long have you been playing?

1.5 years, just started playing ACL in September of 2020 as a intermediate player.  Quickly realized I needed to step up my game, and made my way to advanced by October/November of 2020!

What’s your favorite thing about the sport?

I like that the sport levels the playing field for all ages, genders, and abilities

What cornhole brings to your life?

I have always been an athlete, and as I’ve aged (gracefully of course) I can’t play other sports as competitively as I once could.  Cornhole gives me the competitive outlet I need, without broken bones! ?

How do you feel about women in the sport?

Growing this game for women is something I am incredibly passionate about.  I want to be a role model for other little girls and for them to know they can kick butt in this sport too!  

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